Monday, 10 May 2010

the Markets

Braintree market, this morning

Many appear to be concerned that all this uncertainty over which minority party is going to control the purse strings of our ever growing debt is upsetting "the markets" who live by extracting every last fucking penny they can from us or from the state.

I would just like to reassure them that after a visit to Braintree Market this morning, all appears to be well. When asked if a hung Parliament or the EU bailout was affecting trade, one sovereign ringed shaved burberry ape, munching on a bacon sarnie exclusively told old Holborn...

Fuck off mate, you 'aving that cabbage or wot? Pineapples 2 for £3, gor blimey, they're luverly.

Mind you, the bloke selling the Kebabs was smiling. All is well it would appear. More to follow.


Uncle Marvo said...

Rubbish. Waitrose are doing pineapples "supersweet" at only £1 each. Don't buy off the market, it's a con.

John Lewis. Never knowingly undersold, even by Braintree market.

RantinRab said...

What the fuck is a 'cabbage' and a 'pineapple'?

Uncle Marvo said...


It's the English equivalent of what you would call a deep-fried Mars Bar. Fruit and veg.

Billy Bragg said...

I love these people, salt of the earth.

Crusty the Loaf said...

If only it were Pancake Day tomorrow. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Labour under Harman may be our saving gace. A deal done with the LD may the only way to saving P.R from a disasterous dealing with Dave.

Once the deal is done with the tories, PR will be put on a back burned, and discuss with various committees, but will never see the light of day. Tories hate PR. Labour only now welcome it due to their status.

W.V immast (Muslim leader who likes sailing).

I am Stan said...

Aha,fame at last,

thats me in the middle wearing the red t-shirt,I`m trying to find some mixed herbs for tonights lasagne.

BrianSJ said...

Markets reflect the society they belong to. If we don't like the financial markets we need to look in the mirror.

Anonymous said...

Hey OH,
How cum you still go your DONATE button on site.

You Blagger!

Anonymous said...

'Labour under Harman may be our saving grace' - provided you're not English, heterosexual, white, male or gainfully employed. Tick any of those boxes, matey & you're FUCKED - Harriet's Infamous Equality Bill does not apply to any of those categories.
But hey, P.R. as requested by the members of the UAF, Billy Brag & other well-known Socialists/Communists will make it all worth while - won't it?

bofl said...

the markets that guido refers to all the time are a joke......lots of spotty oiks sitting at desks trying to duck in and out for a small profit..with NO understanding of what they are doing!

they refer to charts-quoting rsi,support lines,resistance,moving is all bollocks......dreamed up by an american who studied the herd instinct of humans....

as we have seen over the past couple of years the 'markets' havent got a clue about what is going on or 'value'......knee jerk reactions hold sway........futures trading allows massive gearing (10-1 on your cash) so the tail wags the dog!!!!

dont believe that the 'markets' always get it right.........just ask the funds that bought northern rock at £13.00 per share or those long of lehman bros bonds!!

I am Stan said...

The "markets" would be concerned wouldnt they,nothing like softening up the public before plundering the cash.

Hang the fucking bankers/thieves,better still,great entertainment is to be had with a well trained hungry lion let loose upon the pinstriped bankers in the English Colosseum,with a little imagination a banker hunt could be staged,using Leopards perhaps.

Reimer said...

The wonderfully diverse, multi-everything mega-pluralist society is the societal rendering of these all-important markets' desired forces. Sir Martin Sorrell recently opined that the election was getting in the way of important matters like running the world.

Catflap said...

Things are going to plan.
Not quick enough for my liking though.
Come on Clegg take the bait and Join labour in a dance of death.
Socialism needs destroying.
LibLabs first then the Tory wet EU flim flammers next.
Hang in there Brown you cunt and let the country hate and blame you even more,including your party of traitors and LibDem arse lickers.

Anonymous said...

@ Catflap

Great minds think alike!

Gordon is finished though

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