Thursday, 13 May 2010

Make Tea, Not War

I notice with delight that a mere 24 hours into your new government, the vested interest groups are howling that they aren't represented.

Firstly we have the Grauniad (surprise, surprise) outraged that women are not proportionally represented.

We have a parliament that is not representative of the people, and a cabinet not even representative of parliament. A cabal of rich, white, middle-aged, soft-handed men is to rule over this mixed-up, multiracial, aging, 51%-female, gloriously diverse country of ours. A new politics? I don't think so.
We are in the mess we are in BECAUSE we allowed every rag tag minority to dictate the agenda. The delicious irony being that as soon as a minority gains any power, they immediately decide that their minority is more important than the majority and we have NHS forms sent out in 17 languages or black policy advisors demanding blacks only schools.

Shut up, roll up your sleeves and get on with untangling 13 years of minority tyranny. Either that or make a fucking cuppa for those that are. This IS the new politics.

UPDATE: As if by magic, the Daily Mash nails it

But chippy feminist Nikki Hollis criticised the report, adding: "It is every woman's right to drive a Freelander and fly to New York for business shopping.

"We can only achieve true equality when we can stand shoulder-to-shoulder with men, look at the cataclysmic destruction of the world's ecosystem and proudly proclaim that at least half of it was our fault."

But Professor Brubaker insisted: "While Ms Hollis makes some interesting points, it's not getting the tea made is it?"


Oleuanna said...

No you don't incite hatred at all....

Old Holborn said...

Says a black Scottish woman.

Stop it. Roll up your sleeves. Nobody cares you have tits or an afro. There is work to do.

Ally said...

Aint a minority - in fact a majority. Men are the minority.

I don't hate you for your stupidity though...

Old Holborn said...

Let's get down to basics. Are there too many circumcised men in the cabinet?

do let us know, won't you

Barnsley Bill said...

The fucking guardian. If mandelsnake and the mentalist were representative of the country then I am supremely fortunate to have bailed out while thatcher was still in charge.

Lord Fark said...

Excellent post.

George Monsoon said...

One good thing about the Conservatives getting in, is that all this minority representation and social services quango overload will be the first thing to be knocked on the head. That should cut public spending in half straight away. That said, Cameron is a self confessed Blairite, so I am not holding my breath.

Scan said...

Socialist women all over the fucking media yesterday morning complaining that the number of women candidates were down this year, that the new government doesn't have a woman in it, "women are still only being paid 75p in the pound", and infuriatingly, "women are still second-class citizens".

OH, FUCK OFF! In the 21st century there is that again, NOTHING stopping ANYONE from doing ANYTHING they want to in the UK.

Maybe women aren't chosen as candidates because they aren't there in the first place as politics maybe isn't what many women choose to do? Maybe the women that are in politics aren't being chosen because they aren't good enough? Maybe the women that are in politics aren't being chosen because their views aren't held by a majority of people? Maybe the women that are in politics aren't chosen because they whine and whine and whine that everyone's sexist when they don't get their own way?

Maybe women get paid less because most of their sisters get themselves up the duff on average twice in their life, take an extraordinary amount of time off work because of it and expect all and sundry to cater for them financially, professionally, and to bend over backwards to compensate for their lifestyle choice? I don't care why you're not at work; you are NOT at work! Someone else is doing your work; someone else is working longer hours to cover your responsibilities (yes, "responsibilities"...get a fucking dictionary!); you're disconnected from progress; you're disconnected from contacts; when you return (with no "thank you") you take sporadic and immediate time off to care for your children and the same people have to do your work, AGAIN! All this means you are less reliable; you are of less use because of that; you are disadvantaged by your own choice.

THAT is why you're paid less.

Like blacks and Asians, like gays and lesbians, like Jews and Muslims, like the genetically moronic...SHUT THE FUCK UP! STOP BLAMING EVERY FUCKER ELSE FOR YOUR FAILINGS AND LIFESTYLE CHOICES! GET ON WITH YOUR FUCKING LIFE! AND LEAVE ME THE FUCK ALONE!

Anonymous said...

Spot on, OH.
About time straight white English men weren't discriminated against, particularly those of us of an atheist persuasion.

sconzey said...

Wait, I thought employers should have to pick the best candidate, no matter the colour of their skin or the genetalia twixt their nethers?

Why is government any different?

Libertarian Woman said...

Scan - what a prick, and not in the good sense...

Lutney Chocker said...

"We have a parliament that is not representative of the people, and a cabinet not even representative of parliament. A cabal of rich, white, middle-aged, soft-handed men is to rule over this mixed-up, multiracial, aging, 51%-female, gloriously diverse country of ours. A new politics? I don't think so."

Conjures up images of the Wicked Witch of the West melting into a puddle drowning in her own splenetic bile.
End of they day, they love cabals as long as they get to pick them.

Fox News
"The Guardian was convicted today of inciting hatred against rich, white, middle-aged, soft-handed men community..."

Anyone whose ever had a reasonably long-term relationship with a woman understands that women simply want to be able to get what they want; they don't actually want it; they just want to be able to have it.

You only have to look at the university course enrolment demographics... birds predominate in nurturing-related subjects on a spectrum, loads in humanities, fewer in medicine and psychology, fewer still in chemistry, a few in maths and computing, yet fewer in physics, and hardly any in engineering... and it's not as though there's any lack of support for women doing uni courses!

Anonymous said...

`This IS the new politics`

oh f*cking deluded, when you finally find you way out og pee stains arse, you will find dave had ethnic short lists, pleaded with opperation black vote.

you are starting to turn into an even bigger joke than you already were, when no one thought it was possible!

go on OH give us one of guido's catch lines, seeing as you apppear to be incapable of anything original yourself.

as someone said on the news after obummma was elected - it will all end in tears!

Johnny Pav said...

Woman should be a lap dancer in the bedroom and an excellet cook in the kichen. Now then, where's my tea wife?

bofl said...

yes the uk is just like saudi arabia .

women are killed and buried in the desert.....others suffer genital mutilation........

it's all the fault of the white men...
we all follow the colonel kurz handbook.

if the women have the ability then there is nothing to prevent them gaining high office........

surely the mantra chanting lefties have not forgotten mrs.thatcher?
or is mentioning her only allowed when screaming hatred?

twats like harman and yvette cooper don't really offer much hope do they?
or that effing ugly kerry mccarthy?
my hamster is more intelligent!

i am not saying the men are any better,we have a bunch of useless twats in come on us your talent.

womens lib = womens slavery said...

Womens lib was in fact the deliberate enslavement of women.

It was used in several ways and propagandised for this effect -

More women enter the work place -

result - drives down wages (more profit for th corporates)

more women enter the workplace -

result - drives up house prices(loans to the bankers)

fragments the family creates competition and destabilises the family unit, divorce rates rocket, state becomes the parent, total brainwashing of children begines, women who were claimed to be tied to the kitchen when in fact they lived in friendly communities that had a social cohesion and leasure time became tied largtely to dead end underpaid jobs, unless you happend to be fortunate enough to be a middleclass privately educated journo writing marxist shit in a corporate propaganda rag.

Yep it was all bullshit and enslaved women and undermined society.

but you wont hear that on the corporate media and Dave wont be saying it any time soon either.

Squitch said...

It's true that the population is largely female (about 51-49). So, what is happening? I have never, not once, seen a woman on a dustcart crew. It is absolutely disgraceful that women are prevented from performing this vital public service.

Dazed And Confused said...

I've come across Another Socialist fuckwit that's less than amused.

Mavis B Sausage said...

Lutney Chocker, your post made me think...I have 3 daughters, oldest works in lingerie sales and is quite happy, I suppose she's quite traditional. She also has a Zoology degree (apparently it helps her deal with the public!). Middle daughter is a chef and thrives on the testosterone rich atmosphere of the professional kitchen. Youngest is in the midst of a degree in Civil Engineering, her only complaint seems to be that the -comparatively few- other women on the course mainly dress in Laura Ashley as they feel a need to 'express their femininity'! My daughter wears very short skirts and stilettos most of the time and doesn't care what anybody thinks. As she says "I am female, so what, I'll dress how I want". As an aside they are all Tory party members....

A twit said...

@women's lib: You forgot to add the extra bodies to pay all that lovely tax to the taxman.

OH: Don't fret about the Gundrian. Once all that lovely ads lolly from HMG stops (ie last Thursday) they will soon go broke. Then we can all get back safely to the Beano.

wv: nor u twit - Blogger being prescient again?

Lutney Chocker said...

" womens lib = womens slavery said...
Womens lib was in fact the deliberate enslavement of women.

It was used in several ways and propagandised for this effect -

More women enter the work place -

result - drives down wages (more profit for th corporates)

more women enter the workplace -

result - drives up house prices(loans to the bankers)"

True dat. Basically because women's brooding nestbuilding keeping-up-with-the-Joneses instinct is what made men compete to grab a bigger nest for their mates... Darwin in action... prices of course go up according to the quality of the minge being chased, and the wealth and unattractiveness index of the male - I should generate an equation for this.

The ace in any "equal rites for ugly fat wimmin" debate is to ask them whether gender equality extends to men being allowed to be midwives...

Hopefully over the next 5 years the media will gradually come to accept that THE GAYDIAN, with it's 299,999 hapless splenetic cross-eyed chinless humanities graduate readers, IS NOT IMPORTANT.

Firebird said...

No tea, nasty stuff with fluoride in it, but I'm about to put some coffee on and bake a chocolate cake for a little party we're having tomorrow to celebrate the death of the DCSF and Ed Balls' relegation to the opposition benches.

@women's lib - yup pretty much spot on. They sold it as giving women a choice but that was a lie. Just tell a 'libber' that you've decided to raise your own children rather than pay someone else to do it and wait for the contempt to start pouring out. Your education was wasted, you've betrayed 'the sisterhood' bla bla bla!

Lutney Chocker said...

Disenfranchised of Buckingham said...

Like Scan said. Spot on.

Is it my fault, as an employer, if wimin will settle for lower pay than men? Of course not, it's a free market.

Anonymous said...

Whats the first thing a woman does when she gets back from the battered wives refuge?
If she knows whats good for her the washing and the dirty dishes.

Catflap said...

Can this country afford equality?
Do an FOI request to your local Police force like my dad has done and ask for the breakdown of ill health retirements amongst coppers.
The rate of sickies for women compared to men in percentage terms is fucking shocking.
I don't see why this problem would just effect the Police either.
I bet all branches of the civil service would be similar.
A Broke pussywhipped nation is where we are at.
Bring on the Killing fields of Lincolnshire for fucks sake.

Oleuanna's Laundry said...

I won't iron myself you know!

Lutney Chocker said...

" Catflap said...
Can this country afford equality?
A Broke pussywhipped nation is where we are at."

Trouble is, whilst it's in women's dna to bitch and moan about things they haven't got that don't really want; it's also in men's dna to use whatever technique will get them laid... and for intelligent men, they advance feminism to get that hi-so pussy... "let me liberate your from your oppressive bra Miss Moneypenny etc..."
[works every time...]

...ironically, it's clever men thinking with their cocks that has inflicted feminismo and the housing bubble and economic crisis...

Katabasis said...

What the fuck is wrong with these people?

Here are the actual figures:

649 MPs total (and that's being generous, including the Sinn Fein MPs), 142 of whom are women. That means 21% of parliament members are female. Current percentage in the new cabinet? 14% - so its actually fairly close to the proportion of women in Parliament. What's more, it's MORE than Brown's previous cabinet, which was 12%.

For fucks' sake.

Catflap said...

Just to give you an idea of figures from just two forces.
These figures are from the top of my head so forgive me any slight discrepancy.
Lincolnshire and Nottingamshire.
Of all men retiring for the year 03/04 15.07% were sickies.
Of all women retiring for the year 03/04 60% were sickies.
37% of males do their full 30 years to retirement.
17% of women do the full 30 years.

It would be fair to say that of the 63% of men who do not reach 30 years service the majority would have just walked away.
Of the 83% of women who did not reach 30 years service the majority would have walked away with their pockets bulging and an ongoing pension.
All forces are activly encouraging more women to join as I write.
Jesus wept.

caesars wife said...

"Nick nick I cant hold on any longer " CW isnt too sure what to make of this snippet of the last moments in the bunker , perhaps nick robinson was still down the pub prior to the photo call , or perhaps hed just had the unemployment figures due for release the next day .

CW cannot find much fault with cabinet posts , and so far seems to be thinking straight.

As Milliband embarks on his tour of the country to "ask people what they think" CW hopes that he his constantly reminded he renaged on Lisbon and never spoke up about the deficet that will hit so many people , leader in waiting or leader in denial ?? Why on earth should the country want another supporter of 2.5 mn unemployed , wreckeless immigration and state control nutter , stick to the safehouses like the ruin did , youll probebly get an earfull of what people having to live/suffer your eutopian legacy will be so keen to tell you ! I mean why were you in a cabinet that bust the country , why does that make you leader material , Ed prmoted unbashed wrong eco theory for carbon credits fraud , so why should he stand , ed balls let schools slip into dysfunctional pattern , so why should he be leader and yvette ran out of the chamber when asked about northern rock , anything to hide !!

Oh yes the next Labour leader will be the one who can con there own voters again as well as the last ones did under Imeldaism . CW doesnt see how it should be so be so easy for any of them to get away with ruining the country and then ask to be leader of there party earn £65k yr and carry on as though they had done nothing wrong

2.5mn unemployed ,£163bn deficet 8mn inactive do we really want to see Labour reform and do it again to us all ?? or for that matter consideranything that any of them say is worth a dime !

grole said...

Sorry, is it just me? I looked over the cabinet posts and it looks awfully like the LibDems have been stitched up.

Well I suppose a few years of 140 grand a year beats a few years of 65 grand a year.

Tears i expect it to end in....

Old Holborn said...

Catflap, any chance I could have a copy of that FOI?

Old Holborn said...


the way it is going, the LibDems will have a third of their MPs as ministers

Anonymous said...

I like what Scan said. Bang on the money.

I'm sick to the teeth of all this equality bollocks and multi-tasking women.

Multi tasking usually involves fucking several things up at once.

Stay at home FFS.

grole said...

Yaeh OH, but ministers for taking the blame and getting the egg on the face. I was sure they'd get the poisoned portfolio of Home Office, but sexy shoes woman has got that. They aren't getting posts with real clout. And I am sure Vinny has been given that business post so he can fall on his arse. I always thought he was a tit, he's in the ideal post to prove it without actually doing real damage.

Camo isnt too bright, so I suspect its the work of the brighter kids in the real jobs ( Hague, Gove etc ).

Captain Haddock said...

"Women are not for decoration" ...

Judging by the grungy, skanky sack of shit holding the placard .. I can't help but see her point ..

Catflap said...

This is my Dads baby but I will ask.
He did 31 years in the job and wanted to firm up what he already knew from experience.
Saying that though he would not be adverse to others running with it.
There are after all another 41 forces to get your teeth into:)
Including the biggest.
The Met Police.
Happy hunting.

Joe Public said...

Us men demand more equality!

We pay more tax, for longer, than women. Fact.

Anonymous said...

Wimmins lib and other whimpering
farters. Shove of before we push the chavs into your gilded cages

Killed in Afghanistan
Hows that for under representation

Level the score ,or shut it

Male white Christian underclass

Old Holborn said...

Not one woman has put herself forward for Labour Leader.

when a woman isn't elected, guess what?

Labour is sexist. Men are pigs

Ball is in your court, ladies.

J Demetriou said...

Paranoid rubbish. Hate-stirring bollocks.

The fact you resort to using a link to Lee Jasper's Wikipedia page says it all. Scaremongering, misrepresenting rubbish of the lamest sort.

We've had useless labour and their equality falsehoods and multiculturalism which is surely bad, and the Guardian say what we expect them to say, but come on. You go far too far, and you resort too easily to minority bashing, when most people of whatever sort just want to get on.

Why blame the minorities, when it is the liberal elite (usually white middle class people) who are trying to dictate a false agenda?

Squitch said...

This bickering between OH and J Demetriou ... what is going on there? It's time to get over the pouting pretensions, lads. Kiss and make up - you know you want to.

Crumpled Fiveskin said...

" J Demetriou said...
Paranoid rubbish. Hate-stirring bollocks.

The fact you resort to using a link to Lee Jasper's Wikipedia page says it all. Scaremongering, You go far too far, and you resort too easily to minority bashing,"

What? You mean like "Fuck off, you Greek bastard."?

caesars wife (wetwin edt) said...

As labour gets used to the bitter aftertaste of lies and spin and libdem and Conservative grass roots get used to to an tranceeuphoriadrumandbass private function by there respective mps , it is perhaps a reminder that coalitions are unusal things for the UK . There is some pretty desperate sniping going on at so far looks like a competant cabinet choice and a almost vocation or ordained coalition with a view to try and solve a difficult and toxic legacy.
if they do it , it will perhaps allow people once more to believe politics can be clean and usefull.
The speed of the merge is breathtaking , but it starts in a productive business like manner which is where coalition goverments earn laurels with the public .
The one undoubtable thing is that "country" and not parliament needs all the business understanding of the conservatives who perhaps understand the national economy (rather than vague and unstable globalised one ), but it will be while before we can see how it will work. I accept tax rises whilst inflation is low is a good route and the public sector will need huge reform in part because of its effect on the bust and debt producing economy , the sad truth is that ruin has busted the public sector economy by making it usustainable and well a bit pompus and vain . To put it bluntly the cost of the public sector has created 8mn ecnomically inactive , comfortable prisoners almost . My solutions are troublesome and shocking, but sooner or later the unions will have to accept that if export wealth is diminishing , that current public sector economic thinking cannot hold out and the economy must be freed of fixed impossible high costs so wrecklesly built by the ruin,to allow for rebalancing , carping will not cure labours debt burden.
When we need BA to be profitable nor will strikes !

caesars wife (green edt) said...

CW has never met anyone who when you ask them doesnt value clean food , nice countryside and enviromental stewardship , but who would probebly riot if the lights didnt turn on and eastenders was cancelled .

The green energy proposals so far are a little provocative in Mr Huhnes dept . China is one example of where you can make money but poison the enviroment and already we can see countries which are becoming dumping grounds for nasty stuff from other countries ecnomic success . Dumping is a gamble that its far enough away to not affect you , so economies that either deal with there own waste or produce goods that can be recyled perhaps outline where we should be heading.

When the oil runs out is a big problem , what will underpants be made from then ? The geoengineers sci fi proposals should come with a huge health warning , but i dont rule out we can find some new approaches or even sources bearing in mind that popluation is long term issue.

But hears the rub , labour have run a lot of expensive spiv research ops on how the future will look . The truth is that in the past we have built urban ecnomic models with no respect to future energy generation requirments .

30% of all energy used is in the home mainly heating , so its pretty obvious that if you build homes that are super efficient (but pleasant to live in)you will gradually reduce generation requirements , industry can also build better buildings , and processes but reducing commercial energy requirements is difficult as so many processes use heat or machinery .

The central generation model has its place , but finance is very different to engineering and in the green debate it is the engineering that needs to be right as supply is more imperative than loss of ability to run a complex high population manufacturing internet economy .

We waste a lot of energy in some very subtle ways , I dislike all the waste of the more inane uses of the internet or goods that just dont recycle effectively energy wise .

In reality we are just living off past solar energy , millions of years of compressed vegitation powered by the sun previously and it will be gone in a span of 300yrs (we are 200yrs into that), the most calorfic and easyist to collect is nearly through , so clearly we are moving to using the current solar economy rather than the past stores , and also need to waste less .

It can be done , but it is somthing you might consider a few stop gaps , but you cannot escape some of the longer term imperatives which need some quality engineering thinking , if free energy comes along well thats a fortunate bounus , but I doubt it will.

Barking Spider said...

That old slapper holding the sign must be describing herself!
Those ugly old trouts are always the ones that make the most noise!

Captain Haddock said...

I doubt she's a "slapper" Spidey ..

More likely to be returned with an "unopened" sticker on it .. Lol

You'd need at least 10 pints & several bags before plucking up the courage to pork that thing ..

I am Stan said...

Yo Holby interesting post and comments,

Lee Jasper said: "The fact is, it's time the black community ran its own schools, devised a curriculum that suited the needs of our children, employed teachers that look like the young people they are teaching".

Mr Jasper,has/had,(seems hes retired a couple of years ago so Im not sure how relevant your links are), some radical ideas (compared to mainstream political thinking),cant say i disagree with him,if you want to send your kids to an all black/white/yellow/brown/red/
boys/girls/etc school who`s to stop you.

The Cleggeron is advocating letting parents etc set up their own schools so there is a possibility it may happen.

Personally I would want my offspring to go to a mixed school that reflects the reality we live in.


One of my favourite watering holes,scantily clad,fit birds with ready smiles and butt cheeks so firm you can bounce a pound coin off.
And their fit friends are always coming in to see them,GREAT!! :-0

Freda Bloggs said...

FFS! As a woman - and I'd like to think - as a feminist - what is wrong with makeup of the Cabinet? Trust Labour's paper to to try & stir up trouble. Someone has already pointed out that the % of women in the new Cabinet is higher than in Brown's. With all this guff about 'Labour equality' strange that Jacky Splff was replaced by a MAN. Under the Coalition the new Home Secretary is female. Women's Lib SHOULD be about choice - high flyer or homemaker according to preference but frequently devolves into 'the sisterhood' pushing for women to work in shit jobs at shit pay. They should mind their own business!

J Demetriou said...

Crumpled fiveskin

I see you're so much of a fucking pathetic loser and no mark you gave up blogging in Oct 09, and instead resort to bitter comment postings to keep yourself interested.

Sad cunt. Go fuck your mother.

Anonymous said...

" J Demetriou said...
Crumpled fiveskin

I see you're so much of a fucking pathetic loser and no mark you gave up blogging in Oct 09, and instead resort to bitter comment postings to keep yourself interested.

Sad cunt. Go fuck your mother.

14 May 2010 19:40"

Touched a nerve then. I just leave that site up for amateur sleuths such as yourself, the fact that you think that blogging is some kind of achievement that's going to leave any more mark of substance on the world beyond the shitstain in your fat hairy mother's knickers that you are, is truly tragic.

...who's being bitter? with your "welcome to dictatorship UK style" thread.
Like most lefty knuckledraggers you're completely devoid of wit... if you're going to retaliate, at least make it witty, otherwise you just sound like a wounded bear.

You're such a winner, yay!

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