Monday, 17 May 2010

Know Your Enemy part 2

The only fing dat de 'journahlist' did not say woz- that is all abaht family innit


Old Holborn said...

That lot should be in the British Museum along with the other extinct dinosaurs

Anonymous said...

ah yes the usefull idiot unions, in bed with labour, a most corrupt shady conflict of interests deal if ever there was one, and embracers of neo global marxism (which is in fact corporate fascism) all the while they claim that is what they protect their workers from!(corporate fascism and the corporate fascist Labour party - see the irony yet?)

They sold their workers out 1000 times over, these are the wolfs looking after the sheep!

Still the unions will go down the pan shortly as the Tories dismantle the public sector for the same corporate fascists that Labour work for, this is why voting Tory is worse than staying with Labour, because the parts Labour could not get through for its corporate fascist masters will be left for the Tories to finish the job on.

If only those that payed the unions their hard cash knew it was spent on destroying them, their jobs and their country!

concrete pump said...

He made friends with Sammy Mcilroy recently, at a match twixt Dagenham and Redbridge and Morecambe.
He was so fucking rude to Mcilroy, they paused the game to tell him to shut the fuck up, Mcilroy describes thus: “He was rude, ungentlemanly, disrespectful and to be frank, a total a***hole.”

What a cunt and a shit filled piss licker.

I fucking hate Bob Crow

Fausty said...

Don't you just love democracy? The feckless get to vote to deprive you of your own money. And because there are so many of them, the government gives it to them.

Anonymous said...

If the Lib/Con's have any sense they will ban union membership for public sector workers. Who do these fuckwits think are paying thier salaries? Absolute dumbshits.

Also pass legislation making any political donation by a union to a political party subject to an indepedantly run, secret majority ballot of all members.

Lutney Chocker said...

If they do manage to make all constituencies equal-sized that would cripple Labour nicely.

The real solution would be to infect Labour hives with capitalism and entrepreneurship... turn all the squalid little Labour ghetto constituencies into free-enterprise special economic zones where immigration and benefits are banned, and turn the scallies into rampant capitalists.

There are plenty of drug dealers who've got the brains to be legit businessmen, if it only paid well enough...

It's good fun though, Unions are on most people's shitlist along with Labour, which means Labour either has to embrace them and become a pariah 3rd party; or try and be a so-called "centre" party (as if), and be an irrelevant 3rd party due to the presence of two more effective so-called "centre" parties.

Either way, there's a real chance of them having a nice long Kinnocky time in opposition, and maybe fade away as the BNP chews their arses off.

Anonymous said...

And there was me thinking the Skinheads were only in the BNP.

Kit said...

Everyone in the Public Sector seems to think that they have a Right to guaranteed jobs for life and absolute immunity from any pay cuts or pay freezes ever.

All at taxpayer expense.

Bastards, living on my taxes and being sanctimonious about it.

Sack the lot of them.

Chris said...

Oh, have they remade GBH then? Good casting. The actors in this remake have the timewarped union ideologue stereotype pegged.

What? Real, you say? Oh f-!

caesars wife (a view) said...

Good final paragraph anon 19:19 .

CW has long thought of this Labour government as crooks and is hope full that it will be apparrent to the incomming government that the nations finances should not be given over to student lefties ever again .

Fawkes ed Balls leadership election diary is amusing and "skinny wonk" had me falling off sofa (or double skinny wonk even)but he has a go at Tax thresholds for the ermm "poor" .CW isnt a leftie when it comes to ecnomics and prefers to use the term "healthy" . A healthy economy gives "the poor" disposable income to make purchases of goods outright and life in general worth living . The problem with handouts like tax credits (although CW isnt against current set up as no jobs ) is that they come from somewhere else , requiring further instabilites or in the ruins case borrowings , hollowing out the economy and the resultant collapse rather than what he told us was "end to boom and bust" Liam Bryne has now provided written proof the ruin didnt end boom and bust !Lets not forget the skinny wonks backed and loved the ruins polices so dont know how they can claim next phase of labour is a denial rather than decotamination attempts .

How ever back to tax , Cw does not have bank CEOs , pension fund mangers or bond traders phoning up as in part they are part of the problem at the moment in that they are still revving to try and avoid losses , the logic being that when there money is safe , then growth will return !! The question now is perhaps how much the international instabilities will risk the safening of business investment money , in other words has a new cycle of shoring up "financial liabilities" delayed if not halted any rebound to a healthly/sensible economy and we have a sort of ghost chase .
Its pretty obvious which came first in manufacturing and finance , chicken egg argument .Imports of goods may have been desirable for international ecnomic growth , however importing 2mn extra people just made the trade balance worse .
Labour of course were investing in fabian sci fi technolgies and relieing of the marxiseing of nature/human/animal to make a few quid to flogg to the new economies and keep the charade or going until only prehistoric slime was left .

Stemming the money leaving the country would put the manufacturing sector in a recovery trajectory , this ensures real money flows around . even if weakly it is where jobs are held or created which is a differnt principal to living for the pressure risks to financing a debt.

Let the banks charge £10yr for each personal account for the next pariament , but use the money to run a strategic UK investment fund with a view to develope small maunfacturing that serves the national economy , and create new housing developements , that are rooted in the new green thinking on efficency forget the bling , that allow home ownership (but have planning developement controls ) .

Allow UK disbursment only pension funds to buy into it and even then cap single payouts,just make it secure bread and butter return for low incomes , this will at least secure future private pensioners for lowincomes. The boost if controlled rather than spurted should ensure economy is in health by end of parliament .

New routemaster looks good , just need to ban the cars mon-fri lol

grdnon brwon said...

cw......your spelling seems to be the result of a labour ejukayshun.

It surely can't get any worse said...

Apparently a magistrate who said that a pair of vandals would be thought of as "scum" for desecrating a church has been sacked.

The clerk intervened to say that his language was innappropriate and encouraged the parents of the scumbags to complain.

This female clerk has obviously been on too many common purpose love ins.

Anonymous said...

Red Robbo all over again. Is there no end to it.

Captain Haddock said...

If a person is useless, incompetent, incapable or a liability in their chosen trade or profession, there are a couple of options ..

1 : Take promotion & become "Management"

2 : Get yourself elected as a Shop Steward

Electro-Kevin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Electro-Kevin said...

I'm an ASLEF member and representative.

Don't you think these people have a right to point at bankers and politicians and say that they've been taking the piss ?

The recent dispute with BA has involved educated, middle-class cabin crew; the opitomy of professional public service 'The World's favourite airline'. Being conservative and conformist does not get you respect - it gets you shafted. Nor did some of the speakers in this video sound at all pre historic.

Many of the people I work with on the railway (myself included) have professional qualifications from other backgrounds - at my depot alone umpteen degrees (from an era when they meant something) one a design engineer others aircraft engineers, bankers from pre deregulation ... far from stupid or unworldly people.

I'd rather be within ASLEF than without it and, such is the damage that bankers and politicians have inflicted on confidence in this country we are in no mood to be pushed around. That damage is yet to manifest itself in industrial unrest when we are told to shoulder the burden when cheating paper pushers get off Scot free.

So don't take the Mickey out of us. We've been doing our bit - in the private sector employed by the likes of Branson, you'll note. Out on our ears if we don't cut the mustard.

And as for Bob Crow. He's not a man I'd drink with - but by 'eck I'd want him on my side in a pub fight.

Old Holborn said...


In a pub fight, our bob would be the first person to volunteer you as a champion. Whilst he "covered the exits"

Electro-Kevin said...

He looks like a pugnacious head-butt merchant to me. I'm sure he'd do the business if it came to it.

(NB - I didn't think I'd ever become a militant. In the '90s I was holding a riot shield for Queen and country - this time round I've a feeling I'll be kicking one.)

Lutney Chocker said...

"The problem with handouts like tax credits"

No, the problem is with the non-tax-credit handouts.

A more refined version of Tax Credits would br a decent replacement for all other benefits, because:

1. They include the concept of having to work to get them

2. They reduce as you earn more, so there's less incentive to stay low.

Before you launch into me, I'm not suggesting that the current tax credits system doesn't need to change = be scaled down and not have any pressure to get off it; what I am saying is that it's a feasible way of weaning people off the concept of handouts - which will take a generation, as it's been around for decades now.

I'm very keen to see personal financial responsibility sweep the nation, along with an end to immigration and mass deportations by a US Coast Guard style Border Police or militarised Royal Coast Guard Force; but you need to do it in steps. Tax Credits is the only good think Brown ever did, but it needs massively refining to make the point of it to bounce people off it and into training or work... you've got to have the tax breaks for the private sector to fund the training and work though.

It goes hand in hand with sorting out childcare and funding for education and training for school leavers: The traffic won't move without any fuel or roads...

Lutney Chocker said...

...oh and 3. Tax Credits enable women to work part time - you'd be surprised how many shit part-time jobs there are in benefits shitholes... how can anyone climb out without a proper job or some help setting up a business?

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