Wednesday, 19 May 2010

It's in their blood... Eric Illsley (Lab) charged with fraud

Eric Illsley MP has been charged with three offences of false accounting in relation to claims for parliamentary expenses.

Eric Illsley claimed £10,000 for council tax over 4 yrs..for a Lambeth Band C property.


Catosays said...

Couldn't have happened to a more deserving man!

Guthrum said...

Just another minnow- while the big Fish swim away

Indyanhat said...

JAIL HIM!!!, I believe that MP's and others 'in power' found guilty of any offence we th public are prosecuted for , should recieve as a minimum the maximum sanction that has been applied to one of us!!!
No ARGUEMENTS! JAIL every time!!!
Maybe then we the people might respect the law a little more than we don't at the moment!

The Cleaner said...

227 new MP's leaving 422 thieves, conspirers to thieve, condoners of thieving and those who neither saw,heard or spoke of thieving. (1 seat unrepresented}

Torch the fuckers. All of them.

Joe Public said...

To paraphrase what Voltaire might have thought:

" this country it is a good thing to kill an MP from time to time to discourage the others."

BNP should get the credit here OH said...

It was the BNP that bought this to everyones attention yet the BNP get no credit?

Kit said...

This is a man who has never had a real job. Union all the way. Living on other peoples money. A fat parasite.

I hope he goes down for a very long time.

Ron Broxted said...

Is it immoral for an old Queen like me to buy a £10 handbag from Primark?

Yes. Does the moral character of a homo orgy change when the participants wear Nazi uniform? I substituted "police" for Nazi and came to the same conclusion. Yes.
What should the west learn from China? (How to free the good people of Tibet from covert American tyranny and make them understand that the Chinese really want to help them).
Does being boned by a celebrity entail a loss of dignity? Yes, I was recently boned by a man I thought was a top Hollywood film director, who told me he would make my third rate novel into a best seller and a Hollywood block buster movie, but the insatiable bastard turned out in reality be a traffic warden.
Finally, is the Lisbon treaty a further step towards the federation of Europe or a step back? Do we care as long as we can go about our daily business of collecting our state benefits and getting pissed on the proceeds, without being spied on, stopped, searched, photographed, DNA sampled, shot, arrested for promoting man love, fingerprinted, e-mail and mobile phone databased and beaten to death in a de facto police state that condones internment without trial of innocent Muslim terrorists? yeah right.

Lutney Chocker said...

"Kit said...
This is a man who has never had a real job. Union all the way. Living on other peoples money. A fat parasite.

I hope he goes down for a very long time."

I hope he goes down on a very long immigrant jailbird's cock.

Kit said...

Whatever strange homosexual fantasies float your boat, Lutney.

Personally, i'll just be glad to see him locked up in prison.

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