Saturday, 1 May 2010

It is not about the veil.

(I restrict my activities here so as not to wreck OH's campaign. I have been known to post under the influence and to be, shall we say, less than temperate on occasion.)

The EU has decided to ban the Muslim veil to pander to popular disquiet at this divisive mask - but they haven't. Not really. Well, they have and at the same time it is not the veil that is banned.

Here is the wording.

"No-one may wear in public places clothes that are aimed at hiding the face," says the text of a new law that is to be presented to parliament in July, according to a copy seen by Le Figaro.

It does not say 'Muslim women forced into wearing a veil against their will is to be stopped'.

It says this is to be stopped:

Hiding from CCTV, the Eye of Pseudogod, must be prevented.

The veil is a convenient excuse.

Be careful what you support. It looks like it won't affect you but think ahead.

Whoever you are, whatever you do, a ban is coming your way. Because you thought bans were a good idea and you voted for them.

Hey, don't look to me for support. I'm a smoker. Remember them?

You'll all be joining us soon.


Anonymous said...

"Be careful what you support"


We don't get a choice, if the NWO says jump - all the parties jump!

It nmatters not what we support - not a jot.

Not as long as the lib/lab/con NWO party gets in and they control the media.

Leg-iron said...

You, individually, always have a choice.

When they say jump, don't ask 'How high?'

Ask 'Why?'

It is, and always has been, up to you.

Kinderling said...

Agreed. Socialism is turning to Communism before our very generation.

Leg-iron said...

Socialism is Communism.

It's never been anything else.

caesars wife (resting the rotwieler) said...

I was working in a call centre (heavily monitored) and right from catching the bus , getting on the train , walking to the office and being in the office working , I realised someone or somthing could be watching/recording me , in many ways the only free zone was my house.
The whole business of CCTV has become the norm ,joe public taking photos has become a suspicous activity , carrying a funny bag or just doing somthing that is odd .
It might be all part of the Fabian eutopia in that because you are self aware you are being recoreded your behaviour complies, to whatever they tell you or the big brother love in light of the CCTV scare story they show you .

Wether the whole concept actually creates more mental illness than the safe feeling it was supposed to create is another subject .

The genie is out of the bottle and we dont have much choice but to do its bidding .I suspect that the era of the rightness of living a clean life and untroubled by regular encounters with the cops ,as the morality was held within the mind , is just about erased from the British conciousness or for that matter any other developed country .

It would be nice to explain to the younger generation , that all this state survellance didnt used to exist and most people were law abiding , but it seems so alien to them that they almost assume mad/dysfunctional UK was always there .

Its an interesting thought that we might have been better off ,happier/balanced/creative even, before the state learnt to control us , for then we only needed it for civic functions and the common wheal .How funny that fabian eutopia when manifest should become little more than the watching and encouraging of the brain dead to play out there lives infront of an elite, making decisions in a CCTV control room .

CW will hopefully be enjoying the bank holiday but today had its moments , car crash poster launch for Labour , Imelda nearly being tricked into a dignitas lib dem op .Clegg getting booed , the ruin being made to look clueless and idealociacally busted by paxo , or the amusing campaign show in which Imelda the younger (boys from Brazil Blair clone project milliband) ignored rod liddles question of why Labour were tanking , or for that matter Christina Odone and Rod liddle interviewing Nick griffin . The gaurdian is now the "daily clegg" leaving only the mirror and the sunday sport to add zest and silicone implants to Labours election .
Rumour is mandelson may have spiked baroness ashtons ,lack lustre job execution (job for Imelda ?). With denials that Labour is in meltdown and the ruin explaining bigotgate by the erm misunderstanding ,cough thought she said "those f***ing eastern european immigrants" and was BNP , makes CW wonder what other stories we will be treated in the next few days , whatever next no worries about the 85% of spending cuts not yet spoken about .

night night

Andrew is a monkey spanker el mondo said...

I have to say I found it highly amusing today when Frogzilla, K.McEgan's latest attempt to blog more shite on the torygraph site was deleted within minutes by the on the ball mods. How we all laughed in office here at the Independent, to see such fun as faux Broxted's fat arse was roundly kicked hard again.
I bet he cwyed.

Anonymous said...

It is a terrible invasion of our civil liberties and an utter disgrace. This could have serious ramifications as muslims perceive they are being targeted by such invasive laws.

Worse than that, we'd have to look at Holby's ugly fucking mug.


Norton Folgate said...

Unless they cook up a version that doesn't apply to muslims i don't see it ever happening here.

Our politicians simply don't have the guts,

Pastor Martin Niemöller said...

You never listened to me did you?

Fausty said...

They've been itching to bring in this law for some time - Jack Straw tried it and failed.

Notice how general it is - typical of EU laws - it can net anyone they want it to net. You'll never know if you're breaking the law because the law is not clear.

Fausty said...

Holby, the means by which the PTB control 'representatives' is via blackmail.

Are you blackmailable? If you are, perhaps you should out yourself and derail any potential campaign against you.

Anonymous said...

I think you are right OH.

Every 'terrorism' law has been so loosely frames, the outcome is that it is always going to be used against the 'wrong sort of people'.

Fathers For Justice (they hate them). Del Boy and Rodders cape crusading. Ronald McDonald, Mr. Blobby...

I really wish they'd leave us alone


Joe Public said...

That law might not be totally bad, if it prevents some of these cover-ups......

Kit said...

Just to be clear, the EU isn't proposing to ban the burka. Some European countries are.

Nothing to do with Britain yet.

Anonymous said...

Isn't the article you linked to about France and Belgium? What does it have to do with the EU?

Anonymous said...

where have all the people gone????

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