Wednesday, 5 May 2010

It ends tomorrow

From the last ditch

For every promise broken, for every lie told, for every soldier sent to war ill-equipped, for every child's future blighted by Marxist educational dogma, for every pound seized and squandered and - most of all - for every freedom lost, Labour must pay tomorrow with its political life.

If we have self-respect as a nation, we must not dodge this choice. Voting for someone who will decide for us later whether David Cameron or Gordon Brown should be Head of Government is cowardice.

If you have a Libertarian candidate to vote for, go ahead with pride. Start us on the long path to a real change that can restore the nation.


Tom Paine said...

Thanks, OH. You are up early (or late). Good luck tomorrow. You have added spice to an otherwise bland election. A small indicator of the quality of the next government will be whether it changes electoral law to make it more difficult for you to do it again.

Having lived in Cambridge for a while, I imagine you have had fun with both town and gown. Which group was more open to listen? Those paid to think, or the amateurs?

banned said...

Good luck to you tomorrow.
I'll be voting UKIP but don't tell anyone because it's a "secret ballot" isn't it?

Lescromps said...

Best of luck tomorrow OH you;v made this election a hell of a lot more fun,and much more to come afterwards we hope..

Anonymous said...

This video shows the conservatives up more than labour. With this catestrophic record labour should be heading for wipeout. Instead they are still there,hanging around like a stale fart.

Ron Broxted said...

Tony Blair cares..........about the size of his fucking bank balance and property portfolio. Typical champagne
fake socialist. Vote BNP.

Anonymous said...

I really couldn't stomach playing that video with Miranda as front man! What rock did he crawl out of to canvass for Labour & how much is it costing them? Bet he's not doing it for free.
Very best of luck tomorrow OH.

Jordie-racer said...

I shall be voting for Arthur Scargill, (well not actually him, one of his friends in der North).

Anonymous said...

Ends tomorrow - the World?

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