Sunday, 30 May 2010

Here we go again....

The man about to put up Capital Gains Tax for those who have saved and invested dodged Capital Gains Tax himself.

Can't be long until the revolution now...up against the wall, motherfuckers


roger mellie said...

Oh well
thats it my bubble has been burst.
It was nice while it lasted, not bad really 3 weeks is it!
So when do we march on westminster with fucking pitchforks in hand.
Cheers for bringing this to the attention of the masses OH
Cunts the lot of them.
Fucking roll on the revolution


john in cheshire said...

What do we do?
I have a feeling that most of us will just grumble about things for the next 5 years. How did we take to the streets in the years of the glorious revolution? what does it take to bring us Englishmen to a point where we are prepared to fight? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Army of the North ready.
Burnley fans,ruffyeds,woolybacks,
yonners,pit bull terrier breeders,
bankrupt landlords,dysfuncional tarts . Short of funds.

Ready when you are, Southern Totties

Anonymous said...

Under the tax rules a normal citizen can, as I understand it, elect for one or other of his/her homes to be their main residence when selling a property thereby getting a dispensation against a considerable amount of tax.

Constantly Furious said...

I fucking give up. No, really.

roger mellie said...

Good !!
Not just me then, thank fuck for that.
I am more then willing to take to the streets , i have lost everything so nothing more to lose and everything to gain !! What we really need is to march onto westminster, that really would be a wake up call for them wouldnt it.
We would lots and lots of people not just a few hundred but several thousand.
How the hell would you organise it ? comne people of the Uk lets really show these fucking theives whose fucking boss, bunch of cunts they really are,
rant over nah i have just started on this next shower of shite



Anonymous said...

Unfortunately the public voted for it, they were given alternatives but swallowed the propaganda and voted for the more of the same shit, and yes, conservatives and lib dems are more of the same shit, you have been told this for years, you were told of the alternatives which the media like you to believe is extreme and now you will pay for it.

and how you will pay for it, this is just the start, and BTW the Lib dems will be destroyed by the NWO media so they can get back to recycling the Red blue switcheroo that has so many of you c*nts fooled at each election and so many say that you simply have to get so and so out yet get exactly the same all over again, in ten years time all will be too late, the EU super police state will have you by the balls.

Congratulations to you all, as around 95% of you assisted them in one way or another - you mugs.

You deserve the goverment you get for you remain willfully ignorant.

KG said...

Spot-on, Anonymous.

Kit said...

It's unbelievable how many posters over at conservativehome and libdemvoice are justifying this lying deceitful bastards actions.

Apparently the Daily Telegraph is evil because it is exposing corrupt politicians and therefore those corrupt politicians are somehow vindicated.

If i or anyone in the private sector was caught telling lies like that we would be in a world of trouble very fast. Somehow politicians still get a free pass, even now!

caesars wife said...

Its good to know Mr Clegg believes his mps should be so clean in there service to the country and holding the office of mp hes such a nice man !.(cough splutter).

Why didnt he get his cheque book last year ??

whilst CGT is having an airing , I can quite understand the distate for it particulary if youve worked in an ordinary job and saved up, it does seem like tax garment for Labours mistakes . The defiect has a number of conundrums , which will require a sustained period of growth without overheating in personal credit or inept commercial lending .Liam Byrne decided to appologise for his letter "there is nae no money so long suckers" however that doesnt really compensate for parlaiment not being able to see the nationalised banks acounts or the many years of non answer to questions , or for that matter operating a fantasy wonk ecnomic theorem .

Being as brothels may be debated at some point there will have to be gay ones as well,CW has 3 views on brothels
1) Once in Amsteradam curious to see what a red light area was like , I was propositioned by the most athletic woman I have ever seen (and expensive tariff), however most seemed to be trafficed working from a business office (ie premises was perhaps where money was made)

2) On night out in Bristol on a darkly lit street , a husky but femanine voice called out as I walked past two daringly dressed women , upon clapping eyes on her she was 50 drunk, heavily made up , with a lipstick pout that looked like naval gun that had been shelling non stop for 24hrs , and was clearly at the cheap end of the market.

3) The image of a brothel being a sort pallais de versei and a parade of chiffon dressed beauties being available , with equally marketable nick names , is mis leading .A great many women are not good looking and have a habit of some kind , low or damaged self esteem and are in a physcological pattern of poverty, and perhaps need help rather than legalising . I doubt anyone can do much about other arrangements for sex in the world ,only regrett it later in life .

A revolution with a coalition sitting ? is a slim chance for now besides you would have to scrap postal voting first , but at some point the spinners will run out of thread , labour have primed this country for divison and strife with failed and deluded promises, any version of Blair mk2 comes with a serious health risk , for now they are seeing what the budget will mean and if democracy is now worth anything .

Anonymous said...

I married a foreigner and I am fucking off .. cya would not want2 be ya ..

Anonymous said...

the only way to incite a revolution in engerland, would be to ban dogs, that would start the ball rolling

Ron Broxted said...

It's not the politicians, thieving cunts that they are that need overthrowing, it's the fucking establishment. Sadly I cannot see that happening as they are watching and listening to every move we make. Politicians are just a thin veneer to make the voting populace think we have some kind of democracy. The truth is we are all being screwed and fucked up the arse. What is even more surprising is that 95% of the population just don't care, they are more worried about who will win Has Britain got talent or the Jeremy Kyle show.

Terry Thomas said...

What an absolute shower, plus he is a jock and a ginger cunt to boot.Things can only get worse as Neil Kinnock would have sung if he had been honest.

Charlie Dimmocks Tits Have Sagged said...

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask when he robbed people.

Anonymous said...


ranter said...

One thieing wanker 'resigns; after being caughte and about 8 hours later the great and the good are saying he'll be back in government soon. That for me said it all about the 'new' politics. Complete bollocks. What will it take for the British to take to the streets? Nothing, we may as well all bend over and make'll only hurt the once won't it? I am never voting again.

Not Guilty Juror said...

As sure as night follows day, you can expect a serialised drip feed of MPs' expenses revelations, particularly for the LibDems, from the Torygraph over the duration of this summer.

The main revelations concerning the party leaders should come just before the party conferences in the Autumn.

party politics is brainless football for nerds said...

"It's unbelievable how many posters over at conservativehome and libdemvoice are justifying this lying deceitful bastards actions"

It's nothing more than a football team to support for nerds, no ideology is left in the same way the mug supporters no longer have any local players.

You will be mainipulated like sheep and fleesed by the corporate business interests, same as football.

SpiteK said...

This might actually have been a story, if he'd been liable to pay CGT in the first place. But he wasn't. But don't let that stop the Telegraph making up a good story anyway.

Anonymous said...

The revolution will just have to wait,at least until after the world cup.

Anonymous said...

but how the fuck did that crossbow nutter find 3 white women in Bradford?

AP said...

He hasn't done anything wrong. There is no way in which he could have declared the transaction to HMRC that would have resulted in him paying CGT. If it was his main home it would have been exempt with PPR relief. As a former family home it benefited from the three year rule, but even if it didn't, the first 80,000 of the gain would have been tax free as it had been a main home at some point. Only 1/4 of the gain would have been taxable (based on proportion of time used as PPR) so unless he bought it for less than 60k there would have been no CGT liability.

All that sanctimonious nicker twisting for nothing boys.

Hmmm said...

'They' really don't want anyone in that job do they?

When the placated lot can turn off Easternders or Corrie after recovering from the latest hangover they might be arsed to grumble about it.

John R said...

Brand new piggies.
Same old trough.

Anonymous said...

This country is finished, all Im trying to do is get enough money and fuck off somewhere else (but where maybe the Question).

England is fucked... good and proper.
Left wing this, right wing that... its all bollocks and puppet shows.

Im serioulsy thinking of a dynamic life of crime. Cant be any fucking worse than now. Could do with a rest on the state.

bofl said...

after reading the story surely it is the 'expenses' part that he has fiddled? along woth 400 others?

as for cgt......why does it exist at all? all these twats do is tax,tax,tax........then piss the money down the drain.......

we are enslaved by the madness of govt. spending.........which is all designed to keep THEM in power to play their deluded schoolboy games.

tax on working,tax on saving,tax on travel,110+ tax increases from the scotch mad gay bastard.......and for what?

hasn't exactly created a new shambala has it? the uk is £2 trillion in debt!

how many mps+ lords? how many quangos? how many boards,associations etc?

and the country is still a shithole.......

Anonymous said...


The two trillion is paid for the natives to sit on their fat lazy arses and not get restless, plus a few million 'visitors' from overseas, who've come to 'culturally enrich' the rest of us and the balance is creamed by the greedy cunts in charge who all become millionaires.

Nick2 said...

NotGuiltyJuror is right - now the Lib Dems are in power they can trawl through their data again more thoroughly.

I doubt that the Torygraph has much more dirt on Cameron('s Tories), but with a bit of luck...

Dr Evadne said...

If Baroness Udders can get away with it, the rest of them can too. Meanwhile I am being threatened with death if I don't fill in a tax return even though I earned about £5K last year (I take in washing to make ends meet).

At this rate we could see Ronnie Knight taking over as chief secretary to the treasury (or is he dead?).

Pot Kettle Black said...

Just wondering when we're going to see OH's campaign expenses published?

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