Monday, 10 May 2010

Here we go again

In January of this year (2010), Paul Chambers from Doncaster in the United Kingdom was arrested by South Yorkshire police on suspicion of terrorism for posting an update to his Twitter feed saying "Robin Hood airport is closed. You've got a week and a bit to get your shit together, otherwise I'm blowing the airport sky high!!" The context shows that he was exasperated at the likelihood of his flight being cancelled due to a small amount of snow fall. Some unknown party decided to take the message literally and phoned the police.

Paul was questioned for 7 hours while police tried to work out whether or not he was in fact a terrorist or had intended to perpetrate a bomb hoax. The case was referred to the Crown Prosecution Service who found no evidence of his intention to cause any recipient to believe there was a bomb threat but decided that it was in the "public interest" to prosecute him anyway. In February, Paul attended a hearing and pleaded guilty to a charge under the Communications Act 2003, which is peculiar in that it presents no burden of proof of intent.

He's just been found guilty and fined £1000. He now has a criminal record.

I'm trying to contact him to find out if he would like us to pay his fine for him.We're fucking good at this stuff.

UPDATE: Just spoken to Doncaster Magistrates. It appears the Judge was District Judge Johnathon Bennett

More to follow


Gawain Towler said...

You are on

Field Marshall Watkins said...

So this would be same CPS to decided not to prosecute that Muslim who spray canned 'Islam will dominate the world', 'kill Gordon Brown' on that war memorial?

Public interest? So the CPS now decides what the public interest is, without asking the public I might add. Methinks the CPS is just another fucking quango dedicated to destroying the Rule of Law.

How about everyone start Twittering about blowing up random shit. Could have a hashtag and everything.

Anonymous said...

Yes the bloke who sprayed on the monument was an idiot, but so is this guy.
Say your pissed off, say your mad but don't say something stupid like that.

Anonymous said...

Before we cry for Clegg to join with Labour, let us not forget which party created the odious law this guy just got charged with breaking.

It's sickening really. This is not in the public interest at all. It's a waste of police time who should have better things to do (and I don't mean harassing motorists), it's a waste of court time, it's a waste of the presses time reporting it, and it's a waste of the 'criminal's time.

All for the sake of a 1 liner. Fuck sake.

Anonymous said...

"Say your pissed off, say your mad but don't say something stupid like that."

Are you also going to support people being tried for every instance of 'I'm going to kill you!' said in jest/anger?

Might as well incarcerate half the population. Just because it's an airport it doesn't mean the Police aren't acting like imbeciles.

banned said...

Back in the seventies returning through Dover from a school trip a mate called out "Oi John, that Paki is escaping from your duffle-bag!"
The passport people took a very dim view of that and he was lucky to get away with a good telling off.

Field Marshall Watkins said...

"Say your pissed off, say your mad but don't say something stupid like that."

Seriously. For the CPS to try someone there has to be evidence.


Fucking thought crimes on the rise in the nation-gulag.

I guess that Brazilian who got his head blown off on 7/7 deserved it right? You know, because he didn't 'act right', like the State dictates you should.

What next, people being shot for complaining that taxes are too high?

Anonymous said...

That's nothing I'm gonna take out Stansted next Thursday ... assuming I can get my grocery shopping finished in time.

Mr A said...

OH, you mention the judge's name as if that should mean something to us. Does he have form for passing stupid judgements or something?

M de Plouquenet said...

Methinks this will appear in The Independent before 5 of the clock!

SadButMadLad said...

Mirror article about it here -

PS. The judge is the one who tried the two young boys who were in the care of Doncaster Social Services and who attacked two brothers.

Old Holborn said...

English Defence League said...


'The Dudley 2' rootop protesters have been remanded in custody again.
Nick Freeman, AKA Mr. Loophole has agreed to represent them.

Anonymous said...

Not another fund...FFS
What do you think we are a Charity?

If someone if fool enough to write such words, then thats their business. I dont even mention such "keywords" on the fuckin phone to anyone. G_d knows what would happen.

I am Stan said...

'The Dudley 2' who are they?????

ian said...

Its a fucking disgrace ... These bastards should be charged for wasting public money.

RantinRab said...

Stephen Fry has just offered to pay the fine in full.

M de Plouquenet said...

Brown has resigned, let joy be unconfined.

I am Stan said...

1 down 645 to go,bring it on!!!

English Defence League said...

Link to 'Dudley 2'at Atlas Shrugs

I am Stan said...

FFS,Dudley 2 not times fucking square...

Oh I cant be arsed!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Cameroons are having second thoughts 'bout PR.

It maybe a LibLab pact after all.

Now McBroon is going, it does look likely.

English Defence League said...


The link takes you straight to a peice about the 'Dudley 2'on Atlas Shrugs, they are geting big coverage on USA/European Blogs

Anonymous said...

Warning! Warning! Mad dog zionist alert! -- Atlasshrugs2000

Nick2 said...

The Lawyer covers this case in more detail at

The disconcerting thing about S127 of the Communications Act 2003 is that it could be used against _anyone_ who's ever let off steam on a blog. S127 says:

A person is guilty of an offence if he— (a)sends by means of a public electronic communications network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character.

On that basis about 50% of the comments on Guido's site (for one) have broken the law.

caesars wife said...

I would think Twittering "ime going to blow your airport sky high" in these times of exploding trainers etc was sufficent for him to be deservedly questioned , police should have established it was a moment of anger and not a mass murderer , and a caution perhaps . The thing we dont know is what was said to the police , did he say he was sorry , or did he sit there staring at them flicking his lighter on and off .

I would want to know a little more before deciding if he has had the state stasi clunking fist treatment.

Meanwhile ruin makes guest appearence and transforms himself from stalin into nero , note off script grimace when he says "failed to gain a majority" , and declares due to election loss he will stand down as Labour leader (nothing to do with ruining lives of millions then , R4 at 9pm doing a CV for him , could be entertaining or truthfull )
mandelson not seen , so expect him to throw his hat in .
trying to find vid of Adan Boulton and allicampbell trolls turned up on his site , wee dougie bit was fun in that it began to look a bit desperate .

pound tanked as ruin spoke , rest of country thought father jack would be better off on cranky island reading guardian clippings from 97-02.

So will the manfesto pledge reangers form an alliance of the failed .CW thinks Mr clegg will be in need of stiff drink if he blows the tories out , probebly for the rest of his career.

Ruin being described as "audacious", CW prefers "walter mitty"

I am Stan said...


Sorry I cant take your race/muzzie obsessiveness seriously anymore,the world is moving on,go to a phone box and have a meeting,the adults are talking.:-(

Dick Puddlecote said...

Good case to pick, OH. Go for it.

if only i'd read the law first said...


A person is guilty of an offence if he— (a)sends by means of a public electronic communications network a message or other matter that is grossly offensive or of an indecent, obscene or menacing character.

oh dear. i dread to think how much my fine's going to be - anyone want to chip in?

Catflap said...

Ok so lets get this straight.
43 years of terror commited by Catholics resulted in virtualy no infringment on civil liberties in Britain.
No priests trolleyed out to justify Catholicism or its followers on a regular basis.
No nudge nudge wink wink anti Catholic reporting in the press.
How come the Muslims have been made to jump through flaming fucking hoops?
I am not sticking up for Islam but lets be fair.
The Vatican have caused my country
and its people major shit from 1066onwards.
Peace with the IRA at any price,wars in Islamic nations,draconian laws brought in and Muslims blamed for the need of such laws.
The architect of all this?
Tony fucking Blair the born again Catholic convert and his Catholic heavy cabinet.
If it walks like a Duck it is a fucking Duck as far as I am concerned.
Ban all dogmatic religion in the UK.
Judaism,Islam and Catholicism can fuck right off.

auto daffé said...

hey ho, how about setting up a fund for: exhuming the remains of guido fawkes, stitching them back together and revitalizing the cunt?

thelunaticarms said...

Stan still monkeying around, the Porkies are still at it and the law is still an ass. The content of the blogging world is like a zoo without the smell of shit.

As for fines, I don't pay mine so I'm not about to pay someone else's.

And with that Freeman on the case, doubt it'd be necessary either.

Lutney Chocker said...



Oh I do hope the Labial Farty team up with the Libidinous Demagogues... make it a dream ticket of Elton John and Jade Goody to lead the new coalition of self-righteous public sector blagging.

I want to watch them knotting their fat necks up their own arseholes trying to contort their way out of sacking millions of unemployable flatulent paperpushing diversity dalek spooge...

why did you send your/staine's colleague(s) 'round her to spy on me? said...

i've just been asked: "do you intend spoiling my stats today?"

of course old holborn, you haven't yet had the decency to explain what the fuck is going on.

paul staines is now a confirmed member of the establishment media, making regular appearances on itv and bbc news programmes - if, over the last four years, he and his camp had spent more time on their policies and less time snooping on, abusing and ridiculing powerless, penniless private individuals like myself, he might be enjoying canapés and champagne in downing street by now. as it is, he's just helped re-inforce the snotty discriminatory racist image for which the conservatives will always get a rosette.

I am Stan said...

@Lunatic Arms,

You bores are soooooo last election ZZZZZZZ

I am Stan said...

Or not (last election) as it turned out :-0.....

English Defence League said...


its good to see people asking questions and talking about islam
just be carfull dont get yourself arrested or sacked. you can find out more at the EDL forum.
Talk to the Armed Service members

I am Stan said...

"Carful",that would be a Mini then...:-)

nick slagg (don't mention the war party) said...

we in the liberal party will steadfastly refuse to enter a coalition with any political group which fails to address the major issue of the day; any deal on parliamentary alliance is cast-iron conditional on the withdrawal of british troops from the middle east.

Natural Justice said...

@ English Defence League

Advising folk to question Islam and the consequences it will have for Europe is also very good. Why is it then that the EDL don`t question Judaism or at least make an effort to distance themselves from it?

Osama Bin Liner said...

What a bunch of fuckin' morons !

Blow the fucking court up, put a bullet in the judge, and crash a plane into the CPS headquarters.

If you want to make a worthwhile collection, use it to finance a hitman to take out B Liar.

dave "the dachshund" cameron said...


when i was busy sucking your nob the other night, i was convinced you expressed a preference for a liberal sprinkilling of cluster bombs on anyone who opposes the state of israel? pardon, but i thought you were in the obama kennel, like me?

norman tebbit - the arsehole of true conservatism said...


isn't it about time you resigned you failed cunt?

lord mandelstitch said...


oh dear, wasn't a consensual blow job from the entire labour cabinet good enough, nick? oh all right...i suppose so, like i said at the weekend, you can have anything you want - i just assumed it wouldn't be anything political...

bugger me, the price of a fashionable west-end address these days...

the united state of england said...

it's going to be an interesting leadership election in the labour party - how the hell are they going to turn up a candidiate who is not an cynically anti-british obama-cum-cia-cum-israeli-trained placeman (or -bird).

Mark said...

I remember people saying "It's like 1984", as the establishment appeared to poke it's nose too far into our business, sometime in the 1970s. Handily, I was reading 1984 for my English Language O-Level, so I knew what they were talking about.

Since about 2001, likening the situation to Orwell's novel doesn't really cover it - nowadays, we have added "Minority Report" to the mix.

At one time, I would have been happy to make my suggestions for solving the problem known here, however, I'll have to settle for the following:

The sooner the establishment sees sense and dismantles all the surveillance crap, the better!

Then they can roll it all up, nice and tight... and shove it up their collective arse!

Junican said...

What I do not understand is why this person pleaded 'guilty'. Why did he not plead 'not guilty' and make them prove that he committed an offence - after all, the phrase "...blow sky high" is a phrase in common parlance and simply indicates annoyance. Why did he plead 'guilty'? - the dope. He gave the judge a perfect excuse to make an example of him, without having any right to appeal since he admitted the offence. He could appeal against the sentence, the the publicity point has been made -don't anyone in future use phrases like, "I could have killed him!" or "I wish somebody would blow Manchester United stadium sky high!"
He deserves to be fined £1000. He is a dope. Nick Hogan was a dope as well - he pleaded guilty. I was one who contributed £50 to get him freed, but I still think that he was a dope for pleading 'guilty'.

Junican said...

On second thoughts, by all means say, "I wish someone would blow Manchester United stadium sky high" - that is not an offence.

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