Monday, 24 May 2010

the Gravy Train

Nice to see there is to be a complete recruitment freeze in the public sector. Imagine my surprise when I checked the Grauniad this morning to find 310 open Government jobs

Yup 310.

The first page alone gives us 28 jobs and a bill of over £1m a year in salaries, plus the usual pension and benefits.

This does not include the numerous fake charities that receive massive involuntary grants from the taxpayer to remain off the books whilst in effect carrying out Labour party policy on such things as climate change of reminding us all that "some people are gay, get over it" (£350K donation from the Dept of Enterprise, ex- Mandelson).

Until the Government jobs page in the Grauniad is empty, I am going to send the entire list of jobs per email, every single day to asking him to explain.

Then, I am going to go through the fake charities and find out how much of our money is used to support the aims of the Labour Party and demand that it stops.

Next, the quangos

  • There are 1,162 quangos in the UK, running at a total cost to the taxpayer of £64 billion, equivalent to £2,550 per household.
  • Even under the Cabinet Office’s restrictive definition of quangos, the cost of these bodies has risen 50% in the last ten years.
  • UK quangos now employ an army of almost 700,000 bureaucrats.
  • Even the Government itself does not know the full extent of the unaccountable quango industry, which range from the massive e.g. Job Centre Plus (Staff: 70,042, Cost: £3.5 billion) and the Courts Service (Staff: 19,986, Cost: £704.8 million); to the bizarre e.g. the British Potato Council (Staff: 49); or the West Northants Development Corporation (Staff: 34, Cost: £15.3 million)
  • When the total number of quangos is added to the other government subsidiaries such as local authorities and NHS trusts, the total number of organisations controlled by the UK Government rises to 2,063, costing the taxpayer £257 billion and employing over 5.1 million people.
Get the knife out and cut deep. Only when I see the fields full of Englishmen picking carrots and strawberries instead of Poles will we know we are back on course. Unlike the Greeks, Germany will not bail us out. Earn a living instead of demanding one.

those cuts (they aren't, they're scratches) in full

Next. DFID. A staggering amount of your money is poured straight into the hands of undemocratic dictators and lobbyists via "aid" for developing countries. Like India, that in turn then hands it on to others or Singapore. Yes. Singapore. We gave £48M to singapore last year. Their living standard is 47% higher than ours.

Here is an indiction of the various projects you and I are funding. Meanwhile, if YOU fancy half a million quid a year for five years, get stuck in, it's free.


Field Marshall Watkins said...

Funny you mention this, I was just ranting to myself about Osbourne and his so called Quango Bonfire. He wants to cut £6 billion. One tenth does not a bonfire make.

So what if people lose their non-jobs, they should never have had them in the first place. They can sign on, so the taxpayer forks out £2000 to £5000 a year as opposed to £25,000 a year.

Another thing, this 'coalition' are also talking about a Great Reform Bill, which is bullshit because it isn't, the real Great Reform Bill is picking up steam on that wiki.

It is almost as if this 'new improved' govt is taking grassroots popular phrases and re-engineering them to disempower the people who want to really clean things up.

Maybe I'm being a cynic, but I never trust govt, regardless of who is running it.

Old Holborn said...

It's not as if those sacked ever produced anything, is it?

Ampers said...

I am amazed that anyone expects anything to change!


Anonymous said...

Surely even that poofter McEgan could get himself a well-paid public sector job instead of scrounging benefits all his life ?

There *must* be some job that involves promoting the 'rights' of Gay, Irish, Muslim, Yardie anti-racists....

Anonymous said...

I am very doubtful these so called cuts will come to anything.

I just don't believe Ozzie has really got the guts to get the job done.

Anyone who doubts this should take a look at his list of 'protected' departments: Health, Defence, Education and International Development.

Why should they be off limits?

Ed P said...

Good start!
The DfID "grant" to Unite should be top of the hit-list: taxpayers are indirectly supporting the Labour party through this appalling abuse.

Catflap said...

Field Marshall Watkins:
A very good point about Dole versus Wage.
Can I add that this is where society has been heading for many years.
Advances in technology and mechanisation reducing the need for labour intensive industry combined with population growth of 'Workers'when there was less work for'Workers'to do.
The days of subsidised non jobs is ending.
Is labour intensive Chinese sweat shop industry even an option for us with advanced technology now in the mix?
Take 'Direct debits' as an example.
At the moment companies offer cheaper rates for DD customers because their wage costs are lower.
The increased profit no longer needs to be shared with workers and discounts result.(For now that is)
I can see more profits gravitating to the top with no Worker middle man to share those profits.
That worker middle man will largely be reduced to a spoon fed dole paid consumer keeping the money cycle going.
Which is where I am now funny enough.
I console myself though that I am cheap compared to that cunt Steve Larter(64k pa) who lost £2.5 million of council money in Iceland.

Ray said...

On what grounds are you making government agencies a quango? Quangos are supposed to be non-governmental and JobCentre plus staff are governmental - it's an agency of the DWP, like the Courts Service is an agency of the MOJ.

The Potato Marketing Board on the other hand...

caesars wife said...

I think Ed Balls was "so weak" on R4 world at one and ask for Blanchflower , there is no ecnomic theory that debts medium or long term create jobs and as for multiplyer effects doesnt he think defiects have them .
cutting spending may save more jobs as a whole than massive tax rises because the growt isnt there .Straight forward question to Blanchflower "what level of growth would be needed to service this debt and stop steep interest rate rises " If he cant answer it he should lecture some other idiot.

Labour are just hoping that if they sound like it wasnt there fault on enough occasions people will vote Labour again .

Loved bit where martha asked Ed why he hadnt outlined the cuts annouced , nearly caught you good and proper , do hope we can tie his millstone around Labours neck and not an "it was nae me" club badge.

Shouldnt have run the defiect should have took precautionary measures in 2008 , rather than make wrong forcats about growth , should have been spending so much from 2004 onwards . Massive fail and yet your still holding your seat and bulls...ting the people .

as for jobs with 2.5mn unemployed and 8mn ecnomically inactive hardly can say you care about jobs acn you.

Catflap said...

Tax payer money lost not council money.

Another consolation for me is that being a low born shitkicker with previous experience of being a cunt in uniform.
Come the big round up I would make a good guard for the Killing fields of Lincolnshire.
Tarquin, the silly bastard is so thick he doesn't realise even if his lot win,his arse is toast.
Come to papa little swampy ;)

John R said...

I suppose £6Bn is a start - but as it's less than 1% of overall spending it really doesnt even qualify as a "cut". It's more like a rounding error in the accounts.

NuLieBore borrowing for last year was forecast to be £163Bn but turned out to be (only!) £156Bn so there was more in the underspend (£7Bn) than Boy George is trimming. His £6Bn equates to about two weeks of NuLieBore's borrowing.

When are the real cuts coming?

Newgates Knocker said...

The people that do these non-jobs, like politicians, rarely ever really lose their employment or sense of entitlement no matter how shit the quality of "service" they give. They float around in a sea of "departments" swiftly moving on when they have fucked things up. Some quangos etc will disappear in name, but I don't expect to find many of the members of them signing on any time soon.

Anonymous said...

Aid to India really boils my piss. They are a nuclear power, they have a manned space programme, they have leased nuclear submarines from the Russians, they are accelerating their own nuclear submarine build programme. They bought our steel industry and shut it down, transferred production to India and kept the Uk carbon credits.

WTF are we giving them money for?

Nick Griffin said...

Id get em all back to werk!

The World Weary Detective said...

The police service absorbs a ridiculous amount of public money of which a large proportion goes towards research (National Policing Improvement Agency etc) and performance monitoring (spreadsheets)along with numerous other non-jobs which merely serve the draft dodgers. None of this actually aids the performance of public duty the tax payer expects. The police service pays retired police officers consultancy fees to train current police officers! There are two men at the Met Detective Training School in Hendon who teach the advanced detective course. Their qualifications? The original Dando enquiry which locked up Barry George!

Anonymous said...

The Foreign aid budget and its admin and Minsters can go..along with a few million foreigners

Anonymous said...

But the likes of Nu labour councils can still build larger police stations with heli pads...

Anonymous said...

When the train stops Helen Newlove the widow of Gary will getting on as a Tory life peer another person raking it in on the death of a family member.

bofl said...

the whole 'aid' episode is just a scam.....a way of hopefully buying favour with certain regimes.....

in other words....bribery.......

the likes of wee dougie alexander boast of 'our' endeavours....yet the majority of it is wasted and dosn't get to the people that really need shit of kircaldy gave tanzania £28 million........the next day the prez of tanzania bought a new jet!"

price? £28m...........

king of swaziland? yea he needed a new jet too.(got to keep up wit da tanzanians).

imho all of the luvvies that go on about saving africa or whatever are only saying so because it goes down well in their particular circle of friends.

how many of them give money or work as volunteers? fucking none!

it's a long way from camden passage to naivasha......and they want people that have skills-not pompous windbags!

still waiting for gordon mc fudgepacker to announce his move into charity work.........

i think it is admirable to help others....yet all of the people involved in govt/quangos/charities in the uk are mostly doing for.......themselves.

Simon said...

I see that some of these cunts that work for the Government have landed us with the dubious honour of being best in the world at CCTV. Taken from a map showing that "every country in the world is best at something". Fucking CCTV, it makes you want to weep.

Let's hope someone sees it and moves the cunts responsible to the top of the sacking list.

caesars wife said...

mmm vince has simialr problem to clegg, cant quite get round to admitting socialist ecnomics are flurrishes of amoral greed.

spuds are beginning to sprout , could do with some rain , think I need a bigger garden , but its good fun gardening although had to drop fully organic as horrid vine thing that twirls itself round anything , so rather than use spray will have to use small paintbrush on each plant.

one of the things that may have gone unoticed is the change in the press , now that the clunking fist and imelda have gone , aljabeeba sometimes seems like some curse has been lifted Cw is continually amazed that journalism has been reduced to twitter , which perhaps serves a purpose when a government is forming . Consumption is so quick these days , we have to junk things as quickly as they are done in cyber world .I find a bit scary how we have changed and i dont buy into the progress lot either , we get too proccupied by what going on with our devices which seem to have replaced pets sometimes .

There are still some old school journos about , who get facts right,articulate the arguments well , make the efforts for there audiences and request somthing more from the listner, viewer, reader in this very copratist construct of media derivatives and multiplyers .I think its a false choice between fast and slow media both are equally capable of making fools or intelligent people . Playing catchup is very different to life , Simpson for Dimbleby/rieth lecture ? "have the new media strata done any good and if not (CW view) what shoud be done"

Anonymous said...

because it goes down well in their particular circle of friends." Mr,Stephan Fry et al are experts at widening their friends circles. As for aid I have seen where some of it goes and believe me not a lot of it ends up with poor people. What aid is poor people in rich countries giving money to rich people in poor countries. Consider this, Abdul a subsistance farmer pulls his tripe out to grow maize, he harvests it takes it to market to sell it and on the next stall is the UN giving it away, ask Abdul what he thinks of international aid.

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