Friday, 14 May 2010

Government Tweeting Guidlines

Yup. Labour produced a 20 page document on how to tweet.

Read and weep.

PS Shhh. Page 17 might tell you the only national journalists Labour trusted......


Ampers said...

Bleddy hell!

How thick are these guys!

I remember a cartoon of an owl in a tree at night and through an open window there's a guy on his knees handing a little box to a girl standing up. The owl sings: Twit-ter-woo

Catflap said...

A one stop shop list of cunts.
That will save time when it comes to the big round up for the killing fields of Lincolnshire.

Anonymous said...

Who or what is astott?

A Zimbo said...


bofl said...

has that rat faced dyke kerry been prosecuted yet?

surely stoning would be the sentence in somali law?

a petition by desperate dave lammy, president obombaklaart, obama - the witch messiah, and miss onwonkiwigwo said...

so why've you deleted all the comments (on old posts) which blast obama, david lammy, trevor phillips, diane abbott and co? get paid off did you, old ho?

all the allegations about messagespace, paul staines (con) eavesdropping and controlling bloggers also gone. very convenient, cunt. wouldn't have anything to do with cameron needing a clean sheet, would it? or was it mandelson bunged you?

Old Holborn said...

time for your medication again, loon

Dick Puddlecote said...

Oh, so funny.

The spontaneous must be controlled and monitored. The social must be institutionalised. Your soul is not your own.

And your money will be used to pay for it. Incredible!

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

I just can't read this. I think I might throw up. I've already been put off my dins by reading about William Hague sucking up to the Messrs Barry Clinton et al. I just can't stand anymore. Now where did I put that bottle of Shiraz?

wv: turid

Obviously a cross between lurid and torrid. Sounds like the House of Commons on a Saturday night.

Anonymous said...

I believe I have isolated the exact point at which the document falls over.

Section 1, first paragraph, word 14: "corporate".

This means one of two things. One possibility is Labour decided to simply use someone elses document, which is lazy and shows an apathetic attitiude.

The second and more likely, shows a much worse mindset - that they were a company, that we work for them, not the other way around as it should be.

thelunaticarms said...

Good find OH.

Reminds me where I've been going wrong on twitter, not enough PR... and these people are supposed to serve us for wages paid by us.

Seems all they do all day is sit on a poxy computer monitoring us.

"Trending: As everything being discussed on Twitter is by its nature happening now,
it is increasingly being used as a way of monitoring and reporting on trends. Top
trends are shown on the right hand side of every Twitter user’s stream, and tracked
by other tools (examples include Retweetist, Twitturly and Twitvision)."

I'm Millwall so already know not to trust hacks. Any of em.

salci said...

FFS. Part of the job of Government is to restrain the Civil Service not allow it to chase every fad going. The same applies to the Civil Service restraining the Government.

I can't think of the right way to describe it. The right word even. Whoever proposed the roll out of mass twittering in Government ought to have been told to grow up but, whether it was the CS or Labour the other was not prepared to say so.

No sense of proportion from either of 'em.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I don't remember them issuing guidelines on which Spice Girl to profess fancying in the 90s. Must be a Labour thing, then.

Antipholus Papps said...

I'm Millwall so already know not to trust hacks. Any of em.

I admire anyone whose slogan is "no-one likes us, we don't care".

Anonymous said...

Page 2 - "Provide thought leadership and credibility.."??!!

What kind of a human being is able to produce this guff seriously (someone who's spent their entire working life mired in the civil service)?


Anonymous said...

Have you really been deleting comments OH? I thought your proud boast was that there was no censorship on your site?

Old Holborn said...

Of course I haven't been deleting comments.

Unfortunately those who refuse to take their medication also believe me to be a lizzard from the planet zog.

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