Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Freeman on the Land update

Mrs Ex-Old Holborn wants money and put OH in a Child Support Tribunal this morning to get at it.

So I'm summoned to a tribunal by the CSA this morning as my "lifestyle" does not match my income. Apparently. Of course, the hairs on the back of my neck are up as the State begins to ask me about how I fund my "lifestyle"

Judge Webster : Mr Holborn, how much is your mortgage and what is your house worth?
OH: On who's authority are you asking?
Judge Webster: I am a Judge
OH: So show me your sworn oath, then I'll answer your questions
Judge Webster: I don't have it here, but I did swear an oath to the Queen
OH: Without that oath in court, you have no authority, do you?
Judge Webster: I can have you removed, answer the questions
OH: Go on then, I dare you. It'll be common assault. Clerk, please record that the "Judge" has just refused to identify herself or her authority to the court.
Judge Webster: I'll just ignore you then
OH: Clerk, please record that too.
Judge Webster: Case adjourned. Get out.
OH: One moment, about my expenses........

£24 travel expenses paid in cash.

Council Tax Update

Considering that the council tax is demanded before services are provided, I thought I'd play a little game with the council. So, I instigated a plan to pay over instalments. Then defaulted for two months. Whooosh. County Court judgement against me for non payment of services not yet rendered and the bailiffs instructed to collect the outstanding amount of services not yet rendered. I ignored the bailiffs and resumed paying the council as per normal. They cashed the cheques, so by default, I have no debt with the council. Rang up and checked, and yes, no debt.

Nobody has bothered to tell the bailiffs, who keep arriving to demand £500 with various illegal threats.

"We are calling next week to remove goods. We would prefer you to be in"

Illegal. No bailiff may enter your property without your consent and certainly not if you are out

The bailiff lost his marbles when I told him to ring the council, I had no debt with them and certainly not with some two bit bunch of sharks claiming to work on my behalf. He was banking on that commission (most bailiffs are actually self employed anyway)

He was not amused. I was. Council are now paying the bailiff charges as I didn't instruct a bailiff in the first place, they did. I just paid for the council services WHEN I received them and not before.

More to follow I'm sure...


Anonymous said...

A mate tried this when he council tried to have him for non payment of council tax when they demanded a year up front. The council wanted expenses and was told that they lost the case and couldnt get them. My mate then demanded his expenses paid and was told that his fuel/preperation etc, wasnt an expenses but a "cost" in defending himself and that he had no grounds to claim from the botched council case.

Barnsley council btw

boanesse said...

Very interesting OH. Well Done. I don't pretend to understand fully what this and the Lawful Rebellion stuff is about but well done all the same.

If the Lawful Rebellion blog is correct (Councils faking court papers and impersonating a true court of law.) it would seem the faaaamily courts are similarly as bogus.

They are preying on our ignorance and instilled deference to 'authority'.

Old Holborn said...

All you have to do is say NO occasionally. The system is not built to deal with it. Great fun too.

Uncle Marvo said...

No Freeman stuff there at all. Just a poor old boy standing up for his rights.

Good on you, Lord Holby.

Isn't Ex-Mrs Holby now Lady Holby then?

Chris said...

What would have happened if the Judge had produced a piece of paper with an oath on it? Expect that if there's a next time.

Also, the bailiffs were sent at the behest of the magistrates court, not the county court.

Best of luck!

Old Holborn said...

Chris, I have nothing to hide. If my ex wife can find the hidden millions she thinks I have, she can have half. It's money I don't know I have so it would be a bonus.

I just object to the fucking state asking me how much my car is worth because my fat lazy useless ex wife who I divorced in a clean break settlement won't let go of the goose that laid the golden eggs.

Anonymous said...

OH has an ex-wife? I'm fucking shocked - SHOCKED! I tell you - that a classy, intelligent, successful winner of a guy like OH can't keep a wife.

I'm equally shocked that anyone would suggest that a colossal narcissist like OH would fail to look after his children. Shocked.

boanesse said...

OH in the update said: "Illegal. No bailiff may enter your property without your consent and certainly not if you are out"

Bailiffs can in certain circumstances. But crucially, were they actually bailiffs appointed by a court or just debt collectors appointed by the council?

Old Holborn said...

How exactly is an unknown man in a mask a "narcissist"?


Old Holborn said...

boanesse. Debt collectors pretending to be bailiffs

Great fun to fuck with, not a leg to stand on. Especially as there is no debt

Lutney Chocker said...

Is there a Bailiff Support Agency?!

Thanks for the "Lawful Rebellion" website tip... It's surprising how unfamiliar most people are with their rights.

I've had particular fun in the past on the blower to the TV Licensing company, where a particularly petulant and effeminate gentleman, seemingly miffed at me for being able to dictate to him down the phone what was and wasn't going to happen; and for explaining that I was going to continue consuming BBC programming via iPlayer and radio at my convenience whilst withdrawing my licence fee tax, attempted a Parthian shot by asking: "...and you don't mind that millions of people will be paying to subsidise your entertainment."
To which I replied, "No. I would recommend they do the same".

"Bye!" [slam, ringtone... booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo]

Seems to me that any coherent individual-freedom-orientated movement should actually be providing information and training to the public as to what their rights are, and how to exercise them, as most people are terrified of the hassle and bullshit the Socialist state and it's public sector Schutzstaffel will put them through to make them submit.

What I'm suggesting is a "Lawful Rebellion Wiki".

(I'm not a Libertarian by the way, but I do sympathise with *some* of it).

M de Plouquenet said...

Wonderful! Really, I know it is cyberspace and by reading my typed message you think, Oi, he is a cynical piss taker, but honestly, I like your moxy! Shall I try this when I have to go before the Magistrates? £300 unpaid fine. Political. No mugging/theft/flashing just good ol' disagreement with BNP over their manifesto. Followed by vocal disagreement with Sussex plodscum Sgt Kevin Edney, PC Bakers & Savage. You see the readership you attract Mr O'Holborn? Jaysus.

Anonymous said...

You're right, OH - wandering around dressed like a fucking clown while screaming "LOOK AT ME!! LOOK AT ME!! EVERYONE PAY ATTENTION TO ME!!!" isn't the least bit narcissistic.

And your fantasies about winning an election in Cambridge and "turning parliament upside down" was completely realistic and not at all the deluded ranting and unwarranted self-importance of a mental case who, in the apparent grip of a mid-life crisis, is trying to give his otherwise failed life some meaning.

Anonymous said...

Interesting that OH's only objection is to the accusation of narcissism. It's an implicit admission that the other accusations - of failing at life and generally being a colossal loser - are true.

Anonymous said...

"M de Plouquenet (aka K.McEgan) 11 May 2010 15:42

Shall I try this when I have to go before the Magistrates? £300 unpaid fine. Political. No mugging/theft/flashing..."

Come off it McEgan. We all know it was for being caught spying through that hole you drilled in the cubicle of gents bogs in your local library.

Oooh Matron !!!

Anonymous said...

So your attempt to have your council tax bill redued to just the services that you want, failed then?

Old Holborn said...

Yawn, loving the comments anonymous.
Insulting me will not make you feel any better about your own inadequacies.

Physician, heal thyself

M de Plouquenet said...

D.G Haslam is back. We'd all thought the brain dead cunt had killed himself and planned a party. Good luck O'H you'll need it. Haslam you pathetic retarded fat queer runt are you part gyppo? Would not surprise me! Now fuck off back home and listen to Anita servicing half of Poland! New Scotland Yard delenda est.

Anonymous said...

You are certainly either a braver man than most, or more foolish than most.
It maybe a mixture of the two.

I've been involved with such baliff shite previously, It can be very daunting and intimidating.

But I wish you all the best with this. Plz keep us posted.

Lord_Byron said...

Mrs Ex-Old Holborn wants money and put OH in a Child Support Tribunal this morning to get at it.

Surely once she establishes any "monies owed" then this becomes the DEBT. And therefore must be collected.

Im not for these collectors, but if Ex-OH makes such a claim, it needs to be either admitting, or challenged.

Chalcedon said...

I was wondering how you were getting along as a Freeman. Interesting about the council. No arrears then after a 2 month holiday? Love the story about the bailiff. They are mostly just bully boy goons hoping their mark knows little or nothing of the law.

Nice one! And well done with the judge too. After all, it is just pantomime. Isn't it?

Old Holborn said...

How can you have arrears for a service that hasn't yet been delivered?

the Council (and the town clerk) fucking hate me

Chalcedon said...

Very true re the service. I'm sure the judge hates you too! Keep it up. We need inspiration.

AP said...

Hmm. I thought a freeman didn't recognise council tax as being payable.

Despite announcing that you were leading the 'free' world at the beginning of the year it seems that you are in fact agreeing to pay your council tax in full and availing of the 10 month payment option available to all. And then being unable to pay.

As it is only May the 12th your local authority must be very efficient. They have noticed the two missed payments, issued a reminder, then a 7 day demand for payment in full, gone to the magistrates court (NOT the county court) obtained a judgement, instructed bailiffs, and got the bailiffs around all within 40 days of the beginning of the council tax year?

Sounds like bollocks to me.

Old Holborn said...


that was last year? Finished in April?

Haven't paid a penny this year

AP said...

Twat? at least I know the difference between a County Court and a Magistrates Court. A bit of a schoolboy error there OH.

It still rather looks as if you just signed up for the usual 10 month payment plan available to all.

Not exactly the act of a revolutionary.

Andy said...

This is interesting! All these haters crawl out of the woodwork as soon as somebody refuses to keep the lotus eaters in readies.

OH, I'm behind you on this. Why should we be paying for services not used?

The Gov't give money away to the EU, foreign aid and foreign wars. Let them use that instead.

Anonymous said...

just to let you know that when the BBC wanted their licence fee and I didn't have a telly, I started getting abusive letters. After I wrote and told them I didn't have a telly and the abusive letters kept coming, I changed track and sent them an invoice based on my hourly rate at work. I charged them 3 hours for the time I had spent writing letters and I also charged them for paper, pens and envelopes. Then I sent the invoice and said if they didn't pay within one month I woul take them to the small claims court.

I got a grovelling letter back which was personally written, telling me they couldn't accept my invoice and that they had to send such letters as many people refuse to pay - even though they knew I wasn't one of them and they apologised for sending the letters and that is the last I heard from them.

pass it around.

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