Sunday, 2 May 2010

Four legs good

Yet again, another hustings in Cambridge I'm not invited to. There have been a total of eight of which I was invited to one, blagged my way on to another and simply gatecrashed another. No wonder the KGB did most of their recruiting here.

This is how party politics works. With the exception of Julian Huppert, all of the above candidates are career politicians, already working within politics. They have been appointed by their parties to secure power for their parties and the donors of their parties.

Cambridge does have a choice, no matter what those who think they run the place might like to decide on behalf of the 45,000 voters who live and pay their taxes there. It'll be on the ballot paper on Thursday. Choose wisely Cambridge, it will be the last time you get a chance to be heard for the next 5 years. All of the above will be far too busy repaying their debt to their union, their party, their donors and their lobbyists to pay you the slightest attention or listen to what you actually want.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss. Don't get fooled again.

UPDATE: From the BBC Cambridge site

The final debate will be recorded on Tuesday 4 May from 6.30pm-7.30pm in front of a live audience. Andie Harper will host the debate and it will be broadcast on the Mid-Morning Show on Wednesday 5 May from 10am-11am.

Topics up for discussion will include the future of Marshalls, demand for housing and the Guided Bus.

Taking part will be Nick Hillman for the Conservatives, Julian Huppert for the Liberal Democrats, Tony Juniper for the Greens and Daniel Zeichner for Labour.

You know what to do dear readers. Me? I'm storming the BBC on Tuesday evening. Feel free to join me.


Dame Davina Pancake said...

Holby - this is apalling - who can we complain to? The Electoral Commission? You've paid your deposit - you have as much right to be heard as any of the others, surely?!

Advise & we will act!

Davina x

Stop Common Purpose said...

Gatecrash it!

RantinRab said...

They must be scared of you.


Anonymous said...

OH - I have bcc'd you on an email to the delectable Edward.


Anonymous said...

It's called corporate fascism OH it has run the country for decades.

You should go anyway and publically ask the others if they believe in democracy or not.

Old Holborn said...

I think I'll gatecrash the BBC on Tuesday instead.

Anonymous said...

Stay in Bed?

Sir Peter Screwbulb said...

Dame Davina Pancake

Are you the very same Dame Davina Pancake that ruined my life in the summer of '76 with that horse of yours?

Ron Broxted said...

I'm right behind you OH, it's a total disgrace. Is the BNP invited?

caesars wife said...

Its ridiculous they must be bigotted !

I wondered when lib dems political turkey on immigration amnesty would burn them , scorcheo !

Ruin been touring London playing the spoons with his common purpose wash board and skiffle band , I dont understand why they applause as he glosses over were bust .

Pleased to see some postive work form UUP in Northern Ireland , its about time people could go on there on holiday and see the loverly scenery and good food , I really hope, that hope returns in bucket loads to those people .

I think Milliband is being lined up to replace the ruin , thankyou to whoever reminded me that alledged dream ticket of Alan Johnson and Ed Balls would be like the closing scene from diamonds are forever on the ship with Mr Wynt and Mr Kidd , heres to eds expression as the somaliers chain is attached ! chin chin

Anonymous said...

OH, you really need to wear some kind of 'WWW.OLDHOLBORN.NET' Logo.

Hoss~power said...

Four legs good ~ two legs bad

Catflap said...

LibLabCon goes without saying but where the fuck does Japeye Juniper fit?
The Communist enviroMentals moral high ground is built on the corpses of the soon to be priced out of existance population of the UK.
Ask him why he has not topped himself and his family in the name of the enviroment OH?
No exageration every penny spent on Green bollocks and not on maintaining public services will result in someones death.
Only middle class socialists can afford to indulge themselves with such selfish shit.
Stick it to him OH.

Dame Davina Pancake said...

Sir Peter, I do apologise if Blinky hurt you, but you must admit that you assumed the position and encouraged the old boy with sugar lumps in the strangest of places.


Davina x

OH gets a taste of real politics said...

Ron Broxted said...
I'm right behind you OH, it's a total disgrace. Is the BNP invited?

2 May 2010 18:12

The BNP are not standing, however the BNP have been turned away from may hustings inspite of public demand as the real fascists in power do all they can to deny people democratic choice, however seeing as OH does not give a crap when the BNP are denied their rights why should anyone give a crap about OH and why should OH complain when the tables are turned on him?

It s interesting also to note that when the BNP have been allowed to debate they have pretty much stole the show in most cases.

Hence the blackout!

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

This is bloody disgusting. I should have the democratic right to hear anyone who puts themselves forward as a potential MP. However barmy their ideas or views. After all, I am the British taxpayer. I pay Whitehall's wages. They are supposed to be my servants, not my masters. Along with those at the Bloody Biased Corporation.

We are obviously not living in a democracy anymore.

wv: lyhhs (old english seems to be fashionable once more)

Anonymous said...

The BNP were attacked with hammers and darts by the states bootboys and OH had nothing to say.

Perhaps now you understand the bravery of the BNP, people who put their life on the line to fight the NWO fascist state. While you skirt round the edges making cowardly oppologies for you policies.

Mark Oaten said...

If OH has got Ron Broxted behind him it will not just be his chances of retaining his deposit that will be buggered.

Sound and Fury said...

Just say the word, OH... where & when do we need to go to storm the Biastille?

If you can arrange some kind of meeting point, I'm sure there are several other Cantabrigians who would like to be heard for once. (I'll see if I can rouse the rabble here at my college, anyway)

Oh, and it's a shame the BNP trolls have shown up again, don't they realise their party is as fascist as it gets? The idea that the 'Burn the Niggers Party' are somehow "brave people fighting the fascist state" - it's ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Sound and Fury: maybe they are, maybe they aren't - it doesn't matter you see. If they're candidates then just like OH, they should appear on the debates.

Sound and Fury said...

Anonymous: yes, that's true... but my point was not about the BNP themselves (although my comments about them stand, especially my backronym), but rather about the trolls who seem to be using this as a weapon to attack OH with. I was hoping some of them would realise the illogic of their position, as 'fascists against fascism'.

Besides, the BNP aren't being blacked-out - they're bandied around on the media all the time, thus giving them exposure without their policies getting the disinfectant of sunlight. If anything that helps them; I am not willing to believe that most BNP voters are anywhere near as fascist or racist as the party itself. After all, this is England, people just aren't that uncivic here... oh wait, I'm thinking of the old England, before Socialism destroyed it.

ukipwebmaster said...

Why aren't the Tory Blogs reporting this?

guff and bluster said...

Sound and Fury said...Some state fed UAF bollocks about the BNP being fascist, while ignoring OHs and his own hypocracy regarding peoples rights be heard in a democratic system, which includes without threats of violence, something OH likes to ignore when it suites him.

Sound and fury, could you please point out to me the fascism within the BNP manifesto?

That would be the scrappipping of democracy - er like the EU, which would be the lib lab con and SNP and plaid, yet you dont call these plainly and admittedly fascist groups fascist - can anyone say brainwashed?

Could you also point out to me the BNPs use of political led and party sanctioned violence against the opposition in the latest manifesto? Or the BNPs current support for bootboys such as the UAF, unlike labour, the tories and the lib dems!

more support of fascism from the mainstreme parties, but still you call the BNP fascist?

It would appear you a) have not a clue what fascism is. and b) ignore real fascism when it is staring you in front of your face! aiding the real fascists.

Next we could talk about Nazism, which is not true fascism as it happens,

Nazism which would be a form of imperialism and warmongering.
a bit like the EU and the LIB LAB CON invasions of the middleeast for the corporate empire and the military industrial complex.

The BNP opposed the wars that lead to the deaths of countless thousands of innocent women and children, yet no one calls the lib lab con war mongers fascists(nazis)

The BNP were opposed to the war, this also proves that the BNP are not racist in hating any other group, if it were so then logic would tell you that the BNP would have backed the wars (invasions for corporate profit and military advantage).

next you will talk about race(see above), the BNPs resistance to become a demographic minority in their own country is not fascist either, if so then the red indians resisting the colonisation of the USA would be classified as fascist!

The red indians who are now pretty much f*cked.

still, carry on with you state fed rants of total shite, you simply expose your ignorance.

guff and bluster said...

"Guff and bluster said -
Besides, the BNP aren't being blacked-out - they're bandied around on the media all the time, thus giving them exposure without their policies getting the disinfectant of sunlight."

The BNP get some coverage, most of it hostile (see below) from the media, and they don't get equal footing as the greens(insane communists) or UKIP in spite of holding as much official power.

Also you should check out the national union of jurnalists codes of conduct relating to the BNP which states that the BNP must be reported on in a negative manner!

You call that a democracy where we don't have a free press, couldnt that be more akin to fascism!

You also ignore the fact that BNP members cannot join the police and other state run bodies, while communists and suspected terrorists can!

Is that not political persecution and more akin to fascism!

Now back to the topic of hustings and it is a fact dumbass that the BNP have been turned away from many hustings in spite of public demand.

that is a fact dumbass.

and last you talk about the sunlight blah blah blah, exposing the BNP as unelectable etc.

perhaps you should check out this clip which dissinfects your ideology by putting some sunlight on your ignorant ramblings, which shows that the BNPs core policies are the most popular.

The fact is, if the BNP were allowed possitive press and the other parties exposed for what they are then the BNP would have rose to power decades ago on the sheer popularity of their policies.
ask UKIP which is why they are trying to steal most of the BNP's policies!

I could go on and on, highlighting in great detail what a pathetic sniveling brainwashed state dick you are but I think most open minded posters here have got the general idea.

which is why the BNP are on the rise in spite of the negative press campains in media land while the so called middle right (EU communists) cannot even get a significant lead over the biggest pile of shit goverment ever - Labour.

Anonymous said...

Take your pick
Fascism or Bolshevism
Stop weaseling around in the long grass. Cut the crap sitting on the
fence and get the badge on your blazer.Metroman and fellow pansies,
take a long walk,you are surplus to
requirement. Hairy faireys, slouch
back to your des-reses, lets get
some daylight in this land.
Its getting near to reality time,
keep your eye on the shadows.

Templariae Nova

Sound and Fury said...

guff and bluster: Well now, I can't possibly leave that, can I? Alright then, let's get stuck in.

'hypocrisy' (well, modulo a bit of spelling) and 'rights to be heard' - I'm not denying anyone's right to be heard, I'm just calling out some of the above posts on the grounds that childish troll is childish.

manifesto - well, "indigenous British people are set to become a minority well within 50 years. This will result in the extinction of the British people, culture, heritage and identity." ( The assumption that our identity and culture are linked to our ethnology is nonsense. There were many colonials who were more British than most of our home-grown stock are today. Nationalism should be civic, not ethnic - because the latter is, I'm afraid, racist. I oppose uncontrolled immigration, but on grounds of economic issues and the difficulties of integrating large numbers of immigrants into our culture. Anyone who shares our values should be, modulo a few constraints, welcome here regardless of whether they were born in Bolton or Bangkok.

'Brainwashed' - actually, I do consider Labour to be fascist (and communist). Libs are just smoking something (not sure what) and Cons are too wimpy (good spot above by ukipWM, as well).

As for the BNP approach to democracy, "The BNP will enact legislation forbidding interference in the electoral process by third parties not partaking in an election." - anything that could mean, that isn't already in place, would be a fairly effective move towards sham elections. 'Sorry guv, you can't check up on the validity of the election process unless you're standing yourself. It's the rules!'

'It would appear you a) have not a clue what fascism is. and b) ignore real fascism when it is staring you in front of your face! aiding the real fascists.' -- I could say the exact same of you.


Sound and Fury said...

'Nazism is not true fascism' - ah, No True Scotsman! Nazism isn't a "form of imperialism and warmongering", the very name "National Socialism" gives it away, it is in fact the bastard alliance of Socialism and Corporatism.

I'm not sure your statistic on 'countless thousands of innocent women and children' is accurate, and besides, warmongering isn't fascism or Nazism. It's just warmongering. Don't go around conflating issues, the media do enough of that as it is.

Your 'proof' that the BNP are not racist is laughable. I'm a mathematician, and I know what it takes for something to count as a 'proof'; you seem to have argued from the specific to the general - and your specific's a bit dodgy too.

Of course I will talk about race, it's what motivates your party. Frankly, being a demographic minority shouldn't matter - the only solution to interracial conflicts is for race to be something you just don't notice; focusing on it, even in the context of trying to enforce 'fairness' (like the Race Relations Act you rightly deplore; you're right but for the wrong reasons). What should matter is being in a minority as regards values, which is why I oppose, for example, the free hand given to Islam - again, you're right for the wrong reasons.

Drawing comparisons to the Native Americans is ridiculous; immigration may be destroying our way of life, but immigrants aren't riding on horseback hunting us down.

'Ukip stealing BNP policies'? Other way round, my friend. Also, the BNP tried to ally with Ukip (to contaminate them, probably) - Ukip said "get out". Ukip are not racist, BNP are. Don't try to rub your muck off on them.

Most of all, don't accuse my rants of being 'state fed' - my rants are 100% home-grown, why do you think I'm not voting for the LibLabCon? My vote will go to either OH or Ukip (still haven't decided, but I'm deciding on issues and policies, dammit, not spin and lies from the Party machines!)

I don't believe in anthropogenic global warming. That sound state-fed to you?
I'm a militant atheist. State-fed?
I want us out of the EU. State-fed?

Frankly, the only things the BNP offer are racism, blood-and-soil ethnic nationalism, and pernicious Socialism. I don't wish to deny them their right to a platform, but I do wish they wouldn't over-claim and I do wish their supporters would stop trolling. Remember, insults don't win arguments - rational discourse does.

Anonymous said...


People who don't share your point of view?

Truly Pitiful.

Anonymous said...

"insults don't win arguments - rational discourse does."

Trolls huh!

Now let's take a look at the long winded shite you just wrote, and put it into a real world context.

Sound and Fury said...

"Trolls" are people who, being unable to sustain their point of view in rational argument, instead resort to the slinging of insults.

They can often be recognised by the poor quality of language in their responses, frequent non-sequiturs, and of course unjustified application of derogatory labels (ie. insults). Anonymous posting is also sometimes a give-away.

I'm happy for people to hold opinions different to my own - were it otherwise, the world would be a scary place - but I'd prefer it if they were rational about it, if when they had to disagree they did so courteously, if they were willing to back up their positions with valid arguments. Those who just troll, are trolls - and no amount of calling me "Pitiful" will change that.

Sound and Fury said...

My post was long because the post I was replying to - and dissecting - was long. Verbosity begets verbosity, a circle of pontification.

sconzey said...

OH; even if you can't get in, set up outside, with a banner like: "Ask Old Holborn; Listening to Cambridge, censored by the BBC."

I'd suggest free tea and coffee; works like a treat for the Christian Union outside the SU nightclub on a friday night, but I think that might be against electoral commission rules.

Vladimir said...

If you are opposed to one sort of fascism, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're not a fascist of a different sort. The Nazis and the Soviets, both fascist. UAF and BNP, both fascist. New Labour and the Green Party, fascist.

Here, I am using the definition of fascist from Jonah Goldberg's book "Liberal Fascism" which I summarised here.

OH, it is disgraceful that the BBC and the do-gooding students have tried to shut you out of these events and I hope you are able to make yourself heard regardless. It is your right.

Dave said...

Make sure you get close to the mike this time. It sounded like what you said resonated with the audience last time. At least they were trying hard to listen.
If you can't get close to a mike, can I suggest a megaphone?

caesars wife said...

soiled and fluffy : Insults dont win arguments rational discourse does .

As you are a mathmatician , you will understand such things in terms of numbers , so the rational discourse on the ruins £90,000 worth of debt per house hold should stack up nicely with you .

1) did the ruin sell off half of the most secure form of tangible wealth reserves any nation can have ?

2) did the ruin ignore all pertanent econmic questions as to why a personal finance debt bubble was so good ?

3) why did the ruins tri partate regualtion system not flag up that 50% of the Uk banking sector was overleveraged and was dependent on more and more risk elements some of which were in odd global investments as well as over priced UK assets .

4) why was parliament not allowed to see the books of the 50% of the UK banking sector that came under state ownership?.

5) If it there is an artithmetical formulae where X number of dumbed down can be lied to to by Y number of Labour politicians , where does that leave you , when the population susses it ? and if no formulae is above the human understanding of lying , how shall I put it arnt you and Labour heading for the furnace .

Anonymous said...

"Sound and Fury said...
guff and bluster: Well now, I can't possibly leave that, can I? Alright then, let's get stuck in.

'hypocrisy' (well, modulo a bit of spelling)"

OK we open with superflous spelling trivia as dipshit thinks it reiniforces his superiority of argument - pathetic

"and 'rights to be heard' - I'm not denying anyone's right to be heard, I'm just calling out some of the above posts on the grounds that childish troll is childish."

Insults used much like the above spelling trivia - needless and dull, where is the substance?
My argument was that OH was a hypocrite as he complains when he cannot be heard in the political arena yet ignores the issue when it affects others trying to be heard, this shows a short sightedness and hypocracy that can fuels his own predicament.
`troll childish?` perhaps you are replying to yourself!

"manifesto - well, "indigenous British people are set to become a minority well within 50 years. This will result in the extinction of the British people, culture, heritage and identity." ( The assumption that our identity and culture are linked to our ethnology is nonsense. There were many colonials who were more British than most of our home-grown stock are today"

Tell that to the leading Nobel prize winning Scientist who did half the work on the human geneome who thinks you are a total fool and his theory is born out in practice, time and time again.

Culture and ethnic identity - Let me ask you this, why are their more Chinese scientists than Black ones yet who get more assisted places?

Would the general ability to be a scientist, doctor etc effect your culture?

Clearly it does, one of many aspects of race defining culture.

Now how about the ability to sexually mature one to two years earlier, or have a marked physical difference, hormonal and medical differences and capabilities?

Now tell your trite to all the ethnic groups that have sprung up to further their own culture and identity including making up new names and language to deliberately isolate themselfs as seen both in the states and here as proof that they reject the white culture, and tell that to all the white south Africans currently being murdered in a genocide ignored by our press (they are all south africans right?).

Or the no go areas in the country where white people can no longer go, why are they driven out and attacked, old people even?

Now we get to ethnic identity and politics -

98% of Afro Americans voted for Obama, not because of his policies, no one would get 98% on policies when both parties are near identical - but because he was black!

Do you think the dominant culture and way of life in the USA would be the same when whites are a minority such as in south africa?

Puts paid to all the PC bullshit really eh! even if culture were not a issue such as it is, identity clearly is.

Remeber OJ alegedly killing a white man and woman?

speeding down the road with many blacks cheering him on?

If he were white and murdered whites, would so many blacks have cheered him on?

Now don't give me some crap about racial oppression, the chinese never had it easy - slaves for the railways, yet we dont see this shit from them - WHY IS THAT?

Would ANY white people cheer him on?

So we see ethnicity does define a culture and increasinly so with demographic change - a massive influx of alien cultures and does define identity, no matter how much you wish it were not so, no matter how many isolated examples you can bring.

Can't be bothered with the rest of it, it was far to dull, predictable and unchallenging.

Still I hope he enjoys his sharia law or the Eurofascist state!

Sound and Fury said...

cw: Sorry, did I sound like I was defending Labour? Because I certainly wasn't; Gordoom Broon should be shot for High Treason against the Crown.

But being screwed over by one bunch of fascists isn't a reason to vote for another bunch of fascists. Surely the lesson of Liebour's car crash of a government is that Socialism Doesn't Work; the BNP are socialist, the Nazis and the Soviets were socialist, Liebour are socialist, and they're also all fuelled by hate - the BNP hate foreigners and blacks, the Nazis hated Jews, the Soviets hated the wealthy, and Liebour hate everyone from the working man to the successful entrepreneur. Only people Liebour don't hate are their client state, who vote for them in order to keep their benefits.

And I hate Labour. Is that sufficiently clear? Because I can carry on if you like...

Sound and Fury said...

Anonymous: "demographic change - a massive influx of alien cultures"; But don't you see? It's the cultural differences that make it a problem.
None of your claims of ethnically-driven culture made any sense - they were all effects from historical and geographical causes - which just happen (funny that!) to be correlated with ethnicity.

You mention genetics (a subject which was first unlocked here in this illustrious city). There are variations between races - almost by definition. Some of these do affect intelligence - and it's shocking that research into this is almost forbidden thanks to the big PC taboo. BUT... fifteen or even thirty points of IQ less don't prevent someone from having British values; only prejudice, bigotry, indoctrination and isolationism do that.

"Still I hope he enjoys his sharia law or the Eurofascist state!" -- oh because I've totally backed that! Didn't you notice when I said I'm anti-EU? When I mentioned how much I despise Islam?

Tell me, if, assuming for the sake of argument that you are in fact mistaken in your beliefs, would it be possible for any argument to convince you of that fact? I ask because you seem to have a selectively filtered perception of reality. It's nothing to be ashamed of - half the world are plusgood doublethinkful now - but the first, and vital, step to escaping cognitive dissonance is to acknowledge it.

Blind leading the blind - liberal bedwetter watch said...

"the BNP hate foreigners and blacks"

We hate no one, resisting colonisation is not hate, silly boy!

Who will defend the UK from a foriegn EU takeover?

Those being granted citizenship from the EU/state, or those born and bred here with generation after generation of history and connection here to build one of the finest countries in the world with hard won freedom and democracy and no other homland to run to?

In a war with another nation, say india or pakistan?

Who will fight in such a war, pakistani immigrants many of whom have strong ties and relations their or the native British, would we have civil war as well as world war?

In a world war with Russia and China and conscription, who will fight, those with duel passports from any other nation who can leave or the Native Brits with one passport?

You may love colonisation which has impoverished the country and ethnically cleansed whole towns, but you are a fool.

ask the MOD boss who had to report on what the demograophic changes in this country mean regarding national security over the next 20 years.

Bet you have no idea what i am talking about!

and why the FORCED UNMANDATED change?

to strip the countries indentity away and prepare it for EU fascist takeover, with little resistance.

Sound and Fury said...

Blind leading the blind - liberal bedwetter watch: Opposing a fascist act does not preclude fascism in oneself.

Are you actually reading anything I write? I oppose heavy or uncontrolled immigration, I agree that the EU are corrupt fascists and bear us ill will... I just don't agree that one's ethnicity has anything to do with whether one has British values - and as far as I'm concerned, a British person is by definition one who shares British values.

As for your comments about wars... I need only refer to World War II, when a huge proportion of those who fought for Britain were not ethnically British. Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, Rhodesians, Polish, Free French, even some Germans who had fled Nazism. If you're trying to tell me that, for example, men who flew Lancasters into the heart of the Reich for us, "weren't British" because they had a Canadian passport... well then there's no polite way to say this: you've lost the plot.

Anonymous said...

"Sound and Fury said...
None of your claims of ethnically-driven culture made any sense - they were all effects from historical and geographical causes"

Then you are a certified moron, I gave you a a clear point based on mental and physical abilities.

Points which a nobel peace prize winner on genetics also makes, it drives culture and social status, which in turn drives identity further.

I could go into far greater detail yet my free speech is hampered by the fact that we have mass immigration and presenting certain facts can be seen as a thought crime - another way in which NEEDLESS and FORCED mass immigration has impacted on our culture, the erosion of free speech.

The race laws are so vague as to render almost anything an offence if it causes offence, even if it is the truth.

The immigrants have used these laws to full advantage, eroding my previous right to free speech.

The main point here anyway is not so much the ethnic merits which are relevant as explained with a clear example, which you never addressed but rather acted bizarrely confused.

But the mass influx and its related ethnic identity which also manifests in cultural ways and how demographics drives the power of such in society.

It matters not which drives which when the end result in the real world is dangerous, negative and NEEDLESS.

Or do you welcome people being ethnically cleansed from their home towns where they now face violence?

Is this not real ennough for you? is this not the reality of mass immigration with ETHNIC identity playing its NATURAL role as it so often does, no matter how much nitwitts like you would wish it were not so or come out with half arsed excuses.

So examples have been given to illustrait this, yet you are deliberately picking at the edges and ignoring the main point which is massive ethnic demographic change will change culture which will dissadvantage the native people, again the example of the people driven out of their home towns where they will now be attacked should they go their, including the elderly.

This is a fact of life since time began, wishing it away will not make it so. it can be illustraited not only between immigrants and natives but between immigrants and immigrants, sometimes cultural sometimes ethnic.

The BNPs main stance is that this was not mandated by the people and has bought few benefits and yet could bring grave consiquences to the indigenous and the country and its freedoms as a whole.

I have given many examples, if you want to play ganes then so be it, in short you are talking bollocks.

People are suffering due to morons like you supporting the colonisation of the country and its demographic change.

Clearly you are not from the areas i speak off and have not witnessed it first hand as I have, clearly you are a private school boy who like a dumb communist thinks if it works in theory then it will work, even though i explained to you even in theory it does not work.

In short WHO THE HELL ARE YOU to dictate that poeple should be subject to ethnic cleansing AGAINST THEIR WISHES in their home towns as that is the REALITY of it.

Arguing the toss over culture etc.

If it were all so bloody great private school boy, why are so many people fleeing the areas that have been transformed and are now dangerous.

Again we are talking reality not some middleclass claptrap where the local ethnic is a curiosity and a nice guy, im talking gangs with guns a culture they identify with and identify with each other ethnically.

Im tired of this bullshit from Tarquin.

Anonymous said...

I'll giveb you another cultural change and impact Tarquin,

when my sister had a baby she was poor and asked if they could tell her at the scan if it were a boy of girl, all the posh hospitals did it and it could be done.

She wanted to know as she wanted to tell people what colour cloths to get atc as she didnt want white and yello everything and it would save money getting the right stuff on sale.

She was told they could not tell her the sex of the baby as certain immigrant groups were aborting the girls so they had a policy to not tell anyone.

My sister never had a say in whether she wanted her community dominated by immigrants which would lead to her life be adversly impacted by them due to their culture.

Just one small example of thousands, that leave us disadvantaged.

now would you like me to tell you about ethnic (identity)on white violence and seeing it first hand?

You will need a strong stomache.

again who asked for this?


You want the rality, the real reason why people vote BNP, the real life and facts hidden by the media?

Get back to you nice suberban house Tarquin.

Sound and Fury said...

"a nobel peace prize winner on genetics" - now I definitely don't know who you're on about. Besides, the Nobel Peace Prize totally jumped the shark when Al Gore got one.

As for the "private school boy" nonsense, I went to a grammar school. (You support those!)

Your belief that identity is controlled by ethnicity is perhaps caused by the fact that you have no other identifying features whatsoever.

As for the rest of your abusive attacks, may I again point out that on matters of action, we are broadly in agreement; it is only on the question of motive that we differ. I believe immigration should be restricted, we should leave the EU, and the political Elite shouldn't dictate our lives. The difference is that I believe these things for basic reasons of democracy, good governance, and problems of cultural dilution; you believe them because you fear ethnic dilution, and that is irrational.

While I would love to argue this all night, I'm afraid I must turn in now as I have lectures in the morning (Metric and Topological Spaces. Odds are you don't know what those are) and plenty of revision to do for Tripos. I'm doing something difficult and worthwhile with my life. Do tell me what you're doing with yours.

wv: grad v - tensor calculus?

caesars wife said...

soiled and fluffy : I accept you may have been unthinkly pro labour but i dont quite see if your rebuttal works , and you appear to be confusing nazism the wrong way round .

For over 1000yrs there was a jewish faith spread in eastern europe and germany , they often occupied middle class and finance jobs as well as gold silver and diamonds trades. When shakespear wrote the merchant of venice the charcture of shylock would have been well known/understood , but note not hated (although they lived a seperate culture) .
nazism oddly enough has its roots in leftism/modernisation similar to related ideaologies of communism and fabian . it is no mistake that the Nazis just missed nuclear fisson in the war or developed rocketry ,jet engine and were way in front .

nazism took themes from Darwin and early physcology , to create a sort of super human race , that would be free of all the flaws of genetics and live a mechnised life freeing people up to live a life in high culture . Some of mengels early work was looking at different races and whilst some was right in that certain humans are adapted for certain climates , his views on culture were based on the idea that a superace existed and would rule the world .

The 1st ww was in part due to due to modern education and the science of human study which conceptualised a better society which could dominate the others , prince ferdinad getting shot set in chain alliances and the rupture of them in the strain of the new thinking.

germany lost WW1 in a stale mate and ran out of money , the treastis of versai forced germany into war reparations which left it broke . the middle class and the cultural jewish middle class did not do too bad , but without the demands of war the economy shrank and because of the reparations (designed to stop germany re arming) the working class disintigrated and the economy went into meltdown .

politically it flirted with evrything until it turned on its relatively wealthy middle class were accused of controling the wealth , this then led to some curious banking deals which kick started "national socialism" and a breathtaking era of modernisation and employment and the rearmanet which churchill warned about.

eventually the borrowings only took the economy so far and so elargement/resources became the option/problem and the middle class controlling the wealth became a block to a miltaristic political mind set and so the horrors began .

you may draw some paralells between ecnomic misery and miltant hard left , but then you would miss the cultural aspects being exposed of totalitarian modernisers and a historically different culture.

I personally have never understood the neo nazis and there baseless rage , but I do understand how you can force a synthetic culture on nation that means nothing and distresses the economy and produces an elite political structure who procure an idealogical race motivated by contempt and blind loyalty and selective gatekeeped propogandised mertitocracy .

Ghandi may well have defeated the considerate british , but the national socialists would have shot him , take yer pick sound and fury , the british knew nazism was wrong as they saw socialism as totalitarian . British culture may not be bogey man you are led to believe .

tarquin has blood on his hands said...

Guff and bluster would like to celebrate diversity he is especially proud of bringing massive levels of gang rape into the country when it previously was almost unknown, he would like to visit each gang rape victim and spit in their face mocking them and arguing the case for the colonisation of this country.

He would also like to dance on the graves of all the race murder victims, especially Kriss Donald a schoolboy who was randomly picked of the street and totured having bits cut off and then burnt alive, targeted because he was white, the murders then fled to their `other` country and gave the finger to the gallery showing no remorse.

The media kept it low profile so no one would get to hear of it and the wonderful enrichment tarquin celebrates, while making anther program on stephen lawrence, where no one has been found guilty of the crime or its motives, yet we all collectively share the evilness of whities racism and must be reminded everyday.

Ignoring the fact that all these trajic crimes would have been AVOIDED had we listened to the BNP and not tarquin and his middleclass pals safely tucked up in suberbia.

Each of those victims whos lifes were destroyed by tarquins ideological insanity, would be happy smiling, living people with families of their own.

They had no voice, no say in the matter, people like Tarquin decided for them.

How does it feel to have thousands of peoples blood on your hands tarquin thanks to your utter moronic, brainwashed and selfish need to feel good about yourself and claim the high moral ground of the disturbed media false consensus.

Shine a bright light indeed tarquin, what we find is anti white brainwashed, self hating, ethnic cleansing, bedwetting, maggot like you who never pay the cost for your `do gooder` or trojan horse fuckwittery.

Blood drips of tarquins fingers as he types more wriggling apologist shite in suberbia.

Mr Ned said...

Found a picture of Tarquin with his pals.

Anonymous said...

"Found a picture of Tarquin with his pals."

That's not Tarquin - that's K.McEgan at a Gay Pride festival with his close friend and day care assistant.

Oooh Matron !

Heffrons leg. said...

Fuck the BNP. Mind you, I am fed up of Romanian gyppos. Send the fuckers to Luton. D.G. Haslam likes a bit of brown cock!

Sound and Fury said...

Well, BNP troll(s), I tried to engage you in reasoned, legitimate discourse; I tried to give you the chance to defend your views; all you could do was shout insults at me, accuse me of having "Blood on my hands" (as though I were somehow responsible for the immigration that - as I point out repeatedly - I oppose), and reveal yourself for what you are, a sad little white supremacist who's so feeble and incompetent they have to cling to the belief that one of the most irrelevant things about them makes them 'better' than the rest of the world. Now that really is "Pitiful", in the sense that I actually pity you, your life must really suck if you need racism just to give it meaning.

But there's a wider point here: I tried to debate you in a reasoned manner, I gave you a chance to justify your beliefs to me, and you painted me as some kind of weirdie beardie liberal who was responsible for countless acts of depravity.

And then the BNP wonder why no-one will debate them.

You remind me of Creationists - they're not worth debating either.

Michael Hewitt said...

K.McEgan aka Heffrons leg fake Ron Broxted. Why are you so obsessed with this guy? Did he reject your plea gay sex like me? I have found an actual photograph of you at a Gay parade in Belfast, shall I publish it you badly dressed old queen?

Anonymous said...

Isolated from any of the consequences, the chattering classes (both of the left and the right) have a fatal fascination with the third world, which I can assure you is not shared by the white working classes.

To the profit-at-any-price greedy right, third world people are a resource to be exploited to the full, and imported to drive down wages to rock bottom.

To the left, third world people are a new voter block, to be imported in an attempt to seize perpetual power by gerrymandering the entire country. They also serve as vanity pets for the likes of Emma Thompson.

To the white working classes, third world people are rivals, for jobs, for housing, for hospital beds, for schools, for control of the very streets themselves. All that of course is a world away from the chattering classes.

Anonymous said...

Great campaign, unfortunately I cannot give you my vote.

Why? Queen Ediths ward, for some god stupid reason, is stuck in South Cambridgeshire. My guess is some influential Tory lover greased a few palms to get us moved.

Can you promise that you'll get us back with the rest of the City? *PLEASE!*

Sound and Fury said...

I don't know why I'm carrying on trying to engage with you... I must be a glutton for punishment...

So you claim I'm "isolated from the consequences"? What am I going to do if the economy collapses completely and there's no work for graduates? I've spent my life learning mental skills rather than physical ones - so I'd have scant chance of finding work if all that was left was manual labour. Don't call me isolated, 'k?

You seem to assume that I am either "greedy right" or "power-seizing left" - in fact I am neither. I am a libertarian, I don't believe in exploiting people for profit or electoral advantage - or anything else for that matter.

May I please reiterate that I am not in favour of the kind of immigration you fear; I believe that we should only let in people who a) we need AND b) share our values. The street-gang types clearly do not share our values, yet you seem to think my position is to welcome them with open arms. Frankly I don't believe you're reading a word of what I write.

Also, will you please drop your "If you're not with us, you're against us" mentality? Just because I'm not a nasty little white supremacist like you, doesn't mean I want the country flooded with Muslims, thugs, and the like.

I say again: the reason no-one will give you guys a platform is because you won't discuss things like a reasonable human being - you treat everyone whose opinion is in the slightest bit different from yours as though we weren't fit to lick the dirt from your shoes.

woman on a raft said...

The BBC move from Hills Road as it was too expensive. They now have a building on the Business Park which is nowhere near the station and bloody difficult to get to by bus as, if you use the park n ride, the fast shuttle goes straight past.

If they ever get the guided busway drivable it will go straight there, but that's a sore subject as the tracks are laid wrong and there's a huge argument about who is going to pay to correct them.

New Address and map

BBC Cambridgeshire
Byron House,
2 Cambridge Business Park,
Cowley Rd,

01223 259 696‎

Sound and Fury said...

Well, I'll be walking the 3 miles from my college to get there... can we have instructions on where & when to meet up, OH? And should we bring placards?

My suggestion is that we congregate at Magdalene Bridge and march from there to the BBC offices (whose address woman on a raft has kindly supplied), waving placards. Remind our political masters that the British will protest if we're not listened to. Hopefully we'll pick up some support on the way.

K. McEgan said...

OH, have you ever thought to yourself you may have gone a bit mad with the Botox luv? Your boatrace doesn't move when you speak. To many voters this may well prove to be a complete turn off. Have you considered getting a proper job and working for a living?

Sound and Fury said...

K. McEggonhisface:
The trouble with politics today is that the only people who go into it are those who can't 'get a proper job'. We need some competent people in Westminster.

Besides, OH, being an independent, is essentially funding himself in this. He doesn't have any Unite money or Lord Cashcroft backing him. This leads me to conclude that he is doing this on top of working for a living.

wv: indshuss - bbc shush independents?

K. McEgan said...

Sound and Fury, perhaps he is fed up with working for a living and that's why he is standing as an independent?
I still cannot see him getting elected with all that botox in his face. The only thing he might get is a few bob thrown at him on Guy Fawkes night.

Sound and Fury said...

Well, he won my vote very quickly - I had thought I was certain to vote Ukip, but a short meeting with OH was enough to change my mind.

The problem isn't his mask - it's the difficulty of getting through in spite of the cosy LibLabCon media.

OH: can we please have a decision on where to meet up for our Bastille-storming? The sooner a plan's sorted out, the sooner I can start recruiting.

Old Holborn said...

I need to speak to the BBC first in the morning.

then I'll provide a minibus from Magdalen Bridge for all those who wish to join me storm the winter palace

Jeremy Paxman said...

A mini bus? Not much of a revolution.

Anonymous said...

You didn't think the system was fair, did you OH? How naive!

Ron Broxted said...

OH you are starting to find out just how unjust the system is. Nick Griffin has been pointing this out for a long time and nobody appears to listen. My good very friend Councillor Barnbrook has also said that legitimate minority political candidates get the same treatment.

Sound and Fury said...

Ron Broxted: Just because you're being shut-out doesn't necessarily mean we should vote for you - underdog status is no excuse for poor policies.

If you have legitimate reasons why people should support the BNP, give them... but don't claim that we should vote for them purely because they're being marginalised.

Besides, the BNP are a party and I'm implacably opposed to the Party system; so even if I didn't strongly disagree with their policies, I still wouldn't vote for them. Same reason as why I'll be voting OH instead of UKIP - I broadly share UKIP's views but other things being equal I pick the independent.

Anonymous said...

is it Friday yet?

Dame Davina Pancake said...

Official response from Pravda:

"From: Steve Titman []
Sent: 04 May 2010 17:35
Subject: RE: Complaint re political balance


The BBC's debates - as shown by the leader's debate - can not feature every candidate standing in each constituency as by doing so it assumes all candidates have a similar amount of support be it locally,or nationally.

To remain impartial - which the BBC must as it is paid by the license fee payers - we must take into account such things like previous election results, previous General election results and evidence of new electoral support when deciding the amount of coverage we provide candidates and parties.

The BBC must provide people/parties of an equal standing an equal amount of coverage. Minor parties like the Greens and UKIP would receive less coverage - and on a sliding scale.

Therefore in this debate - looking locally and nationally - we have included the three main parties. the Greens are included because they have not featured on any of 7 debates yet - and we feel this is their best shot.

We are not assessed for balance on one event but over the course of the election. On Radio Cambridgeshire we have heard from every candidate from every party standing - including Old Holborn - who has received similar coverage to other independents standing.

Our policy is set at a national BBC level and not at a BBC Local Radio level. We are also monitored by OFCOM as to our balance of coverage - and therefore they require it to be proportionate to visible and historical public support.

If you wish to take this protest forward - please let me know and i can give you the correct contacts within the BBC



What a load of bollocks,

Davina x

Sound and Fury said...

What the hell happened, OH? I stood waiting on Magdalene Bridge from 5.00 until 6.30, didn't see a single minibus, let alone a masked revolutionary.

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