Thursday, 20 May 2010

Doodle day

Some people called Mohammed, dressed as Mohammed, making sure no one creates an image of Mohammed, yesterday

Today is international "draw a picture of Mohammed day" apparently.

Pakistan has just taken down Facebook, Youtube and Wikipeadia in an effort to stop any image of Mohammed corrupting the faithful.

Apparently they are not offended by calling most boys Mohammed and dressing exactly as Mohammed did but quite happy to cut off your head if you actually draw a picture of yourself looking like Mohammed and call it Mohammed.

Best £120 Million a year donation we've made I reckon


Anonymous said...

Jesus wept. How many generations of inbreeding does it take before your offspring look like that?

Look at them. That's what happens when your family tree is a pole.

Anonymous said...

Is Ron Broxted really D.G Haslam of Bedford?

Anonymous said...

Ban the sick cult of islam from our country.

Anonymous said...

I have a dog called Mohammed.
When he's good, I feed him pork sausages, but when he's bad, I beat him with my shoe. "Mohammed, you filthy dog", I tell him, "stop trying to hump that nine year old girl. Come here and let me wipe your arse with pages ripped from the Koran".

Let's see if Nick Clegg's freedom of speech is okay with that, shall we?

Gobshite said...

Main page now removed by Failbook due to butthurt Muslims.

bofl said...

followers of religion really can it be that in the 21st century there are billions of people who will just believe any old shit that is fed to them?

some apparently intelligent.i was seen by a muslim doctor recently....
i would assume that she had some intelligence to become a doctor?

life is for living.not believing in fairy tales.......

Catflap said...

Ban the lot with no fear or favour.
Britain rid itself of fundamentalist Protestants when they fucked off to America.
Since then the country free of Dogmatic shit became a beacon of sanity because it only paid lip service to religion.
Catholicism,Judaism and Islam can fuck right off.
It is after all a voluntary indulgence.

Anonymous said...

Interesting stats from your link OH:

In the region the DFID classes as Estern and Southern Africa:

eritrea 3.7 million
ethiopia 165.5 million
kenya 102.7 million
lesotho 6.2 million
madagascar 9.3 million
malawi 77.3 million
mozambique 65.5 million
somalia 35 million
south africa 40.6 million
tanzania 132.7 million
Uganda 71.1 million
zambia 46.9 million
zimbabwe 57.3 million

I dread to think how much the total is accross the world.

Dear Smarmy Dave,

I have an excellent idea on how to save millions upon millions of pounds and it would solve the illegal immigrant problem since the fuckers wouldn't be able afford the passage here.

Imagine how much you could save on benefits too.


Joe Public said...

No wonder we have so many illegal immigrants from those countries.

They must think that if we can give their corrupt leaders & governments that amount of dosh, we must be rolling in it in the UK.

I am Stan said...


dat many wonga,were be mine at eh?, mister wonga man!...

ConLibLab Bastards said...

Tory Dems stitch up with the BBC.

BBC License will soon be required for viewing the internet in the UK.


Ethan said...

ConLibLab Bastards said... BBC License will soon be required for viewing the internet in the UK.

No it says that some tax money stolen by the BBC from us, will be taken from the bloated corpse's of the BBC Sandalista's and thrown down the raw gaping throat of huge telcoms companies. Win win for telcoms companies - lose lose for us schmucks.
Why not privatise the BBC sell the buggers off and kill the telly tax!

Anyway time to buy some telcoms shares!

Private Widdle said...

Hey! Jihadis! Fuck you and the fucking spavined camel/incontinent donkey you rode in on. Mohammed was a pig-felching paedophile fuckwit whose egotistical bletherings have blighted the fucking globe. Fuck off, you Islamic cunts, and when you get there, keep fucking going. We are going to win, you cocksniffing fucknuts.

caesars wife said...

And we all thought Hitler didnt have a sense of humour !

JD said...

There is no god called Allah, and Mohamed was a false prophet.

Captain Haddock said...

And that good Muslim & all-round cheeky bastard Khalid Mahmood has the brass neck to run up a slate of £8,200.60 in unpaid Bar bills at the HoC ..

Bet his corner-shop owning cousins wouldn't let you or I run up that sort of tab ..

English Defence League said...

Its been a good day

Bill Sticker said...

Is it just me or are the three gentlemen in the picture somewhat shifty eyed?

Anonymous said...

If there are no drawings of Mo and as far as I am aware photography was not around how the fuck do they know what he looked like?

Gallimaufry said...

And £1300 housing benefit per month for a non British citizen charged with murdering her husband in Pakistan.

Anonymous said...

Is the one on the left a Muslim Ladyboy as he's got his face covered like a woman?

Anonymous said...

>Is the one on the left a Muslim Ladyboy as he's got his face covered like a woman?
No, it's just a really hairy beard.

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