Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Daily Cartoon


Reimer said...

Latest gobsmacking demonstration of naivety from a nobody like me: a colleague from Slovakia, 3 yrs resident here with little sign of acculturisation to show for it, gets to vote in the UK domestic elections. He doesn't even have UK citizenship. I knew EU citizens could vote in the Euros from here but staggeringly I had no idea of this...

shingldl said...

Cameron Expenses
So this is the man who quite soon will be asking us all to make sacrifices for the good of the nation, most likely in the form of higher taxes, pay cuts, lost jobs, reduced pensions. The same man who according to the Telegraph “paid off a loan on his London house after he took out a taxpayer-funded £350,000 mortgage on his designated second home”.

Watch him squirm as Paxman grills him on the subject of politicians ‘over claiming’. Absolutely hilarious! So have a good laugh now and spread the good news because very soon the joke will be on us!


Call me Dave said...

Vote for us white nigga's on May 6th.

Eric Von Pickles said...

Forward with Social Conservatism

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