Monday, 3 May 2010

Careful what you wish for....

Whilst our government tries to blame everyone but themselves for spending more than any of us can afford resulting in near bankuptcy for not just us, but our children, I find it slightly amusing that the very same people who got us into this mess are now suggesting that they are the only people who can get us out of it.

And let's not forget what they do every time we vote for them.

If you want more of the same on Thursday and for a further five years until you are asked again, all you need to do is simply tick the same box you ticked five years ago. The rest is absolutely guaranteed.


Catflap said...

The LibLabCons can suck my Hamster smelling Balls.
UKIP/BNP whoever gives the 'Party' member the best run for his money will get my vote.

Ampers said...

And another thing. If I remember, I will make sure I never pay to see a film by any actor who supports any political party. Anyone know if there is a website listing these.

bofl said...

yes it's just like letting off the Enron bosses and allowing them to do it all over again!!!!!

the majority of people are so conditioned that they are blind to what has been going on.........

i think the truth is that our labour criminals actually dont care about the national debt.....

the waffling on about fairness and equality is just a smokescreen.....

brown and all the other commies are working towards a communist dystopia......driven by their egos and prejudices themselves.......

i wonder who is REALLY pulling the strings?

Ally said...

Catflap - both the BNP and UKIP have been found guilty of 'flexible' expenses claims - they are all the same, don't believe any of them.

Mr Politico said...

Vote for ME, Im the only one telling the TRUTH (well the truth as I see it)

All change - Cemetery Gates said...

Yes, I totally convinced that when I do vote ~ it really does count.

When I wake up on Friday morning, a new era will have begun, a new era in Social Conservatism.

Come Comrade, rejoice in Blue Labour!

(sponsored by Eric Von PICKLES)

D Notice report said...

I wonder why no news outlets are talking about the EDL taking over the as yet unfinished Dudley mosque development and having a rooftop protest ?

100 EDL have clambered aboard the roof of the building and have set up camp.

200 police surround the place by all accounts.

They have food for three weeks according to various reports.

At this moment fried bacon butties are being served up to the protestors on their own camping stoves and the Cross of St.George is flying over the building.

Anonymous said...

something on the Sunday Mercury

Anonymous said...

EDL - Dudley news, indicates the BBC have been caught bullshitting again.

Anonymous said...

EDL - Armed police have now stormed the roof and ended the protest.

Armed police??? for a simple peaceful protest???


Anonymous said...

Great cartoon, about sums it up, I'm amazed the editor allowed it, but then it wount change anything will it!

Cameron called a traitor to his face by the BNP said...

Nick Griffin and the BNP face to face with Cameron and a tiny Conservative turnout.

The large crowd and Griffin call Cameron a traitor to his face.

13041570 said...

These are my predictions

Party Votes Change on 2005
LD 22375 +1.1%
LAB 12299 -7.3%
CON 10242 +3.7%
GRN 2041 +1.3%
UKIP 653 -0.1%
OH 638
TUSC 549

Anonymous said...

Actually I find it galling that they have the temerity to even stand for election again. Brown talks as if the past 13 years had nothing to do with him and by and large gets away with it. Amazing.

Old Holborn said...

My predictions

LD 19500
LAB 8500
CON 9242
GRN 3000
UKIP 1200
OH 1400

I am the only independent, the looney in a guy fawkes mask, the libertarian, the protest vote, the alternative vote AND the none of the above party.

1800 will see me save the deposit. As a nameless, anonymous man standing on his own promising to only represent the people of Cambridge, above all else.

Train-spotter said...

Lets get out of politics, and get ourselves a new hobby!

13041570 said...

I certainly hope you get more than 1800 (and more than Mr Nazi). My figures came out of the predictions system used to test this computer system

Old Holborn said...

I'm happy knowing that Labour will be decimated and five years of hard baby kissing and football scarf waving by Daniel Zeichner (52) have all been for nothing. This was his last chance too. Shame eh?

Not that it will affect him, he already has a nice Union job, pension etc

caesars wife said...

The ruin seemed to go off script and clegg spun his way out of few straight questions , with consultation . bottle of scoialist fizz being opened on the tax payer.

"peoples bank" isnt 50% of the Uk banking sector the peoples bank already, is there room for another one ?

I found the leftey lib lab love fest a little worrying in terms of all the rubbish we will have to put if they get in and try and coverup the disater let alone the euro bill .

where are the jobs ? and the tax reciepts , how can you fund the state sector with a national debt that degrades planned investment? .

full 10 on guffometer for CW

Anonymous said...

"Party Votes Change on 2005
LD 22375 +1.1% about right
LAB 12299 -7.3% lower about - 10%
CON 10242 +3.7% higher + 6%
GRN 2041 +1.3% lower static
UKIP 653 -0.1% higher + 10%
OH 638 lower about 200 votes
TUSC 549?

3 May 2010 17:57"

UKIP will do a lot better than expected, remember they are the only real non EU choice other than the loony in the mask which means they have cornered the market unlike last time when people halve believed the tories were eurosceptic, the green vote will be static or drop a little, the wheels of the whole green bandwagon have started to fall of and the wishy washy liberal left bedwetters will vote LD, OH will be lucky to get 200 votes, he is in fact the monster raving loony party vote, even though his policies are fine.

Anonymous said...

"CW said...coverup the disater let alone the euro bill."

Euro bill! wait till you get the ECO tax bill that will be the planned final nail in the coffin for the middleclasses.

serve them right for buying into the whole liberal lefty tree hugging bulldust.

Now they will get a taste of how it feels to be kicked as hard as the working class for their stupidity.

13041570 said...

I was just copy/pasting the figures that came out of the simulation. Im 99% sure that its just given a 2.8% swing to Tories for the sake of the software that a large broadcaster is using to present its election night coverage.

Ian R Thorpe said...

I see Labour are resorting to their standard "a vot for anyone but us will let the evil Tories in."

People should ignore scare tactics and vote for whoever theit conscience /common sense / self interest / gut instinct tells them too.

After all, in Burnley a BNP vote mighyt help the Lib Dems. If we start thinking of all the possible consequences of our vote few of us would vote.

caesars wife said...

anon 19:14

I might have some sympathy for your view , I have seen the libs dems both on and off and pretty contrived they are too , but I have often wondered what your commited lib dem voter thinks and when you try and understand why they vote you get this wierd construct of they arnt like labour they are pleasing , like having a nice chat and being told there isnt a problem . if you give them some hard truth or point the EU out its akin to passing wind at a quilting party .

However I wouldnt say they cannot work it out that the economy is in trouble , its just that they dont make make the connection between tax revenues and state costs , they cannot see that the economy is debt producing and that its pure speculation that the debt can be halved if we just carry on with the current model .

perhaps it is ironic that after dishing out so much socialist spin that the public are struggling to see the truth of it .

But just for a moment imagine it , a liblab hung parliament , the triumph of a mind set that has led to the biggest debt and recession , sat in the commons knowing that they had made complete dumbers of enough of the population to win whilst running one of the most corrupt parliaments , I mean what does that say about what the UK has become, frightening isnt it !

Anonymous said...

@ Caesars Wife

It is not so difficult to understand once we take into account the first past the post electoral system. It has held back any kind of alternative voices getting into parliament for at least a hundred years. Look at the struggle the original Labour party had to go through. We have an electoral system that is like one of those super-sized oil tankers only now it is heading straight at an iceberg.

caesars wife said...

I know theres this idea that PR is the way forward , as its erm more representative (alledgely) , I just cant help but think its a suckers charter.
At least with the party system you got the idea of national interest and opposition testing of legislation . With PR you get this trading aspect and where you buy your opponents off .it does give the prospect of increased tactical voting .

just looks likes a dogs dinner with too much not being clear and above board before you make your mark with the tellers .

besides before being busted , by enlarge didnt we do rather well as country . Then again I sometimes wonder if they had respected parliament a bit more we wouldnt be here .

On a good note one big ecnomic pundit has come out and said the euro will devalue , due to the bailout and may be unworkable in 10 or 20yrs , so you can see the bill comming on the horizon .

I could weep at what Labour have left for us .

john miller said...

And, you might add, that if you vote tactically, you may never be asked anything again.

Anonymous said...

Vote ANYTHING you mindless MAGGOTS!

Anything whatsoeva >>> just vote.

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