Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Brian Haw arrested

It had to happen. Fat Poof Mrs Dale decided that the place looked "untidy" (the irony) and another Queen might be offended by looking at common people today, so sod the promise to restore our right to protest peacefully. Lock 'em up, whatever.

It seems the idea of putting away my mask and cape are a little premature.


From Twitter

Brian Haw arrested so Queen can tell Parliament about Nick Clegg's plans for freedom


Anonymous said...


9 years making the place look like that?

He hasn't exactly been treated harshly. Points been made now he can doodle off. When does a protest become residence?

I might take up permanent residence under admiralty arch in protest of the governments refusal to subsidise doughnuts.

Nah, enough's enough, everyone has been fair to the stupid old hippie. Now he can go and stink up somewhere less and be a magnet for lesbians with hairy armpits, billboards, and Harriet Harman-esque politics.

Stop Common Purpose said...

Plus ├ža change!

Anonymous said...

About time - he can feck off and get a job now can't he, the scrounger.

Same for all the other filthy hippies that are turning the area into a toilet.

Being a 'protester' doesn't give you any special rights, and I want my streets back now thank you...

Old Holborn said...

Yeah, who cares about democracy as long as the place is tidy and the trains run on time, eh?

Anonymous said...

I think there's something a bit bigger than a fine line separating the right to protest outside Parliament, and camping on a public space with your dole scrounging mates.

Our rights should extend to being able to march down there this afternoon with a couple of thousand people with signs, to protest should we feel like it, without having to get prior permission to do so. That's what matters, can we do that now, and if not - when will they amend the law such that we can?

Anonymous said...

'Democracy = Tramp sleeping opposite Parliament'

That may be your definition OH, but it is not mine.

Brian got to vote in an election. He can stand for election.
If everyone chooses to do as he has then what would the place look like?

Maybe you support all the failed asylum seekers planting tents there in protest.

The trains don't run on time.

Anonymous said...

Democracy includes me too, and I say get them all off the square. I WANT it to look tidy.

If he was parked on your front lawn protesting at the price of cabbages you'd only give him so long before you wanted him gone. Same applies here. There's a limit.

Billy Blofeld said...

Fuck me - this "clean up" is straight out the New Labour school of oppression.

...... double standards too - one protest that won't be cleaned up in the same way is the Unite protest outside British Airways.........

Anonymous said...

Except the Unite protesters haven't been there for 9 fucking years. It's time Brian Haw found a new hobby.

Billy Blofeld said...


Is the Unite protest more or less messy than Brian Haw's protest?

What length of time should a protest be allowed to run for?

Ruth said...

Just left the following mg on Ian Dale's site - don't think it will ever appear though!
Humph - hardly a big triumph for democracy is it? Immigrants are allowed to squat in people's houses http://www.express.co.uk/posts/view/164583/Romanians-steal-man-s-home & back gardens http://news.bbc.co.uk/local/cambridgeshire/hi/people_and_places/newsid_8582000/8582784.stm.
Travellers are allowed to despoil our parks & countryside because it's their Yuman Rite http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/news/article-23481502-travellers-build-a-12000-hall-at-illegal-camp---with-taxpayers-cash-and-without-planning-permission.do but a well known political protester is arrested - whoopy do - so much for restoring our Civil Rights - obviously only if you're the 'right sort of person'. I don't think I'd admit to my letter to BJ if i were you Ian - not something to be proud of IMHO

Anonymous said...

From the BBC:

"Phoenix, an environmental activist who has been living in the camp, witnessed the arrests. He said..."

Fucking sums it up in my book. A bloke calling himself Phoenix dossing on the green in an environmental protest.

And Billy Blofeld - long enough to make you point and then you can move along. Haw has cost us enough in legal challenges (the only reason he is still there is because a 'loophole' was found in the law - did he pay for that challenge or did we??)

All those communists, freedom fighters, anarchists and climate change fetishists aren't protesting in my name, thanks.

Benefits Kulture UK said...

Brian Haw is a twat. I'm all for being able to protest but he's just a sad mentalist.

Billy Blofeld said...


So when Labour threw out 82 year old Walter Wolfgang for heckling at their conference, that was "about the right sort of duration" of protest for you?


bofl said...

some very funny people on here....

2500 years ago a young prince went out into the world to see how the real people lived.......

so brian offends you?
the 646 lying stealing useless fat fucking windbags inside the houses of parliament offend me.

as we saw with mc shite recently-they dont like being questioned.....they even run away and insult old ladies.......

if they are so virtuous and noble then a little protest shouldnt affect them should it?

brian haw does seem to be a bit of a loon but we should be able to protest in our country.....any of us.
it does not belong to any politician....

were you snobs banging on about the need to clean up parliament sq. when there were thousands of tamils camped outside?

thought not.

life inside parliament should not be a cosseted existence where everything is glossed over.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for the right to peaceful protest, but I wouldn't mind seeing it limited, say, to daylight hours only. As it is a deranged tramp has been camping there for nine bloody years, achieving nothing and getting up a lot of peoples' noses in the process. The Right to Protest should be just that: turn up, make a noise and a protest (no amplification systems permitted), then bloody well leave the place once the protesting has been done.

Do it like that and the politicians can gauge the strength of feeling by how many people are there and how much noise they're getting, because these protesters will have to go home (or at least vacate the square) overnight. On the other hand turning a public square into a dosshouse for a horde of crusties does nobody much any good; the crusties make themselves look stupid and their cause fatuous, and the police end up looking heavy-handed for removing the fools.

Time-limit protest rights, I say!

Anonymous said...

@ Billy Blofeld

Obviously not. Stupid comparison.

9 years is quite obviously taking the biscuit though. I'm not sure that even Brian Haw remembers what he is protesting about any more - he's got locked into some sad cycle, like that twat that lived in the airport terminal for a year.

Giolla said...

Surely a protest is valid all the time that that which you're protesting about is still happening?

Last I checked there is still a bit of trouble in Iraq involving British troops, which I believe is what Mr Haws is protesting.

Or is it the case that if a protest doesn't produce results within 30 minutes or so (turn up shout go home)one should just give up? Part of the point about a protest is that it does get up peoples noses, part of the aim is to be enough of a nuisance that those you're protesting against change their behaviour.

Anonymous said...

What does he live off?

Anonymous said...

@ giolla

No, otherwise we'd still have people protesting against the closing of coal mines in the 70's and 80's wouldn't we. they are still closed, after all.

If any prick can move in on a piece of land because he disagrees with some point or other (valid or not) where would it end?

wv bacon
mmmmmm, bacon!

Ruth said...

I misjudged Mr Dale - he did put up my comment.

derestos said...

At what point does protesting become squatting?

Brian Haw should try to remain there for as long as the specific legislation brought in to deal with him and him alone is done away with.(protesting around Parliament without permission)

Invictus_88 said...

Nah, fuck it. It's clearly just a sign that our new government have a strong and amusing sense of irony.


ranter said...

OH it seems most people don't take your stance on Mr Haw. In my opinion he's a sad git that has some [mental health]problems and needs some help. Be nice if he could do something useful instead of poncing off the rest of us in the name of protest. There are concerns about the right to protest but the restrictions are because, as usual, the minority ruin it for the majority. The rest of the happy campers should be water cannoned off the square. They're a bunch of cunts - like most of the occupants in the big posh building opposite, but it seems some change may be coming along.

Anonymous said...

OH - for a Libertarian, why do you refer to "Fat poof Mrs Dale" - just make your bloody point without being so fucking offensive, I thought that was part of the point of Libertarianism, ie. do what you want as long as it doesn't hurt others.

Anonymous said...

Try reading some Mill. Offence isn't harm. Offence means fuck all.

And for all the Conservative talk of a Great Repeal Bill, it seems that the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005 under which they keep arrested Mr. Haw isn't included. What a damn surprise.

Oscar said...

@ derestos, 25 May 2010 12:05

The legislation brought in specifically for him didn't take into account that his protest was ongoing, and therefore didn't apply to him.

If he leaves, then the protest will "officially" finish, and he won't be allowed to stay there, since it will be a different protest.

And this is bad news. Very bad news.

derestos said...


I know. It was a vindictive and shameful piece of legislation that Mr. Haw was rightfully excluded from. A major abuse of process.

IIRC Haw has been arrested before and released without the protest officially finishing.

cupid stunt said...

brian haw is a cunt....protesting...what ever ! scruffy ,squatting, and i suspect claiming "some" kinda benefit, he made his point, now he can fuck off, shit happens...so does war, like posted above, he coudld standand make his point from the inside, or get a job and dontae his wages to help soldiers that come back from iraq and 'stan...but nooooooo, not for cunting haw, real life is too hard for the squatting cunt

cupid stunt said...

typos...due to tyiping with a broken arm
my appologies

righty right wing (mrs) said...

Mrs Dale - she belongs to the Party that voted with the Labour Government to wage an illegal war of aggression against a sovereign nation, is'nt she?

Baghdad is World Heritage Site too Mrs Dale.

All those dead children littering downtown Baghdad - won't someone think of the tourists?

Giolla said...

@anonymous 11:44 -

From reading a few "left" wing blogs and listening to people in the affected areas are you sure they're not still protesting just not by "turning up and shouting"?

Also the protests outside the SA embassy during apartheid amongst other human rights protests went on for years and the authorities seemed to have no problems with them 0r the tamils who also occupied the same square a while back. The objection seems to be only when the protest is against our own government.

Happy voter said...

Why not let MP's camp there? It solves the problems of the second home allowance at a stroke, and puts them in touch with green issues.

Anonymous said...

Giolla @22:52

You have agreed with me basically - 'they may still be protesting, just not by turning up and shouting'

Exactly. There comes a point where you should just fuck off and try something else because you are impinging on other people (not simply causing 'trouble' for the authorities).

Besides, again, the Tamils haven't spent 9 years encamped there, the SA protesters didn't turn the place into a toilet etc etc etc

And we didn't pay for the privilege of them doing it. Brian and all the other happy campers cost us all, whether we believe in their protest or not (climate change anyone?)

Anonymongtard said...

dear anonymous nazi cunts.
He's harming nobody but the delicate retinas of fascist scumbags like you.
If they don't want him there,then he is stll effective.
He's protesting against 2 illegal wars being waged against innocent people,with illegal depleted uranium.
All paid for with your taxes you stupid twat.
He's done more for his fellow man than you ever will you illiberal shithead.

Anonymous said...

Brian Haw has done more for this country than Iain Dale and his self serving 'blog' will ever do.
Vicious little queens like Dale shouldn't do politics, they have a tendency to want to put their penis up the arse of the country.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit Iain Dale is a hypocrite. He likes democracy only when it suits him and is "tidy".

But then again this is a guy who has a degree in 'German' and doesn't know politics if it hit him on the head.

The only issues he cares about is being a minor lackey to the Conservative party and Gay issues.
The former told him to piss off 4 times when he wanted to become an MP. I wonder why.

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