Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Brenda, Nick and Dave, LIVE


A la bas les aritos. said...

When is Britain going to move into the 21st. C and discard the ridiculous idea of a hereditary "Divine Right" head of state, together with the invented "traditional" flim-flam which goes with it?

caesars wife said...

to above 11:59"what like north korea"

Peter Lilley spoke much of what was on my mind and I have to give Cameron his dues , his opener shows he isnt a distracted man and can deliver on outlining the wrongs Labour have done and hopefully use his office and time for good .

CW noted Labour are still trying to play teflon game , but good housing has lost a lot of ground and it is one of those things that has long term benefits , the Princes building trust and others should not be missed for all the work they have done in seeing both future possibilities and past housing mistakes . An ageing population may need some different housing but the bulk will always be urban , the thought will be on finance and ownership as well as keeping communities working . Housing associations at least can help to clean neighbourhoods up and stop houses falling into disrepair , but equally they dont seem to be able to do much for ownership .I dont have any solution perhaps some schemes will have to be for rental and some for ownership in any new projects .
Housing asscoaitions can at least build reserves for maintainence building work or even new projects and can be a bit more thoughtfull on design and how they work in reality .

getting rich of your misery is what they do said...

Hands up those who are aware that brenda is a key shareholder and player in the mafia racket known as international loanshark banking and bailout.

Yes Brenda is a trilionair, forget the bullshit you see published, a trillionair and the more debt the world is in the more money and power goes to her and Rothchild, remember the guy who controls both Labour, the Tories, the EU and the press!

Don't believe me?

Check it out - Only for those with more than one braincell, which counts out at least half of you.


Oh and just so you know the same people are behind the global warming lie!


Still not convinced? look at the cheerleaders even after the whole thing was exposed as a fraud -


Seems the sex pistols got it right after all - The Fascist regime.

Anonymous said...

"caesars wife said...
to above 11:59"what like north korea"

You expose your ignorance yet again with your pathetic straw man shite, Brenda gives not a shit about you or this country and is in fact helping to turn it into North Korea, but then what would you know about anything! now get back to your Labour/Tory trivia, you pathetic mong.

In fact isn't it time you trotted you tiny braincell to Guidos blog of Conservative shte and pointless trivia, where the rest of the party mongs live?

Dave, Dave, Dave, rah, rah, rah - cretin or Tory plant.

Morlock said...

And speaking of North Korea...

OH, I don't have a blog, so can't tear these 'liberty loving' twats a new asshole. You may wish to at some stage.

caesars wife said...

anon 17:43 I take it you lost the argument then by resorting to personal abuse . I just cant stop laughing at your continuing use of disabilities descriptives to have a pop at anyone who is conservative leaning . Blah blah everyones a idiot except me I cant even be bothered to argue withanyone as I dont need to as I am sure they are less intelliegnt than me , does that describe you accurately anon .

As for showing my ignorance , all too glad it couldnt possibly be larger than yours . As for Tory plant accusation ,please tell everyone what the difference that makes , I mean why cant you be a lib dem plant or a lab plant , i mean whats soooo right on about your credentials anon , the fact that you can call me ?? cheap shot youll have to do better than that .

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