Tuesday, 11 May 2010

The Botched Federal Kingdom Of Britain

The Constitutional crisis that we are currently enjoying can be laid firmly at the feet of the New Labour administration.

So keen were they to placate the Welsh and Scottish Labour Parties to maintain their dominant role against the rising Nationalist tide, that they botched devolution by not giving it to England. Even Northern Ireland got in on the act.

They should not have worried, because these ‘sham’ Nationalists, do not actually believe in economic Nationalism, just saying what they want to do with other people’s money be it English Gold or EU Gold, and wanting a ‘fairer’ redistribution of National wealth (subsidies) from Whitehall.

Lets be clear about this for the last thirteen years the Labour Party has been kept in power by a gaggle of Welsh and Scottish MP’s and Ministers. The Darien Government. They brought with them the twisted politics of patronage and corruption now seen in Glasgow

Last Thursday’s election clearly showed that England under first past the post went Tory and that the Tories barely had a showing in Scotland, and only a glimmer in Wales.

Cameron set his face against the political reality of the United Kingdom in post devolution Britain. The reality was that we had a Federal Kingdom already, but HE wanted to be the Prime Minister of Great Britain, something akin to wanting the role of viceroy of India in 1950.

The issue of proportional representation is only part of the argument; the only place that we have FPTP is in the Whitehall elections, because it structurally favoured Labour. Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland have PR, only England is hamstrung by FPTP, to allow Scottish and Welsh MP’s to have a greater say in the running of the country.

My position is quite simple, I am a passionate believer in PR, and there is no moral case against. For too long we have had a rigged system that disenfranchises seventy percent of the electorate and ossifies political debate.

I am also a passionate believer in structures that work. The 1688 structure as amended by the Act of Union has broken down.

Clegg, Mandelson and Cameron are trying to put together a botched repair to a discredited system.

We have a Federal system – fact. Acknowledge the political reality.

We need a new political settlement, with an English Parliament based on PR, with an elected 100 man Senate to run Defence and Foreign affairs as a ‘Council of the Isles’ Everything else can be devolved to the ‘National Parliaments’ and assemblies.

The Tories, Labour and the Social Democrats whoring themselves around are not acting in the ‘National Interest’ they are jockeying for party advantage, and in whose Nation are they acting for.

The Tories have very little interest in letting power slip through their fingers by endorsing PR on Principle and the Rainbow Alliance of losers would be abhorrent to the Electorate.

Yet again the politicians do not get it attempting a stitch up and ignoring the people of this country who hold the Sovereignty in their hands.

I say to Cameron, endorse PR coupled to an English Parliament for the next Election, and campaign for a New Settlement of the Country, that ensures the
Liberty of the Individual in a written Constitution- If you don’t the Tories will get rid of you in a trice for failing to deliver total victory.


Anonymous said...


What we need is the scrapping of the welsh and scottish `parliments` - glorified council chambers stuffed full of over paid political class parasites. whos purpose was to fragment the United kindom for the benefit of the EU and the rest of the globalist bloodsucking bullshit.

They dont give a shit about democracy - take a look at the bloody EU.
We do clearly need a PR system that is `true` PR system not some bullshit they will rig to handycap all but the big three, which is exactly what they will do.

But you are right about one thing, plaid and the SNP are not nationalists in the slightest, they are global communists who have a bizaare hatred for the English and a love of communism who will willingly swamp their country with third world immigrants yet burn down the houses of the English!

forget this bullshit English parliment, the second you build an English parliment, the scots and the wesh will seek independance - great say all the muppets.

Well its not great because if the english ever want to get out of Europe and the welsh and the scots want to stay then you will have the Euro troops sitting on your border waiting for an excuse to invade and undermine, with them backing independance for Londonistan.

So begines the balkanisation of the UK!

Guthrum said...

They dont give a shit about democracy

Neither do you

Anonymous said...

1. The UK is not a federal state; it is a unitary state in which the so-called devolved assemblies exist only because the central parliament allows it.

2. The Acts of Union did not in any way place the 1688/9 English settlement as a core element of the nascent British state. In Scotland the Claim of Right of 1689 (which, incidentally, is the only document in modern British history to state that sovereignty is vested in the people rather than in parliament and the only document to state that parliament and the crown enjoy power only through a contractual arrangement) remains the final law of the land.

See esp. Lord Cooper's obiter in MacCormick v. Lord Advocate (1953) SC 396.

Anonymous said...

OH, i like you am a libitarian at heart but foremost i am a pragmatist.
PR would not work in the UK, it requires a politically aware and involved populace to work well and politics in the UK is by and large tribal.
PR would do only one thing ensure perpetual rule by one party, Labour and if you think the last 13 years have been bad imagine them forever. PR as nice and fair as it sounds would lead to a 1 party state.

Anonymous said...

Guthrum said...
They dont give a shit about democracy

Neither do you

11 May 2010 09:38

Yeah, that's why I was calling for true PR, rather than rigged PR?

Because I don't believe in democracy!

Chalcedon said...

Would Boris have clinched it for the Cons if he had been leader?

Perhaps we should ditch the non-English bits. How they would howl having to pay ludicrous amounts of tax to fund their public sector lifestyles!

Anonymous said...

"politics in the UK is by and large tribal"

It is tribal because we don't have PR, we have a duopoly of sorts reinforced by the media.

To get one party out, you have to vote for the other party, when in reality we would like to vote for something else but feel the a greater desire to get the current bastards out and the only apparent choice to do that is to vote for the other bastards.

PR would help to break that cycle as smaller parties would get a fairer representation of the votes and a greater influence and visibility, enableling them to challenge the main parties in a short period of time, rather than seee them constantly buried.

If you are happy to swing from Labour to the Tories with no say oN, Europe, immigration, bailouts, war etc that they all agree on then, then keep cheerleading the current system that has sold 75% of our democracy to the unelected in the EU.

Or do you see the corporate corrupt media supporting anyone outside of the big three and giving them a fair shake?

You are living in a brussles dictatorship with mearly the illusion of democracy, PR would at least break the tribal stalemate and two and a half party media consensous once people realise their vote may in face make a difference.

PR is the only way to break out of the EU cartel parties, however the PR system they will introduce will be rigged, so it will have little impact, but only because it wont be true PR, which would transform British politics and give us all a say.

Labour and the tories as well as the lib dems would sooner or later have to become one party as they offer no cedible choice while other parties will offer that choice and have a realistic chance of gaining ground.

Anonymous said...

Chalcedon said...
Would Boris have clinched it for the Cons if he had been leader?

Perhaps we should ditch the non-English bits. How they would howl having to pay ludicrous amounts of tax to fund their public sector lifestyles!

11 May 2010 10:52

They would get it from the EU and we would fund them through that!

Lutney Chocker said...

Best tactical move for the Tories now is to dump Cameron and have a leadership election.

This would protect them from being forced to become a minority government and take the blame for the left's profligacy as in the early 80s.

There will be no vote for PR.
Too many in Labour (i.e. the 60-90 Labour MPs who would lose their seats to LibDems and Nationalists) don't want it any more than the Tories do; and the DUP don't want it, because it lets in more Sinn Fein.

A referendum on PR would then see the SNP holding Labour hostage to get it's referendum on independence.
The result of that referendum would finish Labour... especially with Salmond raising the spectre of a Tory administration waiting in the wings during the colossal public sector bloodbath that will hit the Celtic colonies the hardest.

The best hope for Libertarians is to inflitrate and take over UKIP and turn it into a party with a point - an ideological perspective rather than an antiquarian one.

Guthrum said...

The best hope for Libertarians is to inflitrate and take over UKIP and turn it into a party with a point - an ideological perspective rather than an antiquarian one.

Don't really need to, Libertarian members of UKIP are leaving the one trick pony to the Libertarians regardless. Whither UKIP if they lose their appeal to the Supreme Court over their transgressions with the Electoral Commission on June 8th ?

Lutney Chocker said...

Whither their 900,000 GE voters?

I trust the LPUK office phone shan't be ringing off the hook any time soon.

They may be a joke shop, but they can at least turn a vote out.
Where's LPUK going to get it's money from?

Personally, I think until you pick a better name - one that the average labourer can pronounce and understand, e.g. "freedom party", it ain't happenin'.


" Anonymous said...
"It is tribal because we don't have PR"

Alternatively, and using identical logic, try:
'We don't have PR because it is tribal.'

Name me a country with PR that's ever won a war!

Case closed; next!

PR belongs in the same intellectual skip as feminism, sexual deviancy, religion, the EU, and sociology.

What good will it do the public if always gets what it wants?! No-one will ever get pissed off about anything, as all decisions are subsumed into a matrix of committees and compromise. Fuck that shit!

Someone has to win; someone has to lose... death is a part of life.
PR is like political suspended animation, look what it's done to Europe - it's evolved from bacterial PR into a bureaucratic gozilla.

...but anyway, no PR bill is going to get passed in this parliament or the next (unless you're Nostradamusing a Liberal Democrat "surge" in the next election), it's all academic toss; and the Libidinous Demagogues are demonstrating the world of unending aching "discussion and compromise" tedium that PR would inflict on us...

Or as someone else once put it:

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