Monday, 10 May 2010

Aw, they're tired

UPDATE: with another election likely in the autumn (once PR is through of course) does anyone really think Cameron can stand again? My money is on David Davis making a move, backed by Hague. One thing is for sure, it wasn't UKIP that lost the Tories the election, it was Dave.


Kit said...

Shame he didn't punch that Labour Arsehole.

Kirsteen said...

Jesus! Its a toughie choosing which one to want to slap more!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that Clegg,Brown and Cameron have in common is that they are all cunts.

Dick Puddlecote said...

I'm with Anon @ 19:02. What a fucking mess. And, it has to be said, the best advert NOT to have PR.

ThousandsOfMilesAway said...

+1 Anon 1902

Gather the pitchforks...

CrazyDaisy said...


Thanks for that Campbell is a cunt of the first order, a real Psychological Operator. Personally had I been Adam Bolton Id have decked the prick, the worm has turned!


Lutney Chocker said...

The fat necked fool, all he has to do is to play the straight bat and keep saying to Camp Bell "but, you lost didn't you?"

Just keep saying it until the interview times out, and watch the smackhead slowly turn purple - that's all anyone'll remember of it.

Camp Bell is functionally a smackhead... he snipes just like one, and so you have to just play at being a mirror.

All lefty-crypto-fascists play the same game... they play the man and not the ball; and righteous-wingers just rise to the bait and get whipped.

It takes discipline, but just have to needle the lefty scum at the pressure points that make them lose it... by reminding them how they were bullied at school, and shit like that... the playground is the one place the lefty fears.

...train some ten year olds to call him a schitzo alckie, ask him if liked playing with fatty Maxwell's tiny cock in the bath, and what he got in the will...

I can't believe noone in public life has got any skills man!

caesars wife said...

Thanks OH , back to porn then for alli or perhaps he never did anything else .

Well done Adam although lutney chocker probebly had best angle .We all know its an autopsy .

see who they field on NN , NEC yet to meet as they try and dignify the ruins attempts to be 16000 postal votes off been flushed into the thames along with rest of labour party .

ian said...


You are a damn fool. This has been a coup by labour who will undemocratically push through AV before the next election..

We will have another unelected labour leader

Then say good bye to your oh so precious civil liberties you stupid tit.

Welcome to the new Socialist Hell

I am Stan said...


Are we now in melt down,fingers crossed we are....bring on the rev!!!!

Stanist`s ....sharpen your Kukri`s...

Ampers said...

Have to agree, it was Dave wot lost.

And he lost through being indecisive during the entire campaign

With that level of intelligence, they shouldn't even be paid the minimum wage. Perhaps we should recruit illegal Eastern European immigrants for the job at £2 an hour?

Catflap said...

The Socialist Tory inner circle led by Cameron want power so bad they offer AV.
Clegg the socialist wants more power and is playing hard to get despite keeping the nation in political limbo.
Cunt Brown wants to stay in power just a little longer but also wants Labour to retain power after he is gone, which also keeps the Limbo dance going.
Selfish fucking Cunts.
Fuck the party politics what about us?
Cameron is desperate to drink from the poison chalice the prick.
For fucks sake Davis shoot the cunt or else the last bastion of mainstream right wing politics will be wiped out within four years.
Let the fucking LibLabs have the bone...and choke on it.

Lutney Chocker said...

" ian said...

You are a damn fool. This has been a coup by labour who will undemocratically push through AV before the next election.."

Will they fuck.

Have you counted how many Labour MPs will lose their seats to LibDems and Nats in AV?!

Even assuming they could force all 258 to vote for it (which they can't, because they have no potential leaders of any substance); and rope in all the minor parties who stand to take seats from Labour if it goes through.

Why are Red Hand Gang gunna go for it? What's in it for them (apart from more Sinn Fein...).

I suppose a free vote on PR in the commons might even tempt The Gerry Adams Fan Club in just for mischief.

I can't see them whipping the whole of Labour into voting for PR. totally depends on that, the best they can do on paper is 326 (Sylvia Hermon won't go for it, subtract the speaker), but I can't see it happening.'re also forgetting the Lords.

Anyway, PR wouldn't change the result of this election, but it would probably do more damage to Labour than any other party, because most of the alternative parties that people might see the point in voting for are on spastic fringes of Labour anyway. The Tories only really have UKIP to worry about, and UKIP could probably gather a decent amount of momentum if the public were faced with the threat of an orcish onslaught of Bob Crow and Billy Bragg parties.

I'd put the kettle on and relax, son.

Lutney Chocker said...

" Catflap said...
The Socialist Tory inner circle led by Cameron want power so bad they offer AV.
Clegg the socialist wants more power and is playing hard to get despite keeping the nation in political limbo.
Cunt Brown wants to stay in power just a little longer but also wants Labour to retain power after he is gone, which also keeps the Limbo dance going.
Selfish fucking Cunts.
Fuck the party politics what about us?
Cameron is desperate to drink from the poison chalice the prick."

Gids, divvy!

Cameron's *got to* pretend to want a coalition with the Rent Boy Party, so that he can blame them for fucking things up.
Of course the Tories aren't going to give the LibDems PR, they just have to look like they tried and force the Rent Boys into the Labour honey trap... then they really will be buggered.

The whole spectacle will be of a histrionic bunch of losers indulging in a pointless exercise of trying to rig a vote they can't win, whilst Rome burns and the public sector goes Greek on us.

Queue, Dave, with "Told yer so...", whoosh, bang 400 MP majority, LibLab meltdown just in time for bonfire night.

couldn't script it better myself.

Anonymous said...

Cameron told us rednecks and
blue collars to stuff our pubs,
our clubs,our lodges,our bingo halls,our socials,our cafes ,our
way of life,he was a big supporter of Labour's demolition laws.
Well, Dave, we stuffed you in many
northern and midland marginals in
which you could have won.
After 30 years+ voting,canvassing,
leafletting ,promoting,this time
we deserted you.
You pandered to the fox chasers
who live in safe tory seat,
you grovelled to the gay mafia
who stayed with Lib-Lab but you
ignored the swingers.
Enjoy the wilderness.

Blue ex Tory

Catflap said...

Lutney choker:
Cameron played his cards so close to his chest he fucking blew an open goal election.
I am also meant to think his overtures to the LibDems are also part of some cunning plan?

The man is a Cunt.Face it.

Lutney Chocker said...

"Cockflap said...
Lutney choker:
Cameron played his cards so close to his chest he fucking blew an open goal election.
I am also meant to think his overtures to the LibDems are also part of some cunning plan?

The man is a Cunt.Face it."

I don't give a fuck about Dave, I'm not a Tory.

Why would the Tories want a rerun of the early 80s?

The open goal is passing the short straw to the chuckle brothers coalition, and let them commit electoral suicide.

Old Holborn said...

"The open goal is passing the short straw to the chuckle brothers coalition, and let them commit electoral suicide."

Thank God someone here understands politics. Ignore the next six months, it's smoke and mirrors. Watch what happens in 5 years time.

Mariothegreat said...

Please sell your sovereigns before you have to use them as buttons... ready for the attack?

Lutney Chocker said...

...Adam Boulton though, isn't he a fucking useless shite journalist... I've seen him fauning up Anthony Hopkins' sweaty Welsh valley; he can't hold it in can he.

Sky reporters are like the dregs of ITN staff, and that's not saying much.

Camp Bell maybe a feckless aggressive self-aggrandising troll, but at least he can keep a lid on it most of the time.

Barnsley Bill said...

This is what the week after a PR election looks like everywhere they have it.
So lets recap;
You still have a completely discredited PM who has singlehandedly monged the British economy, has been part of a govt that took you into two illegal wars, has overseen wholesaler murder, corruption and a massive dilution of the population by people who want your women wearing curtains and your throat cut. He is being propped up by an ennobled poof who was run out of town twicce for being a crook and a pornographer who oversaw the sexing up of a report that has killed hundreds of thousands of people.
He managed a rewrite of electoral boundaries that produced a result where two different parties can get the same number of votes in two different elections but his party gets a 66 seat majority but the other party is 26 seats short.
He has enslaved half the voting public with money for vulgatrons and stella to the point where they are terrified of labour losing power.
Add to this a mickey mouse PR system and you will see an influx of militant marxists added to the mix who destroy whatever is left of the country I was born in.
It is an astonishing day when the hard left can hoodwink supposed libertarians into supporting their efforts to remove democracy completely.
Rather than getting all sweaty about being purple you people should be marching on Downing street with milk bottles full of petrol.

Unelected mandelsnake is stitching up a deal to ensure totalitarian govt for a hundred years. he is shitting in your faces.

toomuchtoolate said...

Best deal is this: A lib-lab pact, to usher in PR. Once obtained it will change the face of UK politics for the better. Fuck the Tories ~ they just want to retain the FPTP system.

Anonymous said...

Great post Barnsley Bill, every word of it true.

Arthur Of The Britons said...

The Tories won hugely - in England. The alternative is a coalition of LibDems/Scots/Irish/Welsh nationalists and a labour party who got 42% of the vote but 69% of the seats ( ie 41 out of 59 ) in Scotland. They will still not have an actual commons majority.

The votes of 102 people elected from regions where the government in Westminster has no power to decide on matters like health and education will impose legislation on a country that did not vote for them. How is this democracy?

May I suggest that if PR is introduced an English National Party should swiftly be established to campaign for English independence.

England voted Brown out. Why is there even a suggestion he should remain? Even Scotland only voted 42% in favour of him.

Catflap said...

Lutney Choker& OH:
Do not assume that Cameron gives a shit.
With the Brussels backstop which offers riches beyond the wildest dreams to Westminster politicians who swing or have swung a big dick in the UK.
He will not and obviously did not give a fuck about Conservative voters.
The fact is Cunt Cameron was a cunt before there was an election to throw.
The credit crunch came AFTER Cameron was leader.Remember.
He was already well on the road to pissing off Conservative voters before then.
Less of the personal insults as well.
You fuck your own case before you start.

Lutney Chocker said...

"Lutney Choker"'s "Chocker"...

"Less of the personal insults as well."

Give it, but you can't tek it, Candyflap?

Cameron is disposible, the game is bigger than him, he will do what he's told by the big boys in the Tory party, or someone else will be leading that second campaign.

Lib-Lab have got no money for another campaign in 6 months.
If they get hitched, they gown git raped.

John R said...

When do we get to the point where the longsuffering English voters who fund all these bastards and their celtic arse-licking solution to staying in power indefinitely take to the streets and string up all and sundry in the House of Conmen?

caesars wife said...

Barnsley Bill : cant really fault what you say, you will have seen how Labour works first hand,remember Donnygate ! (changing hearts and minds ? or operating a retirment fund).

Anon 20:48 You might assume that from the result , but some votes were clearly from new sources not all of the Kosher and postal .But given it was the biggest gain of seats it wasnt that bad a campaign although they will have to consider your vote better next time , although if the ruin is still on neros throne, fiddling, could get a landslide just on that fact alone .

Old Holborn said...


You may be happy with the current minority having absolute power under FPTP

Think 20 years down the road when another minority might have it.

It'll be our kids ordered under penalty of law, made by a mere 20% of the population, elected by FPTP to face Mecca. and pray

Be careful what you wish for. you just might get it.

James Higham said...

Dave did it.

Anonymous said...

What a landslide of Labour postal votes? They managed to stop hundreds of legitimate voters from voting this time round - next time will be worse - results in before the polls have even closed.

Catflap said...

Chutney Locker....or whatever:
In your first reply to my post was an insult and you implied that contrary to what I wrote,Cameron was playing a wise game of double bluff.
You also ignored the 'Socialist Tory inner circle'bit of my first comment until your last post.
Now you have become a font of all fucking wisdom by repeating what I already said.
Who do you think you are.Vince fucking Cable?
I never said you were a Tory either but you wrote.
'Queue Dave' and more so if the fucking cap fits.
Don't backtrack on shit you wrote and can be read not a dozen comments up.
Kid yourself that power hungry Cunts like Cameron don't want power at any cost if you like.
Cameron has already half fucked the Conservatives already why wouldn't he go the whole hog for just one term in office?

nick phlegg said...

the electorate must be quitting - look what it just coughed up

d"av"y crockit cameron said...

looks like i'm going to be bending over to offer clegg some good old british fudge

jocelyn "jack" esien said...


sorry, not interested dave. tv's more my scene.

nasty nick said...

oh lovely, a whole stick please david

d"av"y safety cunt said...


one lump or two, nicholas?

slick slobinson said...

well it's like this you see...the electorate usually gets tired of one party and votes in another, for a change, but this time, the country was fucked off with all the parties and voted for a change in the electoral system. simple really. the cunts should think themselves lucky.

pc fuckoff said...

excuse my interruption, ladies and gentlemen, but mr holborn would prefer that you all objectively undermine the principle of pr vis-à-vis its validity in terms of democracy, rather than kick the living shit out of the unfortunate personalities involved. proceding thuswise, we can ensure that mr clegg becomes a leper in the colony and effectively untouchable. thank you kindly.

Simon said...

OK Holb, here's an idea - what if Cameron made the Tories the majority party but the media-fuelled rememberance of Thatcher and the Conservatives denied him the extra 1-2% vote for a majority?

After all following a Thatcherite agenda really worked the last three elections didn't it?

Anyway, you'll be hiding once the riots and the Civil Contingency kicks in!

BTW - you could have given me mate a cigarette outside Horseferries ;)

clegg the contagious said...

i'm beginning to think no-one wants me...because i've got pr

count catastrophe of clegzsk said...

fuck this bollocks, i'm going to become the prime minister of a minority liberal government - it's my divine right, i'm the noblest born.

caesars wife said...

I dont quite understand is Labour leader and PM the same indivisible job under NEC rules ?? can the ruin still be PM if he isnt leader ?? Press are confusing the two or I am !.

however as polly claims a new dawn may be at hand with a lib-lab coalition , CW wonders if bad alli will be advising nick , or for that matter if the coalition means all the labour heartlands will be scarificed (that would be nero wouldnt it) to take on more of the cuts than the coalition areas .

I think we have an idea what the ruin is trying , get PR in , not referendum (again) new leader and try and get lib lab result under PR.

Let mr cleggs yes be yes and nay be nay if he hasnt got the instinct for the oppertunity he never will have .

Imagine that one , party funding and clegg voting for a cap on union funding .ohhh matron .

Its ok as it is for now .

just remebered slip on sunday from one lady commentator who talked about "lick clegg" CW thought it was like visiting the ice cream van in the desert , asking for double magnum , flake , sprinkle topping and raspberry sauce and actually getting robbed instead

the prime minister, sort of said...

having presided, these last years, over one of the greatest shambles in british political history, i believe it's imperative i make it absolutely clear that i continue to hold office as prime minister, for an extra four months, purely for the good of the country.

mechanic mate said...

yeah mate...wot mate...israel's gonna nuke iran mate...sorry no time for that mate...i've got an electoral reform to negotiate here mate...gotta be out on the road by the enda the year mate...try down the road mate.

edwhinger hurry said...

you know it's wonderful to be living in a country like we do live in...i mean we've got fp pr av tv, you know your fucked, it's just a question of how your gonna get it.hahahahahahaha!!!get it!!?hahahahahaha!!!!

Barnsley Bill said...

for sale
4 bedroom home on 2 acres of lush subtropical land. Ten minutes from the beach.
I have grown pineapples and bananas in the last year.
The house is laid out in ranch style with a concrete inground lagoon style pool. No need to heat it as the weather here is like August in brighton 9 months of the year.
House located in the sunny bay of Islands at the top of the North island of New Zealand.
Todays price is 600,000 NZ which works out to 300,000 of your British pounds.
If you had bought it a year ago it would still have cost you 600,000 NZ dollars which in sterling 12 months ago would have been 200,000 pounds.
And now the call to action.
If you wait another 12 months it will still cost you 600,000 NZ dollars which if things continue the way they are will probably be around 400,000 pounds.
I will take any currency except the British banano.
Alternatively you could continue on in this suicidal circle jerk trying to convince yourselves that PR is the cure for all your ills.
I have lived through the transition from FPP to PR down here I can absofuckenlutely guarantee you it Ain't.

I will repeat it again for those of you to busy rubbing your cocks on your purple panties.
PR will give you a century of hard left extremist government where major policy will be dictated by a handful of nutjobs who can hold out for policy in return for supporting Mandelsnake and his successors.
Fix the electorate sizes, cut the porridge wogs off and get rid of bangladeshi postal voting.
Rant over.

fahrenheit nought point 145 said...


we've beaten the system and now they want to change it of course. yes, pr would be a total distater, they would be able to slip in cia agents without the public getting to screen them first. first the jury system, then first past the post...well you know what i mean anyway. we've got proportional representation on the internet, and look what it's got us, old fucking bollocks holborn, slipped in there somehow, or at least a small proportion of him, evidently not any part of his brain.

Barnsley Bill said...

The only people who have beaten the system are the left. They have mucked with the boundaries and introduced commonwealth and postal voting. Let them impose PR and it will last a century.
Mandelsnake has been shamed from office twice but is still pulling the strings.
The pound is dropping as I type.

Old Holborn said...


Calm down mate

Victor said...

Ha ha

That's Boulton's a right wanker, losing it like that.

Little hissy fit girlie.

Barnsley Bill said...

Do not compare the swiss to shitistan mate. Comparing chicken nuggets with sirloin steak.
Mandelson has mesmerised the country again.
You asre going to end up with a porridge wog raj which will suck every last productive pound out of England.
I watched the election from down here in NZ. I watched the seats being called and I looked on in abject wretched despair at the fucking window lickers that UKIP had on each stage. If you get PERPETUAL REPRESENTAION these spastics are the only shower of shit the torys can look to for support. Or in other words. Labour dictatorship with a coliseum like show every few years to rubber stamp another term..... F.O.R.E.V.E.R.

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