Saturday, 15 May 2010

Anglia Ruskin hustings

Handing the Labour candidate a spade

Now that the dust has settled and we finally have a coalition government, it seems most of my manisfesto has been adopted after all. He who laughs last...

Hopefully we have now seen the end of the Stasi turning up to arrest 74 year old "dissenters" for putting up a poster in their own window. Warning: Do not click on this link if you have a weak heart


Anonymous said...

Live from Burnbank Calif... its the old Holborn show.


lilith said...

Well done OH :-)

thelunaticarms said...

Who was that heckler? Danski's advisor?

Needed this on before the election as according to Harmann Mk2, You're too "pale and male" for the upcoming transformation.

Political Reform will see not only something other PR introduced but all female, all ethnic and maybe for Mrs Dale, all queer shortlists.

Welcome to the New World. Where the shade, shape or perversion your sexual genitalia matters more than content.

Kit said...

For a soft handed white man you're doing pretty well.

I love the way you shot down the low grade heckler. A valuable lesson in what democracy should be about, i think the message is starting to percolate.

yardarm said...

Any chance of Plod being put under adult supervision under the new regime ?

Richard Henley Davis from The Economic Voice said...

I thought you presented yourself very well OH.

You need to start canvasing now for the next election.

Make it so your the most recognisable face in Cambridge...but for all the right reasons.

Go into pubs on a Friday night in your garb and stand on a table and speak.

The reasons that you came across well is because you stuck to uncomfortable facts which would have made the big 3 wince.

Catflap said...

A bloody good performance OH you hit every nail on the head.
Telling people the truth though appears to be like feeding Caviar to pigs.

Gordon Browns Front Door Key to No. 10 said...

Well done OH, I thought you came across really well and enjoyed watching it. Shame the camera didn't pan across to the Tory candidate to see his face.

Anonymous said...

That was really well done excellent old chap if they didnt vote after that then on there heads be it :-) Jason Sadler I to hate Polititions

Happy voter said...

Fucking right on, OH! Tell the everymans story, and hopefully a few dickheads like that prat in the audience may even consider an alternative to standing in line.

TheBigYin said...

Well done OH, you did what no bloggers would have comtemplated, you got up there and shouted, from the rooftops, what you believe in. You were not shied by the media and you did tell it as you see it, you kunt, we, the people dont want to know this, we would rather stick our heads up our orifices.

Respect for what you did, you deserve it!

PS: I wouldn't have voted for you, you were to truthfull, us plebs cant stand that.

Anonymous said...

Christ, if that's the best you can do I'm amazed you got the number of votes you actually did.

Ron Broxted said...

My guess is had you not overdone the botox injections and worn a nice floral patterned frock with sensible shoes the outcome might have been very different.

Mr Armageddon said...

I take my hat off to you OH they don't like it up them do they, well done would you be planning at standing again !!!

TheBigYin said...

And there lies the truth Ron Broxted, If you wear a suit, collar, and tie but with a knife behind your back you are to be respected, to be believed and feted as a defender of the free world.

I have tried to put OH in the same category as Screeming Lord Such-now deceased, but his Raving Loony party still carries on-but I cant. OH said what we all want to say but we know we cant because we don't want to be ridiculed.

OH, I admire you for having the Edds (Balls) to put your money where your mouth is, even though you knew that the electorate would listen to the people in shiny suits/skirts and not listen to reason.

Now take OH away and hang,draw and quarter him for such done that already...a few hundred years ago...well I'll be buggered.

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