Thursday, 20 May 2010

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Hat tip @sassylad


Kit said...

Another one who has never had a real job and yet somehow thinks he can 'connect' with and represent people.

The only people he can connect with are members of the parasite class.

Joe Public said...

Be a Prat of it?

Anonymous said...

ahem... via @sassylad ;)

Whites to be given yellow stars to wear! said...

A white woman was turned away from applying for a job with a London transport company because she isn’t black, a British newspaper has reported this week.

Marion Ryan, a 40-year-old mother from Clapton in East London, is looking to return to work after taking 18 years out to raise her four children, and so approached Hackney Community Transport (HCT) after seeing an advert for a training position as a bus passenger assistant.

However, upon enquiring into the vacancy at the firm’s head quarters, the Londoner was told by a member of staff at the company that she wasn’t eligible for the post as they were looking to fill the vacancy with an individual from a mixed race, Afro-Caribbean, or Asian background.

caesars wife said...

alas another myloco has put up for sale , bar work useually gives young uns a source of income .

other bit of legislation is ban charities from "chugging" , dont mind them having a stall/promotion/collection if legit and worthy , but its a bit much when they zoom in you with direct sales patter .

BA should set up a new company called antiruin airlines , sell slots and aircraft for £1 to it , re hire all those who a are happy with industry leading job package and let Unite ruin other airlines who offer employess less money .

besides arnt labour bankrupt ??

clockwork ruin ?

Anonymous said...

He's the twat who wants to ban smoking .
Outside ?
Outside ?
Definately a twat.
With plastic hair.

Ron Broxted said...

Balls to Miliband. Malawi Gay Sex.

Could not resist that headline of mine about the Labour leadership battle which now sees the party wanting to reconnect with disaffected voters. You know, disaffected. Like Maya Evans arrested for reading out a list of war dead? Now to the second part. Is the fragrant and sassy Peter Tatchell correct in saying that all the homophobia in sub saharan Africa is due to white colonialism and bum sex loving District Commissioners and missionaries? What of the West Indies where many of my former boyfriends or "wastemen" are also not tolerated? Perhaps Carvers work on Masculinities may prove insightful. Malawi totally despises Britain's liberal attitude to gay rights but is still more than willing to take the U.K's tainted overseas aid money. That's darkies for you.

caesars wife said...

Ok the emergency budget is some time away yet , and euro as a crrency is in serious trouble , I tried to give Toby Baxendales idea some thought , but couldnt help think that you would need regional rather than national banking structure , with BofE having tight control on them , the problem is how you fund the public services which continue to require taxes.

I am no doubt sure fantasy accounting creates paper wealth , which got us into this mess , so readjusting back to a real economy would be quite painfull . The origins of the fail of what today we consider normal banking practice are perhaps evident when you look back at our currency which was used to purchase goods direct from market hence the currency had real value (silver or gold), the currency actually stabilised wages and prices as it was difficult to speculate rather than invest .
What the ruin achieved and perhaps his thoughts on putting to bed capitalism , was to create the most speculative enviroment you could imagine , by using state money to create new markets around hubs , the fact that these new markets did not produce real money and behaved like attractors of finance , bleeding the and destabilising the real economy , is perhaps a question that the likes of Blanchflower should one day have to face .

splitting markets on the back of increased use of products is a neat trick , so that none would notice you would need a personal credit boom to feed it and proclaim the size of the economy had increased .

a great deal of money has gone into public sector projects under the guise of improved efficency , when in actual fact the public sector was needing more money to run it .

there is no example of where high cost public sector has directly increased wealth in the real economy , it still remains the case that goods (property) is different in both function and value to services .Public sector use goods , so you might conclude that increasing the public sector causes a wave of wealth of tide , to keep momentum you have to keep spending, you need momentum so that taxations does not show disparity with income and so public sector wages must also increase .If goods prices increase you cannot expand .

The trick Labour pulled is to make goods cheap by using imports from low cost emerging economies , this was bound to imapair the home economy as the ruin never could achieve (although perhaps the loonies were trying very hard) a total state centralised economy .

It is rather ironic that a huge debt has been run up to impair/ruin the real economy which has been under efficency and cost cutting pressure , efficency that has made unemployment (call centres overseas) and made casino banks that have thrown the juice from the squeeze on inflated specualtions conjured up in the minds of gamblers who saw money and not economies after expensive lunches at downing street .

Throw in a war to wage and a massive beaurocratic layer and expensive service wages and the suckers are those unemployed or in the producer economy having there wealth removed to make it work .

if only Orwell had thought four politically aided bankers good , two working hands bad !

McEgan's Mummy said...

"Ron Broxted, 20 May 2010 23:53

That's darkies for you."

Without doubt, my favourite Broxted comment. Ever.

Keep up the good work, Ron.

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