Friday, 9 April 2010

X- Factor Politics

Well, the big, bad three are making their recommendations, telling us they know what we want. Telling us that their talent to predict what we like is better than us actually telling them what we like. We are watching the auditions, listening to their insults and looking long and hard at what we are being offered.

And once, just once, every five years, we get to say whether Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh or Sharon Osbourne are right. Or completely wrong.

Simon Cowell didn't make Paul Potts a star. The red button on the remote did. Louis Walsh didn't make Susan Boyle a star. An 0900 number did. Sharon Osbourne couldn't give a shit about 12 year old Faryl Smith, she'd prefer a boy band, signed to her own label.

If want to give Clegg, Brown and Cameron the power to make you listen to Jedwood everyday for the next five years, because they know best, carry on as normal. They'll do very well out of you being forced to listen to Jedwood. If however, you'd like to vote for what YOU like, then we are going to have to introduce a red button. No matter how much Simon Cowell objects.

I give you Cameron, Brown and Clegg. All in it for what THEY can get out of it. Ask the people what they want however and everything changes. They want a 12 year old girl, a fat ugly opera singer, or a Scottish minger. And they were right. As usual

Enjoy. No wonder they only ask us what we want twice a decade.

(HQ) Faryl Smith - Final Britain's Got Talent (HQ)


J Demetriou said...

Camero, Clegg and Brown etc, all in it for what THEY can get out of it, you say. I agree, they are.

But OH, what are YOU in it for?

And while you hassle and cajole politicians and ask them awkward questions, why is it that you, a parliamentary candidate, refuse to answer questions about your actions and motives?

Can you answer some of the criticisms Boaty & I raise here?:

Why are you allied with Jury Team and what do you think about the Alliance for Democracy?

What are your opinions about the EDP and the Christian Party, Old Holborn?

Come on Mr Maverick, prove your worth, show how you are so different to the mainstream politicians.

Old Holborn said...

John, did you read the post before you rushed to be the first to comment?

It should answer all your "queries"

J Demetriou said...


You are currently a candidate in a general election campaign, standing on a big lofty maverick's ticket as part of the Jury Team.

And you pointedly fail to answer any questions put to you by Joe Public. Me, I am a tax payer, and if you won, you'd be taking my fucking tax money. You'd be a representative of the people. I therefore demand answers you hypocrite.

Here, try answering these that you deliberately swerved the other evening...

caesars wife said...

That catchey little line from the ruin "do you want to put an X where there is a question mark"

The ruins show of marvels and intrigue hit his home constituancey of Kircaldy , thousands of jobs will be created (yet Timms acknowledges there will be job losses), same old verbs.

CW thinks enjoy the weekend , it will take a confession under torture before the ruin admits , the economys shot , and cuts are the only thing to get the efficiency balances going again .hes telling us all to believe that the levels of growth will return , trouble is he needs a higher level of growth , not only to service the debt , but to halve it .
I lost track of where the figures were , next year or over 3 years they keep changing it , next years protected but following will be cut . Ghurner report identifies .... Ed milliband "there will be back office mergers to save money"
Int "so there will be job losses"
Ed "No there will be efficiences "

X factor more like a mime , have a nice weekend , now where did my braizier and iron rods get to.

Ian R Thorpe said...

It's true that Cowell and Lloyd Webbers shows are more democratic than politics. They can only do so much to manipulate the outcome of a TV vote.

In politics however thewinning party becomes an eleced dictatorship. They cannot be held to account for five years.

Perhaps American style mid terms would help.

We should be wary of too much democracy though. There was more than a grain of truth in the 1970 TV drama The Rise And Rise Of Michael Rimmer. The character, played by Peter Cook, becomes Prime Minister and then tricks people into making him a dictator by putting every piece of government business to referendum until, very quickly, people tire of voting.
The Rise Of Michael Rimmer

Catflap said...

"The knickers are down a bit but they came straight back up.
However after what has been said today, the knickers are starting to fall again..."

Fast forward 4 weeks.

"yes the knickers are dropping no doubt.I can even see some early curly wurleys now,and..., yes I can finaly see,
yes IT'S A CUNT.
A CUNT has won the election"

I just want to get on with it.
All floating voters should be made to vote within 24hours of an election being called.
Or be shot.

Vladimir said...

"Simon Cowell didn't make Paul Potts a star. The red button on the remote did."

Oh come off it! The whole show is rigged. The public does not make a free choice, they make a choice based on what they've been shown, and if it seems like they're voting against Simon Cowell, that's because that's what they are supposed to think.

The X Factor is absolutely the worst example of direct democracy that you could possibly have chosen. The producers, like Dr Goebells, decide what "the people" will want. And then they make "the people" want it.

Our democracy is similar to the X Factor, yes. In many ways. But that's a staggeringly, incredibly and unbelievably bad thing. That's how we've ended up with these useless 646, all afraid to step out of line because if they do, their "producers" will ensure that they're voted off the show. All afraid to think for themselves, speak their minds, or answer a question without asking the Party spin doctor.

So, what the fuck?

Speaking of which, has the Jury Team told you not to answer Demetriou's questions?

J Demetriou said...

It would seem that way, Vlad. JT don't answer me either.

All a bit cloak and dagger this conspiracy of silence going on here.

Now, what does all this remind me of...

...oh yes! Mainstream British politics and Westminster Village!

Old Holborn, Guido, Iain Dale, all the same stools squeezed out of the same arsehole of hypocrisy and stupidity.

Anonymous said...

Guido is state, Dale is to grasping to be trusted but is more trustworthy than Guido, OH is thick as shit but you can trust him.

J Demetriou said...

If I can trust him, then I assume I'll be expecting answers to my questions any time now.


Sciatico said...

So what the fuck do YOU believe in "Demetriou"???

I'm getting tired of your endless whining, Dumbfuck. Fuck the fuck OFF.

Your starting to sound like a Labour mong said...

J Demetriou

I just read your post on the issue and it seems rather trivial, something about a cross party agreement with you doing your best (and pretty much failing with your PC ranting, its called democracy people choose for themselfs nio matter how much you dont like it) to discredit the parties in the alliance.

I have no time for the Parties you mention, but not because they don't meet your approval or are a non PC. as far as i can discern they all appear to be a state construct to syphon of all the groups that mainstreme politics have ignored or abused to steer them away from other more real parties, such as UKIP or the BNP.

So yes i am dissapointed that OH went for one of these groups - jackanory team, as they do appear to be state.

and it clashes with OH claim of being truly independant, but hey - so what?

perhaps he feels he would be too isolated to do it alone and that it would not have much traction.

I believe he believes in the cause, but may be naive about the groups real intentions should i be right in my assumptions, something your research on the individuals appears to show (not the crap your wrote about the policies which is largely irrelevant you mong).

so they try not to compete again other small parties?

Big deal.

Anonymous said...

Demeriou sounds like an ex Labour mong who realised he was being shafted and jumped ship, he has that self rightous Labour conditioning about him that he just can't shake off.
Take a chill pill you muppet.

New Labour - My Arse said...

Demetriou or detritus as I will now refer to to you.

Why would OH wish to respond to such a slumslag of mishmash (I sort of made that up as I went along).

You have 1 vote, cast it with the mongy eye you have. Fuckeyty fuck off OH would like every vote but yours is lost.

Semper Fi or as we say up North. Piss off back to Greece

Mr. A said...

I don't know why Holby shacked up with Jury Team in the first place. He raised most of his campaign funds himself from blog readers, he has his own office etc and Jury Team usually get around 50 votes in most elections so it's not even as if they're bringing an established voter base to the party.

He'd have been better off on his own.

extest said...

Demetriou, keep up the good work, it makes this place interesting. Without your contributions it is just a ruddy echo chamber.

But just one small point: OH is a not a candidate yet, are you, OH ?

Old Holborn said...


The election is May 6th. Cut off for nominations is April 20th.

Hope this helps

Old Holborn said...

John, the Alliance exists because single voices are ignored.

I don't have to agree with what they stand for, neither does the Jury Team.

But it IS important for democracy that every voice is heard. This is why I am running under the Jury Team banner and not as an independent.

JT facilitate the voice of the independent, regardless of their views. Fellow JT candidates have views a million miles from mine and they will face the electorate based on their own personal manifestos, as I will.

I know you don't like it, why would you? It's called democracy.

J Demetriou said...

oh: "John, the Alliance exists because single voices are ignored."

Look, single voices of what? Single voices? There's no point going for election unless you stand for something unique. That EDP, the Christians and JT got together must signify some vague common goal, purpose and ideological creed. It must do.

JT do have a manifesto that you yourself are bound to.

There is a clear and avowed link then, between the parties and the one you are signed up to.

You fail to recognise this, which means something is amiss. I wonder what that could be.

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