Friday, 2 April 2010

What have we lost?

What We Have Lost

PS. Good article here


Ampers said...

Thanks for that, OH.

I have downloaded it both in PDF and text format.

Text to blog the first bit with a link to read further, and PDF to send to as many of my political colleagues as possible.

Ignore some of your critics, since you started standing you blog has improved. If we want the other, there is always "Grumpy Old Twat" who I follow avidly ;-)


Fausty said...

Ampers, you're a star! I agree totally!

Catflap said...

When you get a speeding ticket you are coerced into accepting guilt by the threat of the fine doubling.
If that does not put you off Pleading your innocence.
Then facing an expert witness in court provided by an ACPO subsiderary might change your mind.
All court costs including the ACPO company will be found against you in the event you lose.
How many innocent motorists will just accept guilt?
Fucking scandelous.

Anonymous said...

How did you get hold of that picture of Ed Balls.

Atheist Ranter said...

Funny thing about our 'rights', for instance we DO have the right NOT to be tortured but we DO NOT have the right to life.

Paragraph 2 of the Human Rights Act 1998 states:
"Deprivation of life shall not be regarded as inflicted in contravention of this Article when it results from the use of force which is no more than absolutely necessary:

b) in order to effect a lawful arrest or to prevent the escape of a person lawfully detained;
c) in action lawfully taken for the purpose of quelling a riot or insurrection."

So there's the get-out clause - riot and you can be legally killed!

But you can't be shouted at by a nasty big man because that's torture!


Cunt spotter said...

What a total fuckin knobhead cunt!

Anonymous said...

To add insult to injury our paid representatives have not lifted a finger to prevent this. Just sat on their hands or shuffled bovinely through the lobby when ordered to do so. Perhaps they were preoccupied with working out a new angle to approach the expenses trough from.?

What a farce of a democracy.

FTAC Watch said...

No mention of the Fixated Threat Assessment Centre (FTAC), but there again there wouldn't be.

They are able to scare far too many people into silence. Except me, but I am alone.

w/v: object
nice one!

demo-grafick said...

worse, what we have gained - dreams and dreams of stultifying scribble by boring four-eyed student cunts who want to get prizes for whingeing on about it. why can't they just get out, sit-in and turn on the authorities like in the good old days

Anonymous said...

Over 500 signatures and you get an answer.

Mr T said...

Catflap said: "When you get a speeding ticket you are coerced into accepting guilt by the threat of the fine doubling."

It's actually much worse than: if you're caught be a 'safety' scamera you have no right to silence. At all. If you don't tell the woodentops who was driving - thereby incriminating yourself if you were the one behind the wheel - they'll prosecute for failing to give them the info and you'll lose your license. Utter utter bastards.

See all the stuff on the right to silence at

adrian said...

izz coz we is white innit.

izz coz we is white innit

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