Saturday, 17 April 2010

"We'll fight fair" say all Cambridge Candidates. Except one.

I notice that the Cambridge News is saying

CANDIDATES in Cambridge have signed up to a pledge to fight a "clean" campaign.

Green Party candidate Tony Juniper instigated the idea, which commits candidates to refrain from personal attacks, not to mislead the public about who is likely to win – and to make only "honest and reasonable" promises.

Mr Juniper said it was designed to "help restore trust at a time when faith in politicians is at a low ebb".

The signatories are Martin Booth (Cambridge Socialists), Peter Burkinshaw (UKIP), Julian Huppert (Liberal Democrats), Nick Hillman (Conservative Party), Tony Juniper (Green Party) and Daniel Zeichner (Labour Party).

Mr Juniper said: "I take it as a very positive sign that all the Cambridge candidates have decided to take this pledge.

"As it is a pledge of faith, we will trust the voters of Cambridge to act as the judge as to whether or not the individual candidates stick to this pledge.

"I hope we can have an honest and respectful debate which shines a light on policies rather than resorting to political point-scoring.

"If I am elected as MP I also pledge not to abuse the expenses system, to retain my home in Cambridge, to hold regular surgeries for residents to raise issues with me, and to respond promptly to communications from residents."

Mr Booth said: "On behalf of Cambridge Socialists I am pleased to sign up and would also add a few pledges of our own if I were to be elected, namely – to only accept the average pay of a manual worker (about £21,000 pa); not to perform any paid work in addition to my MP’s duties; not to accept any ‘expenses’ other than those essential for representing the people of Cambridge.

Mr Burkinshaw said: "I agreed to this – except I have not undertaken not to make personal attacks on other party leaders and their crews."

Mr Hillman said: "The problems facing Britain and Cambridge are so big that we must focus on the issues that matter – and not the flim-flam that undermines politics and disengages voters."

Mr Huppert said: "I am delighted that the other parties are signing up to these pledges, which have been the Liberal Democrat approach for many years, and which I entirely support."

Mr Zeichner said: "I’m very happy to sign up and I’m happy to let the public decide who best upholds the pledge."

Well, I'm not signing. No one mentioned a pledge before politicians decided to thieve millions from us, treat us with utter contempt, shit on our civil liberties, tax us until we bleed, take us to war, introduce 42 days detention and ignore us for 5 years, even if MILLIONS of us marched against their plans. Have you even bothered to ask the people of Cambridge if they agree?

If you have something to hide from the electorate of Cambridge, I WILL find it. Yes, I'm talking to you Julian Huppert, Daniel Zeichner, Nick Hillman, Martin Booth and Peter Burkinshaw.

As our current masters love to tell us, "Nothing to hide, nothing to fear". Oh, and I'm very very good at it.

This is exactly how it starts.

And ends up with moat cleaning, false mortgages, house flipping and floating fucking duck houses.


Write up in the TAB


Anonymous said...

Sounds as if some of them would regard the exposure of corruption and nepotism as "flim flam".

Old Holborn said...


Can't remember my moniker said...

Good for you OH

Catflap said...

Why should the candidates of the non troughing parties sign a pledge not to trough?
Let that honour be the LibLabCons only.
Good for you OH telling them to stick it.

Can't remember my moniker said...

Hey, I've just thought further! You could challenge them all to give a cast iron undertaking that if they were adjudged to have broken their "pledge" that they would withdraw their candidacy, whatever stage the campaign had reached. Who would accept? If they did accept, would it be worth the paper it is not printed on?

Tarquin said...

Saw you today in Cambridge OH - that gave me a shock, didn't actually realise you were running til yesterday

I also saw two coppers walking your way out of lion yard...

good luck, I've been convincing my colleagues to vote for you

Old Holborn said...

This is exactly how it starts.

And ends up with moat cleaning, false mortgages, house flipping and floating fucking duck houses.


RantinRab said...

Sounds like they all have something to hide.

johnny nunsuch said...

a green candidate "honest and reasonable" best laugh of the day

Anonymous said...

I hope you do well in Cambridge, OH.

I suspect that this is merely prospective MPs trying to neutralise debase. You're right cosy arrangements lead to the trough, in an 'every one does it' sort of way.

If ever there was a time to expose these people it's when they are suddenly 'nice' to the electorate.


Anonymous said...

That Eddie Izzard is a cunt!

RantinRab said...

I would pay serious money to be able to punch Mr Izzard in the face.

caesars wife said...

you make a point OH ! if only we had believed the ruin had ended boom and bust .

somthings happening , well in Cambridge at any rate .

Old Holborn said...

I actually know his niece.

I'm in the third row here.

I'm sure Labour thinks this will win them a general election. Good for them

Ron Broxted said...

Your are not even elected yet already you are being sucked into the sleazy corrupt system that is now British politics.Take a reality check OH before you become yet another troughing greed bastard. By the way don't believe anything a green party member tells you.luv.
Go for the Pink vote, I have thousands of gay friends who will support you luv.

Old Holborn said...

thanks for that Rohan

Old Holborn said...

Ps. I especially liked the line

"I have served my past patients well as a psychiatrist . None of my patients committed suicide."

Now fuck off and take your filth elsewhere.

Catflap said...

Celebrities should be banned from making any political statements.
Some pricks will actualy think they are voting for Eddie Izzard for fucks sake.
What the fuck has he or Micheal Cain got to do with anything?
Dry,dusty,deliberated,boring politics is what we need with old men who have done military service wearing top hats sitting in the HoCs chamber.
"A bit more than a fucking hot dog,you know what I mean?"

J Demetriou said...

Ron Broxted is Rohan as in Henry North London?

Seriously? Jesus Christ on a bike. Scary stuff.

Old Holborn said...

John, as I keep trying to tell you, this is a big boys game, not something newbies can just jump into and expect the water to be warm.

Stick to £5 in Texas Hold 'em in the local wine bar.

Before you shout back some aimless, pointless shite, take a deep breath speak to those who know how this works.

And I'm being nice to you. God knows why.

J Demetriou said...

'Cos ya love me really, Holbers. You mad old bonkers freak.

So what are you polling at the moment, any ideas?

Old Holborn said...

I have no idea.

Probably 0.00001%

Although this anonymous bloke in a mask did an in depth interview with the BBC today and the Cambridge News

If this anonymous bloke wins, anyone in a mask can turn up at Parliament, claiming to represent Cambridge.

Wouldn't that be fun?

J Demetriou said...

Oh, Holby, I almost feel sorry for you.

Why aren't you honest about the whole mask thing? You wear a mask, because you genuinely want to protect your identity for personal reasons.

There's nothing wrong at all with that. But why come up with this fake bravado? Just be honest.


There's no point in trying to reason with you. You'd say the moon was made of cheese and night was day if someone tried to point you in the right direction.

Old Holborn said...

The moon is not made of cheese and night is not day.


self defeating campaign said...

OH why don't you stand aside for the UKIP guy?

He should get a lot more votes than you and at least he wants to get us out of the EU, which is the the road to total tyrany.

why dilute his protest vote?

while the UKIP guy may not win if he gets a good turn out this time it sets him up for next time.

unless we get out of the EU we have no parliment.

stanfding against UKIP and your constant smearing of the BNP will result in one thing - the EUSSR total control and NO elections.

You have to be pragmatic about these things, not act like an arse in a hollywood costume.

You vote will be minimal but even so why detract, it will have no effect on the main parties, they will just laugh about you.

Furor Teutonicus said...

Mr Juniper said: "I take it as a very positive sign that all the Cambridge candidates have decided to take this pledge.

Well, ther is one fucking lying twat for a start. Or do they not consider you a candidate?

Old Holborn said...

@Self defeating campaign

Funnily enough, the Labour bloke has been going round telling everybody not to stand as it dilutes the vote and gives people too much choice as well.

I would prefer 10,000 candidates as oppossed to Saddam and Stalins favourite number. One

Fausty said...

Can't help suspecting that these consensus politicos have something to hide. Consensus in combative system, such as ours, is a dangerous thing.

If a politician is responsible for bullying (thanks for that post on my blog, Holby) and hushes it up with our tax money, then I want to know about it.

woman on a raft said...

Mr Zeichner said: "I’m very happy to sign up and I’m happy to let the public decide who best upholds the pledge". The promise is to refrain from personal attacks.


Eddie [Izzard], who stars in a new Labour TV ad, worked the crowd like a pro. His visit is sure to be a major boost for Zeichner [Labour] He also slagged off Dave Cameron, check out the video below.



Ex Coventry Goalie said...

I shall vote for Eddie Lizard anytime! He's not only a great guy, but also a great laff.

Anonymous said...

It was thought that the faux Ron was D.G.Haslam, a failed fruitcaked from Norfolk.

Happy voter said...

OH. Got your invite or do they want to freeze you out?

Ron Broxted said...

Little Artyom has been sent back to Russia, causing a proud nation to halt all adoptions to the U.S. This will have a knock-on effect with Kazakhstan, who have just ratified the Hague convention and are updating their antediluvian administration. If adoptions are not finalized by May then it will be a long wait. When my gay friends went to collect theirs from the orphanage they were reminded of "the little boy who died in America". Tragic cases of neglect are used to spin a certain line. Kazakhstan has a nice little side line in making money from adoptions. It is lucrative, the Foreign Office in London are in on it too. Finally, I met two really nice constables in the Central Library in Belfast admittedly they had been called to throw me out after other users complained I smelt as if I had crapped myself. Why cannot I use the library even if I smell? Is it now illegal to study books? Ideas can be dangerous, they entail thought crime. They can alter things and effect regime change.

1796. A fiercely determined band of pioneers leaves Maryland after misinterpreting a passage in the Bible. Their destination: New Sodom. said...

o/t: a decent'ish article in the Grauniad.

Now we know the truth. The financial meltdown wasn't a mistake – it was a con.

Won't catch on, like, and very much behind the curve, but worth a read anyway.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the dodgy careerists all want to sign this pact just to try and point out that you're an evil libertarian - it stinks.
Were you even asked to sign it or are you telling them to stick it before you ever are?
...and the guy which said he's glad all have decided to sign is obviously dismissing you as a loon.
Well, loon or not, I hope he feels suitably embarrassed when you beat him to become MP.

Ron Broxted said...

"The Prisoner".
ITV, 21.30. Last night. WTF? I feel as if I had an hour stolen from my life, that if you can call it a life. Compare the re make of The Prisioner say with with the Night Garden Cebebies which is dire but at least has interesting and exciting plots. Wife swapping in Wales, who would have thought it? As for swapping Wales for Namibia the makers of this iconic 1960s psychedelia with a giant fucking beach ball, had baddies with English accents and a clean cut all American central figure battling a cock eating demon in the form of Sir Ian MacKellern. Ooh Matron, let's lower the age of consent for boys. I am sure my former north London psychiatrist could fathom it, even if he couldn't me. I alas,I could not but then only until recently I thought Hitler's first name was Heil.
By the way why did the original prisoner just stick a fucking hat pin in the big white ball? Simples.

Uncle Cobbley's Goalpost Jumpers said...

@Ex Coventry Goalie:

You are David Icke, and I claim my 5 pounds!

Anonymous said...

Is the King of all witches going to sign this pledge?

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