Thursday, 29 April 2010

Truth matters


catflap said...

If that was the lefty Indy who made the vid they can stick it.
The more left wing Britain has become under both the Labs and Cons the more our freedom has become eroded.
The one world tree hugging motherfuckers are Nazi's in disguise.

Catflap said...

Another observation:
Looks like the Indy are pump primeing their second choice lefty gang,the LibDems by the look of that vid OH.

NWO main propagandist rag said...

The indy? now that is ironic in true orwellian style, the main cheerleader for the NWO and progressive(communist wonkthink).

If you want to know what the NWO are about to unleash, check the Indy it is their chief mouthpiece and propaganda sheet.

If the NWO support it, so do the indy!

Nothing independant about it, 100% NWO propaganda.

Nick2 said...

Nice video - but it (predictably) overlooked the dodgy donations that the Lib Dems have received & refused to refund.

I read the Independent from issue 1, but gave up after a year or two. It was boring then, but seemingly balanced. Now it is even more hysterically left wing than the Grauniad. And it's still boring.

For some reason our road is currently receiving free 'election' issues of the Indie, despite the various 'no free newspapers' signs going up along it. Presumably they persist as we are included in their circulation figures?

I hate liberal appeasers said...

Tomorrows terrorists given laptops:

Anonymous said...

'Governments should fear you', Yeah right.

And just how do you make a Government fear an unarmed people? Damned if the Independent knows.

And does that ‘Government’ include the EU, which we have fuck all say in?

Typical leftist crap. They champion policies that guarantee less democracy and then make wankey pompous videos bemoaning the lack of democracy.

Anonymous said...

Great to read the comments here, all well informed.

Seems the Euronazi propaganda has not destroyed everyones soul or rotted everyones brain just yet.

Anonymous said...

OH here is a funny pic of Cameron, may need to crop it slighty?

caesars wife said...

CW went to a hustings last night hall was stuffed with more activists than voters , some questions led to fairly scripted answers but one or two were more open . What amazed me was how confidently guff history was peddled by the left .When one actually voter why the bus service was in such a state and so expensive , labour candidate blamed Mrs thatchers privatisation laws. CW pondered it was 20 yrs since a thatcher government and 13 yrs of labours rule and all they could do was blame somthing from 20yrs ago and i had all on to hold my tongue when Labour candidate assured us all that his party was delivering on the economy and it was in safe hands under the ruin .But the lefties were certainly planting the debate questions .

It was intersting how many small business people were against the NI increase , and they do have to look after the books unlike public finance .

R4 just talked about debt per household (when you include PFI and next 4 yrs borrowings ) as being £90,000 , so how does someone on benefits pay it back ?? ergo productive economy has even more to pay.

As for independents its hard to say as there is quite a bit of left and right tactical positioning which squeezes the independents in what is looking like some big choices being voted on. 7days to go .

caesars wife said...

If the kerry mcarthy story is true on her recieving postal vote counts and twittering them , that is seriosuly wrong . The result is declared on election night after the full count has been done , there is no first look situation , useually postal votes are just thrown in to general count , does this mean she knows how certain people voted also ?

Thers a postal enquiry going on in derby city council as a man was asking people if they would fill out postal vote forms !

certainly will need to be carefull for dirty tricks and tampering with boxes ,postal votes and the count in this election ,

Anonymous said...

CW goes off on another blue rinse ramble talking about nothing.

Why dont you vote UKIP CW seeing as dave is a socialist and backs an undemocratic socialist police state the EUSSR?

You are the problem CW not the so called lefties - YOU.

Anonymous said...

Also CW you blue rinse sheeple, the Conservatives have been involved in their fair share of electoral fraud, the whole system is corrupt and all the while you vote for the system parties you aid in the corruption.

You endorse it, and you endorse the socialist superstate the EUSSR with your vote for the pretend Conservatives.

Nick2 said...

Not everyone can vote UKIP - they're not standing in every constituency (and not in mine, unfortunately).

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Kerry mcCarthy in deep shit for publishing the results of some postal votes via Twitter.

Twitter tsar, my arse.

caesars wife said...

I thank anon contributions and musing over where my poltics are in contrast to his/her posts empty gesture arguments . Go on post somthing on debate ?

Cameron gave a pretty good performance throughout and I wonder if many answers still got traction , the ruin just about staved off total podium failure but he came close a couple of times.Clegg didnt get going but revelealed some sensetive points , he interupted when Dave was making his commitments to key benefits and got rather tense on education . The one I enjoyed was when cameron picked up on new build VAT in Lib dem manifesto and clegg seemed to get stuck .
The rhetoric on bankers pay probebly made people angry as it lacked jsutice , but I realised the fall in manufacturing was due to an extraordinarly bad business policy which has left the SMES unto the fire storm . The sweetners given out over the years , may have been to help the banks or favoured foriegn investment . some businesses have only lasted as long as the sweetners which is not only flawed but gives the wrong impression about what was really happening to manufacturing in areas where labour councils handed out business rebates to some business but not others .
The scandel that wind turbines are not made in the UK shows another lie about business .
As for the Cleggs love of sheffield and his desire to use assetts to fund other areas ,Sheffield had a fire sale of council owned assets s few years ago , and many people wondered how come "common wheal" assets bought by there taxes could be sold off to fund wreckless project spends , but the again the ruin sold half the Gold off so similar thinking .

Housing needs some more thought , I prefer housing asscoiations , more so with green energy technology comming better , they should be viewed like the high quality housing of old as long term investment , owned by a special kind of financial institute , which sets rents at a level that includes renovations but also rebuilding over long return periods . i would take them out of council budgets completely , but subject to some strict costs and transparency , but allow for people moving areas and action for troublesome residents and a method for changes to type of property required when life circumstances change .
having seen how some developements work where ownership has been allowed and the council ones have been done up and the owned havent , making nice residential areas is a bit of problem where hosuing needs refurbishing .

On radio the ruin sounded hollow/desperate and on TV clegg seemed wobbly at times and people got a better measure of if cleggmania was little more than a taelent show contender rather than a PM .
On EU keep the £ was OK , but CW views on EU would like to see some reversals on what have been ideaolically socialist assett raids/sell offs and outside control of what is ultimately employment .
Immigration was answered well , but still have that bad taste that the ruin has done somthing awful that has no sweet medicine Cleggs lack of clarity did him harm .

I think Dave did well , but clearly a few lib dem snags and hooks to resolve although support for libs is not as strong as it was , as people have opened the box and just found his signed media photo with kisses on it .
Still find it incredible that debt problem couldnt be articulated in that it will just hoover up growth which looks like being weak if not worse with euozone ecnomics in trouble.

caesars wife said...

vote for Dave the Euro puppet because he's er...Not Gordon?

Now i'm off to watch xfactor with my nice new blue rinse freshly groomed for Dave to wish him luck in the `debate` tonight.

Wonde if his EU rubber stamp will have a Conservative tree logo?

Sound and Fury said...

Need cheering up?
This is an ex-Gordon!

If anyone wants to perform this for a Youtube video, they're welcome

Sound and Fury reports from Cambridge.

undrump said...

caesar's wife said: "R4 just talked about debt per household (when you include PFI and next 4 yrs borrowings ) as being £90,000 , so how does someone on benefits pay it back ?? ergo productive economy has even more to pay."

I doubt the Government (of whatever colour) has any intention of it being paid back. We haven't done much of that in the past. They will just keep rolling it over and making us make the interest payments.

It puts Britain firmly in the hands of the finance markets as they can make our interest costs rocket on a whim, on a rumour, on an unguarded comment in the back of an armoured Jag when the mask has come off, your accent has got stronger and you're sounding a lot more camp.

Sound and Fury said...

Actually, here's how governments deal with debt...
(one of my first articles, from a year and a day ago).

wv: sectio (Brown should be sectioned)

caesars wife said...

LOl OH Tony juniper is seeing poll leads and stands a real chance of sucess in cambridge :Guardian

any elephant poo slinging for sat yet !

To the fake CW :blue rinse sheeples not cutting the business for you ?? you cant vote Labour and libs are like BBQ party when bad wether is forcast . UKIP is variable in quality , some seem sensible with a hint of tory , but one I qued up to talk to was on about wierd global warming conspiracies , but wasnt sure how much rainforest should be reinstated .

I cant complain i give plenty out , so you have to take it aswell , however I wager my blue rinse will win your chicken nuggets party any day !

microdave said...

This would be the same "truthful" Independent that had alarmist front page headlines recently, supporting the Global Warming con-trick?

Ron Broxted said...

CIRA in County Armagh and Brown goes down.

At the junction of Middletown Road and the main road into Armagh City is a large sign "CIRA. Still at it supplying drugs to the young and thieving". It is stencilled with a silhouette of a republican volunteer,holding a bag of smack. It is in a prominent place. Does this not give the lie to Chief Constable Baggott and his assurances that everything is under control? Billy, Davy, Robby and Sammy from the Orange Lodge, sorry, PSNI/RUC/B Specials seem to have lost the "war of territory" that Von Clausewitz banged on about.
Now to last nights slaughter on the BBC. watching the debate in a room with some students, I like hanging about with young impressionable students as they believe my crap. I put aside my loathing for Brown/Blair/the jokers who stripped Britain of a thousand years of freedom and liberty. Yet still I found that the beautifully formed Nicolas Clegg..Oooh matron, while lacking political substance was far above chin-less Bullingdon wonder Cameron and Brown the Communist clown. As his strengths lay in the economy (supposedly) one would have thought that Gordon would have shone. He failed to do so. This therefore only leaves the BNP if you value your country and freedom.
Finally, I have written the final draft of my letter to Strasbourg. The Crime & Security Bill 2010 should have been aborted. Ill drafted, anti-thetical to basic human rights and flying in the face of the Marper ruling it is time to come to close terms with those who would oppress us. Now then, how does one get a visa for Pakistan or maybe some other Muslim state where boys are for pleasure and women for reproduction purposes only? Slurp slurp.
Don't forget the BNP needs your Votes. Vote early and often.

Anonymous said...

"People should not fear the government.
Government should fear you."

No, there should be no government.

its the answer they never give, the alternative that is never offered...


says it best!

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