Wednesday, 7 April 2010

This Is Not Democracy, It Is Smoke And Mirrors For The Corrupt State

....governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed; that whatever form of government becomes destructive of these ends; it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it.


I was flying back to the UK yesterday so I caught the beginning of the Parliamentary Gurning competition on the Sky News Channels in various airport lounges.

What is apparent is that the political classes still not ‘get it’, they are still playing the same old baby kissing routine that they think passes for democracy, so that they can get their feet firmly jammed under the table and carry on with the same elective dictatorship for another five years. For them the Expenses scandal never happened for them, the Rotten Parliament never happened for them, the vast influx of immigration never happened for them, the Surveillance State never happened for them, and foreign wars of aggression and invasion voted for by Parliament never happened for them.

Let us be clear what we do not want is more of the same, in 1997 the country largely drew a collective breath of Thank God, as the Tories were thrown out. The vote then as I fear now will be a vote to get this crowd out. To what end? It is just a treadmill of buggins turn.

Unless there is real constitutional change, not the flim flam of Cameron’s talk of change, we are in for a very bad time. Power must be taken back from Whitehall to the people of the country that means having the courage to cause a Constitutional crisis not seen since the 1830’s.

The Labour Party does not deserve anybodies vote after their ruinous thirteen years, however they have gerrymandered the vote by creating one million public sector jobs, and turkeys do not vote for Christmas, each one of us will be forced to pay £300 per annum to bail out the public sector pensions deficit. We will be asked to do this without complaint or riot.

Mandelson who for me signifies everything that is corrupt and putrid about the British State, knows that Brown is a vote loser that is why we had the ‘team’ photo on the steps of Downing Street, instead of Brown the Leader as a vote winning asset. For me this is the ultimate defensiveness and is a clear indicator that Brown is going to lose this election, only being supported by his client state so assiduously built up over thirteen years.

The Tories do not want ‘change’ they want power, it is as crude and as simple as that. I have not seen any undertaking of rolling back the security state, but I have heard promises of ‘in your face policing’, I have not heard undertakings of constitutional reform. No, they are promising you the same old authoritarian State. The Tories voted for War, The Tories promised to match pound for pound spending by Labour before the crash. They will say and do anything for political power using the same old corrupt ‘Parliamentary Democracy’. Vote for them if you will to ‘get the others out’ but that is what happened in 1997 and look at what happened.

The Social Democrats (forget the word Liberal, they are not) will jump into bed with Labour rather than the Tories to prop up a discredited regime. They change their mind at the drop of a hat and have no philosophy being the mongrel result of the mating of two disparate parties. Their record in local Government should not be allowed to be replicated at national level.

As a Historian I know how much blood has been shed to obtain the vote, therefore to not vote is almost a sacrilege. This election threatens to have one of the lowest turnouts in one hundred years, through ignorance, apathy and the general feeling that voting only returns the government. Largely the apathy is caused by the ‘safe seat’ syndrome. If the North wants to have a knee jerk socialist state, they can have one in the North by creating a Swiss style Canton that raises its own funds and redistributes amongst their own. Do not ask the other cantons to subsidise their Soviet. I can guarantee that within a year the true cost will cause internal emigration.

The two choices are not to Vote, therefore depriving ‘the government’ of legitimacy. Any Government that gets less than 50% of the popular vote is not a legitimate government and can be opposed at every level. The other is to vote for minor parties or independents, which is the only way we can end the prospect of another Rotten Parliament, and another minority government in terms of the vote inflicting their extremist views on individuals.


Anonymous said...

The North would love to be separate from the rest of the country.

Happy Voter said...

Before going to the polling station, look at Tony McNulty, look at Alan Duncan and take a long hard look at yourself.

Anonymous said...

Corrupt politicians for a oorrupt state (and that includes ALL PPCs)

Yes OH, thats you as well!

Demetrius said...

What worries me is that relatively, compared to many of us, you are an optimist.

Dr Johnson said...

"as a Historian..."

Hee hee....

Anonymous said...

> This Is Not Democracy, It Is Smoke And Mirrors For The Corrupt State

Is that why Old Holborn is legitimising the process by standing as a candidate, thereby giving succor to those who dismiss our concerns as minority views?

It's not just the parties that are corrupt - it's the entire rotten system. I shall be spoiling my paper with the words "governed only under duress" and advise you all to do the same.

Stay Resolute said...

Annonymong said:

"The North would love to be separate from the rest of the country."

A bit ambiguous, does that mean you are for or against the idea?

"My" MP is the guide dog who is followed around by a former Home Secretary (Sheffield - Brightside, for the hard of understanding).

Us "Up North" are held hostage by vested interests & the fact that people aren't required to pass a sanity test before being allowed to vote.

Labour is hated, but opposition votes are diluted & the usual stuff secures it for them anyway (eg: "helping" the effniks with their postal votes, etc).

My vote will not stop Labour, but I'll still vote anyway.

henry said...

OH said:

"The two choices are not to Vote" or "vote for minor parties or independents"

There is a third way.

Choose not to entertain the notion of the current state if things and become a 'Freeman' who abides by common law only.

Government only maintains power by the fact that people are willing to take part (give consent) and indulge it. Simply say no to any policy and stick to 'common law'.

If enough people say NO to government policy then government will fall (without the need for revolution, bloodshed or whatever) and common sense will prevail.

In fact, if enough residents of a particular place decided to 'follow through' with a bloodless revolution by saying NO. You could effectively govern your own household, road, village, town etc... by mutual consent of the residents involved. And more so, you could even establish your own currency - and if you had enough GDP it would be accepted at any exchange for pounds, dollars or euros. This is completely legal.

It was just a thought ...

Anonymous said...

I applaud your argument advising people not to vote. I myself am running a No Vote Counts campaign to encourage people to exercise their voting privilege by not voting on May 6th, by not endorsing the corrupt system. I don't agree with all that you say, particularly with regard to Socialism, but I am with you on this.

skynine said...

We should all vote however the most powerful message for politicians is to spoil the paper.

We need a "None of the above vote" to sweep the UK.

Catflap said...

My Conservative MP is in a safe seat so I will vote UKIP or BNP as will a lot of people I know.
To send a message to him to take back to Parliament.
The Conservatives have to get right of centre and really get serious about Europe and all related shit.
Europhiles should have no place in the Conservative party at all, let alone get their way as they are doing and have done for the last40 odd years.

Dame Davina Pancake said...

Sorry Holby, but although I will have to force myself to do it, I shall vote Tory - I agree with your comment - not to vote is sacrilege, but I believe that a vote for anything other than Davey-boy (and I am NOT a fan) is risking another five years of the Gorgon - truly unthinkable. (However, I am encouraging my parents who live in Cambridge to take a slightly different view).


Davina x

Junican said...

I have said this before elsewhere. What would the position be if less that 50% of the people voted in a General Election? Would any government have any legitimacy? Would any government have any right to give orders? I do not remember ever reading anything which addresses this very important constitutional question. If more than 50% do not vote, are the majority of the people, in effect, saying, "We do not want to be governed by any of you and we do not accept any of your laws"? Would the Queen, literally, have to take over the government of the country?

If my thoughts are correct, it would explain the constant exhortation by all political parties to the people to get out and vote. They would hate to find themselves unpaid and excluded from the general trough.

Make you think, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...

> "We do not want to be governed by any of you and we do not accept any of your laws"

How about we all spoil our ballot papers with this to make the point perfectly clear?

adrian said...

Best of Luck OH, but I'll be voting BNP, doesn't affect you as I'm not in Cambridge.

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