Thursday, 15 April 2010

The 'Stepford Leaders' Debate

As a fully paid up politics junkie, DIY SOS was a far better bet.

The whole farce was a snapshot of how the politicians and hacks treat us.

The Audience were compelled to sit there in stony silence listening to how these three idiots were going to spend THEIR money, Dear God, they were also wired up to some machine to allow MORI to gauge their reaction.

I did not look at the 'Leaders' I looked at the faces of the audience, how many did you count chewing their lips in suppressed rage.

Alistair Stewart (allowed out from his 'Stop Police you are wonderful' persona) was the ref. Why o why him ?

The questiontime format is far better, where if an ego driven politician is talking
bilge, the audience erupts into a cacophony of rage and groans.

This was a beauty contest without the beauties, a complete and utter waste of time.

We the people should be partaking in OUR democracy, not sitting in a stony silence wired up to a machine. We get just one chance to vote in a rigged system and we are told to collectively told shut up and be quiet. No wit,No style,No flair - sanitised to death.

This is a dystopia from 1984 and bladerunner. The Prisoner remake starts Saturday, how apt.


Reimer said...

Cameron was personable in the prescribed manner, Clegg was "We were there first", and Gordon seemed more than ever like a tractor-stats-spouting robot with chimp ears. God help you if you need a sub-Yank-style charade like this to enable you to choose between Tweedle-Dum, Tweedle-Dee and Tweedle-Doo.

Dazed And Confused said...

I've always thought that the third charade in this particular series will be the one that's remembered by the voting public, and as that ones held by the BBC, it'll be all hands on deck for Gordon.

Anonymous said...

Watched the prisoner remake when it was on in the US.
Expecting it would be as crap as brown but it was like Cameron's performance tonight: OK, but could be better.

So in that way it was like Clegg that it beat expectations.

I was saying that like the last episode of the prisoner the audience should shout "I,I,I,I.." when ever they say I and also have to have a shot of drink too - then see if they make the 90mins!

Seems even liberty woman on questiontime doesn't want us to get to choose important things and the libdem guy agreed- it's a lot more telling than the leaders thing.

Anonymous said...

My advice is to vote for any fucker but the fannies that those three represent. Fuck the lot. I'd vote OH if I were anywhere near the cunt.

Ampers said...

I think OH's summing up was about right.

I watched it from start to finish.

The only enjoyable thing about the whole ninety minutes was I had a bottle of Zubrowka (Polish Vodka).

I only meant to have a couple of doubles, but I finished half a bottle and a whole carton of apple juice.

And the only consolation here is that "experts" say the NHS are going to treat people with damaged livers, a course of dark chocolate! (I kid you not!)

ceasars wife (ash thursday edition) said...

I did a fair bit of watching the post debate giblets inspection, i dont know if clegg playing pocket billards or the ruins claw or camerons in the pressure cooker , made it any better . The bit i didnt notice when watching the debate was how same old the ruin was .It felt a bit automated at times and in this round was tepid and seemed to me to be gouging out the ruins old mortar .
cleeg was champagne with an umbrella , cameron a crisp dry white and the ruin tennats special brew or Auld reekie !
I am not quite sure why Clegg seemed to do better as when you analyse what he said it was little different , it wasnt because of x factor either , slightly pugialist , i disliked his reach out and make some special moments , as in his case it avoided policy , but they all had a bit of lure for the voter . Qt was more fun when ed milliband tried to cut of audience members spot on crtique of Imeldas legacy , applause . If viewing figs were 6 million they must have been pretty sure about the ruin and probebely needed a stiff drink . Yet there are those that reckon this TV debate is the new progress like America , CW is of course as troubled as many folk about what has happened to our parliament and didnt see much special in what was served up tonight , but if you really think the USA has got democracy right , you should listen to a presidential radio broadcast , which origionally intended to bring the president to your living room in the post ww2 era , is nearer a bout of thrush or piles these days.

It was beauty contest and agree with a fair bit of what you said OH , can you have a beauty contest of convicts ?? perhaps that is why it felt clegg got the better , new boy done good , or bad boy on the make .

I cant make out why the format didnt really cut into the ruins legacy more , but there were some deft moves even if a bit formulaic .

It was certainly painfull watching the ruin spout his bullcrap which coloured the whole show for me , but then again I perhaps want medieval justice too much . Plaid and SNP even got s few cheap shots in a very crowded night .

Nick Glegg with the extra Peg said...

I just sensed the ladies liked me, and whatever I said they would believe me, and at the end of the day I'm English. I'm the type of guy they would love to marry their daughters in the hope that they could have a crack at me after a few G&T's. Game set and match. Paddy Pantsdown rang me afterwards and told me he had just put a fifty quid bet on me with William Hills. Yes it was the Sex Factor Show with a Subo who couldn't sing, one half of Jedwood and me, a white washed cross between Obama and Bill Clinton.

Anonymous said...

The highlight was the Gorgon's makeup.

I've seen better looking corpses.

Apart from that, a pile o' shite.

Henry Crun said...

"Alistair Stewart (allowed out from his 'Stop Police you are wonderful' persona) was the ref. Why o why him ?"

Is he still on community service for drink driving?

The BNP won the debate said...

Nick Griffins comments on the debate - Nick won!

Anonymous said...

Car crash TV, for those who didn't see it, here's a full and unedited transcript:

McDoom: Mandy says I can only say "Protecting police, hospitals, schools"

CMD: "Tax on jobs"

Li'l Nicky: "We're different"

That's 90 minutes of my life I'll not see again.

Stop Common Purpose said...

OH's name is on the list:

Reimer said...

Upon reflection perhaps the significance of the (non) event was not in the awfulness of the three stooges but rather the sign this charade constituted of the further aggrandisement of the broadcast media as partners/proposers/electoral agents of the Political class.

That and the superficial Americanisation of the process through measuring things against how long it's taken Britain to belatedly ape the US (I sense Murdoch's hand)

Chalcedon said...

I didn't watch it either, having heard the audience were castrated before it started. Waste of time. And I didn't want to suffer extremely high blood pressure owing to my rage against all these troughing bastards. I want to know how and when they are going to reduce what they take off me and how they are going to reduce the gargantuan spending that government has become used to. When they will reduce the number of MPs to a more sensible number and when they are going to give us a referendum on the EU elephant in the room.

I feel a cross for UKIP comming on myself.

Catflap said...

Same here, I did not watch.
Fucking pointless.
All three cunts are Pro EU.
The EU is Boss.
The three Pro EU cunts are surplace to requirements.
Who gives a fuck what they say.

The game is over for the Tories said...

I think the best part was watching Dave blow it live on TV.

There is no way he will win now, he showed himself up to be the hollow horrid little puppet that e is.

The media have backed dave as the NWO don't want a hung parliment, in case our MPs actuallu start to reprecent their constituents!

So they backed Cameron and tried to finish of Labour - it never worked and even worse - seems to have back fired.

all the while dave could give his controlled set pieces he was in with a chance, one on one however and he exposed himself for what he is, an actor like blair.

So will the NWO media dump him and get back behind brown?

Good chance off it, if the media decide to nobble Dave now then Dave is finished.

Dave said...

I had an early night for a change and when I woke up the world was still turning.
Don't the media and their political masters realise that all this stuff just turns people off?
And of course Clegg was going to emerge the winner. When you start with one fan and end with two, that's good statistically but don't mean jack shit in the real world.

Wordver= gisties (pasties made by ginsters?)

Is the audience rigged? said...

* Mr Griffin also questioned the impartiality of debate hosts ITV.

“It was noticed that one of the questioners was the same person who took part in the Question Time show upon which I featured,” he said.

The rules for the TV debate included a stipulation that the audience was supposed to come from within a 30-mile radius of the host city. In last night’s case, this was Manchester.

However, a 17-year old, Joel Weiner, Brent, North London, appeared on last night’s show — as he did during Mr Griffin’s appearance in the BBC’s West London studios.

“At the time, Mr Wiener told the media that the BBC had approached him to take part in Question Time, not the other way round.

“Now suddenly he pops up again in Manchester, 200 miles away. It is clear that the TV station owners manage audiences to suit it political agendas,” Mr Griffin said.

Anonymous said...

In our area we have the following candidates:


...And thats your lot...

Each pamphlet they have posted thru the door is identical to each other.

Ron Broxted said...

It is a disgrace that nick Griffin and the BNP were not allowed to be represented in this excuse for a political debate. Only the BNP have any real policies on how to deal with this awful multicultural open door immigration policy instituted by zanulabour. This has ruined our once great country. Give the BNP a voice.

Biffo said...

I managed to avoid this excuse of democracy with all the questions already known & practised for. However, anyone I've spoken to today who did watch it has been full of praise for Cleggy. Whether this will translate into votes, who knows? I think both UKIP & the BNP should have been on there last night - there are other parties apart from the LibLabCon.

Ron Broxted said...

I totally agree Biffo, to deny the BNP their rightful platform is a disgrace. I have this morning written an angry letter to the electoral commission outlining my disgust. They would not have dared treat Hitler like this.

Newgates Knocker said...

I wanted them in an arena. I wanted outraged members of the public hurling difficult questions and abuse. I wanted to see the public have the right to keep pressing for proper answers, not party soundbites. I wanted to see them turn on each other and tear themselves to pieces.
I saw three pathetic, untrustworthy men, buffed and polished by their media advisors non of whom was worth a piss in my opinion. And this is our choice come May 6th. Unbelievable really!!

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