Thursday, 8 April 2010


I am who I am, thanks in part to the man who realised this meant something. So long Malcolm. And thanks.

an ode to the 646. I would so LOVE to finish what you started


J Demetriou said...

You want to become one of the '646' don't you?

Also, why pretend you're a big Sex Pistols fan? Ah, yes, image. Of course. All about OH's image.

You're pretty good at this bollocks for a 50 year old, I'll give you that.

Anonymous said...

You have a stalker OH. Or should that just read, a Stalk?

Marchamont Needham said...

Bollocks - maclaren was a total self-publicist.

Westwood likewise.

Their role is massively overstated.

J Demented's nurse said...

You're a very naughty boy. You haven't taken your medication today, have you?

J Demetriou said...

"Bollocks - maclaren was a total self-publicist.

Westwood likewise."

No way, Westwood is a genuine eccentric. Top bloke, don't knock him.

Anonymous said...


Yes he was a "total self-publicist", but so what?

New York Dolls, Sex Pistols, Bow Wow Wow - many others.

He changed things FOR THE BETTER.

Most of what he did was always opposed by whatever 646 were in power at the time.

Who is today's Malcolm?

Fidothedog said...

I see Demetriou, confuses respect for a fine dead musician with pretending to be a pretentious cunt. Something they have off to a fucking fine art, the cunts.

Anonymous said...


Forgot to mention, whenever I type 646, "daft cunts" comes up in the spell checker.

Antipholus Papps said...

Poor Malcolm! I worked with him back when I was a sound engineer at the Townhouse - he was a bit of a plonker, and indeed a total self-publicist, but also a proper good old-fashioned English crank. He was constantly trying to flog samples from 'Paris' to whichever artist he was working with at the time, bless him.

Rest in peace dude.

Catflap said...

I'm 43 and was a little young when the Sex Pistols hit the big time.
If OH is 50 he would have been 17 at the time which would be about the right target the Pistols were aiming at.
I love the Sex Pistols 'Never mind the Bollox'album now.
When I was 10 years old I thought it WAS Bollocks.
Mclaren,love him or hate him was good at spotting the next big thing.
Including Hip Hop which he brought to the UK well in advance of when it actualy took off in this country.
I love him for the Pistols,hate him for the Hip Hop shit but admire him for being different.

caesars wife said...

Rude tartan , sex as prostitutuion agressive hair and body pierceings coupled with swearing . A rebellion with marketing to achieve what ?? .There is nothing wrong in challeging the establishment , at least our society allows it , however it doesnt mean that based society would be an improvement on its deposed .

I liked Malcome Mclaren in his later years , when he moved into art and had perspective.
I birefly watched some of Kirsty youngs "family" after NN and it was almost as contrived as Andrew marrs history of modern Britain in that it choose leftest themes as being the progressives , totally forgetting that post war Britain was busted .
I dont mind Kirsty making documentarys but she was lefty middleclass , hardly making any connection with those who had a happy but poor working class childhood .The miss world bit was amusing , but then why isnt kirsty raving about Lads mags , I mean the swim suite parade may have made men go "phwoar" ,but kirsty is unable to comprehend what intense sexualistion is doing ,on every shelf , not just the top one and yet to critcise it makes you a prude .

Seems a bit late now that censorship is finished thanks to mass media and portable viewing , and no doubt everyone will be wailing when some unforseen aspect comes to light .Ed balls giving sex lessons to 5 years olds (not personally) was perhaps the fabians wet dream , to make society all think the same , I can only ponder what phase two would have been , Karma sutra for 7 year olds ? mollie trys out being a drugs bitch , the numbers in the gents toilet shouldnt be scary .

perhaps one day we will be amused at kirstys outdated views ,that family was nebulus mixture of self gratification and liberal parenting , such is history .

Seems as though blogging may be in for scary censorship , any views on the case OH ??

Catflap said...

Very good points.
I am a conformist by nature with a little rebelious streak but within the confines of order rather than chaos.
That would describe a lot of us really.
After years of establishment Labels pumping crap like the Osmonds and the Nolans the Sex pistols were like.
"Fucking hell,did they just say Fuck on Bill Grundys show?"
At age 10 I was not quite ready to leave the Nolan comfort zone.
The same happened in the late 80s early 90s when Stock,Aitkin and Waterman were kicked in the Balls by Nirvana and Grunge.
"Thank fuck" I thought,being older and bolder this time round.
Did I or other working class folk want the rest of the chaotic package the cliterati were pushing?
No,but we ended up paying for the actions of rebelious 'real' middle class cunts,who like the PULP song described.
Can run back to Dad when things don't work out.

Anonymous said...

MMc made a nice few quid from a load of pretentious juvenile's. I expect his estate will as well.

pretentious comments said...

Classy bunch, too bad people some money huh!

"So stop yer cheap comments
Cos we know how we feel"

caesars wife said...

I try to make sense of it catflap, but theres this kind of leftover feeling , which is somthing to do with not feeling old . I did quite a lot of rebellious things , but so did others , I am just a little more informed of the commercial drivers these days and concerned about the cumulative consquences.

I feel i had a far more imaginative childhood as it was far less targeted by business , you wore what yer mum bought for you unless you had pocket money .
I did a paper round for a few quid a week , that little step on the ladder is going when we all go kindle .

Nolans were good as gaurenteed dance chat up , you cant really imagine these days that a popular song was made about buying a brand new combine harvester or for that matter gordon is a moron .

My favourite punk band were sham 69 in the pit getting thrown about , didnt really like the sex pistols , but there was a lot of subversive stuff during thatcher era , cold war etc feels a bit odd to have danced to some lefty tunes in yoof only to end up living in the ruins vison of socialism .

wonder what stories i may tell to my grandkids when they tell me millibandism is fantastic , bound to cause a row LOL !

Russia Moldova Louis O'Neill said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
OIHsucks kawk said...

this sucks dick

i'm voting racist

Anonymous said...

He brought Hip Hop to the UK? Fucking prick. Should have left the shite where it belongs.

I liked his butter ads tho. Is that the same bloke?

Catflap said...

Thanks to a lefty teacher putting the fear of shit into us youth in the early 80s.
I was a bit of a CND Knob.
However by 17 I had worked it out for myself that compared to dying of the plague,trench warfare or TB all of which was almost an inevitable fate for my ancestors.
The outside chance of a nuclear war was something my ancestors would have accepted with a smile and they would have swapped their life for mine no hesitation.
I was glad that I was still young enough and still in the 6th form when I saw the light and was able to let the Teacher know he was a cunt.

Ron Broxted said...

J Demetriou, Let us all hope that between now and the election the boy band Take That, or Susan Boyle don't get killed in an accident. OH could become really embarrassing then...Oooh matron, free tibet, support the Marpa ruling on DNA. Where are my fucking pills?????

Ron Broxted said...

Amsterdam, Bangkok. England next, the inexorable rise of the tide of sexual freedom. Pay back time sweet apple cheeked boys & pre pubescent girls. I'm fed up with having dodgy knees and wankers wrist. Where are my X-rays. Where is Colin Berry's brain, was it really the size of a walnut? Where is Shanghai when the country needs his idea's? To the gym or swimming pool? The schools are on holiday, great joy. Continued on page.....86.

Ron Broxted said...

Yemen child bride 'bleeds to death'

I know how that feels. Ooooh Matron !

Free Tibet !

Reimer said...

Bit depressing to see someone OH's age and stance identifying with the late conniving merchant of toxic crud, Malcolm Jew-boy Hustler

anon said...

Australia halts Sri Lankan and Afghan asylum claims.

bofl said...

oh dear-the uk trait of jealousy alive and kicking on here.....

malcolm was a very SMART guy!
perhaps in Browns new shambala that is not something to aspire too?

yes,let's all sneer at someone who made £millions!!!!

and 33 years ago some people actually had the balls to get off their arses and do something......
learn an instrument,write songs,etc instead of just watchimg corrie or eastenders 24/7.......

where did all that SPIRIT and fire go?

Anonymous said...

Busy morning Mr Haslam? Does Mrs Haslam still work at Lloyds? Fnnf fnnr.

Anonymous said...

All the SEX pistols stuff was well UNDER control. They just made it looks so very radical.
EMI had that many tentacles in MANY pies.

cecilia de soddingham, justice of the p's (and believe me i ain't seen many) said...


where did all that SPIRIT and fire go?

swallowed up by the dearth of this insolvent government. what a terrible last four years or so it's been - my life's got shabbier and shabbier, i've been shunned by nearly all my friends, and never been invited to one fucking bloggers' party despite years of faithful service. fuck am i pissed, hence my reluctance to even grace this shit-hole with my dainty lines. and what's the point of friends anyway, you can't trust anyone these days. and all these cameras, goldfish got it easy man - i call mine miriam, she just eats and fucking drinks, not exactly a giver, it'll be payback time when i eat the little cow tho'.

Catflap said...

I post comments on an American blogg site.
All the guys on there are good blokes.
It is just that I am so often easily misunderstood by them. Although they get offended by some of my comments.I will often be the last to know.
So polite are their rebukes.
It is nice to come back to a Blighty site and be able to call a Cunt,a Cunt and be able to read the latest exploits of Ron Broxted etc.
Sorry if that offends some of you but at least here I can say.
'Fuck Off then'lol.

Clean up Cambs said...

Malcolm did,nt exactly like JESUS, and thats why he died in SIN.

OldSlaughter said...

Apart from the Clash it all seemed like a bunch of jizz.

they think it's all over - i wish to fuck it were said...


yeah, i used to like 'rock the kasbah', but these days i'm not sure about any group - i hardly listen to anything. shit you can't wash your undies these days without the neighbourhood watching over your shoulder, and all people do is talk about sex fucking sex fucking sex, used to be funny but i even went off that chat.

Bardirect said...

Who would I be now if I'd actually gone to that 1976 gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall instead of doing my homework?

But are you saying that Hotel California, Rumours and Frampton Comes Alive! wer not also formative?

the infinite hell of a gagged audience without frontiers said...

this news about malcolm mclaren not being a formula-one driver, but instead turning out to be a swindler has destroyed me. if you can't trust your manager, who can you trust? no idea mate. god i'm depressed. i'm going to have to lie down.

a safety-pin in the nose of history said...


Who would I be now if I'd actually gone to that 1976 gig at the Lesser Free Trade Hall instead of doing my homework?

fuck knows

loocypher said...

i'm a silloobrity get me out of here! (you cunts)

her madgisty said...


yeah ok malcs...

kiss this

caesars wife said...

Did labour employ a Viz characture for the moray seat , roger melly ?.

"I think this may be the first time I have been sober in 4 days"

almost as good as I need to powder my nose .

Lord Adonis wants Labour voters to vote lib Dem , surely nothing to do with high speed rail money blowout ? If its £200 retrun from manchester why will a £30bn rail line be cheaper ?

still not happy with cleggs no tax increase word twisiting , for the thinking voter it seemed more like trickery than avoidience .

PPC soundbites said...

I am who I am, thanks in part to the man who realised this meant something. So long Malcolm. And thanks.

comes to mind

You are SERIOUSLY infatuated with your own crap!

Dave said...

Off Topic OH, but did you read this?

lilith said...

Pretty Vacant is pure rock n roll. They were tight as fuck. The opening riff still puts the hairs up on the back of my neck.

I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I first heard this.

Johnys Scrotum said...

'I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when I first heard this.'

Bet you do love. Being rammed up the wrong 'un by Sid Vicious no doubt!

Ron Broxted said...

I would just like to take this opportunity to say how much I fancy Louis Walsh the X Factor judge and well known promoter of Boy Bands. like me he is a confirmed bachelor. I am feeling a bit low tonight as I have been telling everyone I have been offered a book and film deal. Sadly it was not really true. The truth is that Blockbusters gave me a coupon for a free DVD loan, because they didn't have a copy of Brokeback Mountain. The book deal is from the local library. If I bring back my overdue Noddy Books they will not fine me.
Good day at the Gym lot's of young lads there.....Ooh matron, Free Tibet.

lilith said...

Johnny, I was 13.

Elby The Berserk and fucking Nasty when Riled said...

Jonny Ball Bag. That is my wife you are talking about you cunt-faced cunt. I will see you in Frome precinct next Saturday, 1pm. You'll recognise me - I am 6'6" tall. You can spend the next 24 hours shitting your teeth. Now fuck off you bumfuck arsehole

Ashtrayhead said...

Bill McLaren on the other also dead.

Jonny Ball Bag said...

Eh Elby, you berk. If you think I'm driving 350 miles with petrol at £1.20 a ltr to kick your lanky arse you have another thing coming pal!

Does your wife know your cheating on her by the way? Stop fucking Nasty whoever she/he is ;-)

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