Monday, 12 April 2010

Old Holborn to stand as Independent in Cambridge

Jury Team have announced their intention not to contest the 2010 General Election, so I'm standing as an Independent. Which means I can swear again and stuff.

If you are a constituent of Cambridge and would like to be a nominee (I need 10, only need a name and address and you must be on the electoral roll), please get in touch urgently.

I'm also looking for volunteers for a stunt involving rotten fruit in Cambridge Market this weekend to make some noise for the TV cameras and press.

Let the fun begin.


Uncle Marvo said...


Good news, overall, IMHO.

As ever, very best of luck.

Wouldn't the Ku Klux Klan have you, or are they not contesting it either?

:-) << unnecessary smiley

Anonymous said...

Are they not standing anywhere at all? Or just not in Cambridge? Either wayI can make it up there this weekend mate... Let me know please.


the beast of clerkenwell said...

B** when you lose dont do a screaming lord Sutch and hang yourself, the country would be a poorer place without you.
Fuck off! (+:

Anonymous said...

Good. There was always a bit of a paradox about you rallying against party politics from within a political party - no matter how much their policies reflect your own!

That's why I've chosen to go Independent. Bet I'll get more votes than you!

The only other decision I think you'll regret is to stand in Cambridge which already has about 10 other protest parties and independents standing, so will dilute your vote.

All the best :o)

Because we're young said...

Where did they announce that? Can't see anything on their site/blog? Are they standing in other constituencies?

Either way, best of luck, Independent suits you better anyway...

Ampers said...

Just looked at the Jury Team's website, but couldn't find any mention of their not contesting the May 6th election. In fact the opposite. It seems business as usual.

You sure someone hasn't been having you on?


ullage said...

You didn't stand in Huntingdon as Mr Buckethead in the 1992 GE did you? I think I recognise the gauntlets.

Good luck anyway: you are much better off as a true Independent. I don't live in Cambridge, but if I can get there to cheer you on I will.

caesars wife said...

seems a bit late in the day for the jury team to announce this very odd .I still think you may have to loose the swearing .

meanwhile its the ruin with added 60s video effects , yes the presidential welcome , the kisses and hugs and its Imelda who is impersonating the ruin , not quite sure what to make of ed millibands efforts , as it seems more keen not to mention certain things .

Would give a bit of a blast for not being clear or reassuring on economy .

will the clegg campaign involve him appearing with a punk make over and and east end accent , repleat with jacket with circled A on the back"Ime an ancharchist and I dont care"
conservatives tommorow libs on wed , tin hats on , as westminster war ensues , hope there are enough casualty free to conduct campaign by the end of the week .

Anonymous said...

Far better way for you to go! That stupid fucking alliance with those right-wing wankers and god-squad tossers was probably the dumbest thing I ever heard!

Doesn't sound like Sir Paul Judge could run a bath without assistance, let alone a political party!

Roger Thornhill said...

Props to you for KBO, OH.

I think it might work to your advantage, free from entanglements and collective associations, but, as always, you are the best judge as to that and if it is to your plan and in the interests of the constituency you fight.

BrianSJ said...

electoroal register rather than electoral roll I think. This is the sort of thing you'll have to pick up fast.

Anonymous said...

You've still got to contend with Magus Lynius Shadee, King of All Witches, Holborn.

Stan the sofa soaker said...

Anonymous said...
Far better way for you to go! That stupid fucking alliance with those right-wing wankers and god-squad tossers was probably the dumbest thing I ever heard!

Doesn't sound like Sir Paul Judge could run a bath without assistance, let alone a political party!

12 April 2010 13:01

Give your PC bullshit a rest. No one gives a crap what parties you don't like.

Now don't you have a UAF meeting to attend with your sofa soaker pals?

Gandhi said...

LPUK are "endorsing" independents now apparently
Libertarian Party backs Kirwan presumably they'd be happy to endorse you too?

extest said...

I know I am just letting myself in for a heap of abuse by adding this, but hey ho ...

OH, your subscribers (assentors) must also not be registered anonymously.

It's a minor point, but not without gazoobles of irony potential.

Scrobs... said...

Dear Holborn,

On account of your standing for Parliament in Cambridge, I hereby withdraw my nomination in that lovely city, to give you a clear run.

My Party was beginning to build up a head of steam, but now you're standing as an Independent, I'll vote for you instead...

Best wishes,

Senator Cardinal Ricardo O'Blene

Anonymous said...

Just listing to the rubbish coming from McDoom about a fairer Britain. All they promise to do if elected why did they not do it in the last 13 years?
Any promise he and his bunch of crooks made has been broken.They are just traitors making British people second class citizens in their own country.

Gary Glitter said...

I could help you to target the young vote if you like OH ?

Pope Benedict said...

Fuck off Gary, get your own patch.

Catflap said...

Good OH.
Not that I knew bugger all about Jury team anyway but maybe that's the point.
You will be starting as an independant from about the same place as you would have under the Jury Team Banner.
Except now, you can do things your way.
If you need any useless advice or campaign strategy ideas you know where to find me :)

Biffo said...

Seems a bit late for the Jury Team to back out now! However, best of luck as an Independent. Maybe a better bet for you in the end anyway - you can say what you like etc rather than being bound down by any Party rules. Have donated already & will try & do so again (not much but every little helps)

Fausty said...

Holby, if you can make this one fly, you'll grab the attention of each and every householder in Cambridge. And everywhere else.

(Hat tip: Norfolk Mutineer)

Fausty said...

PS: Charon QC might assist?

Clive said...

Now you're independent again, is the donation limit £50 per donor, or is it back up to £500?

Old Holborn said...

Up to £500

Go on, I dare you. You wouldn't believe the mischief £500 buys. No, really.

J Demetriou said...

OH, please answer me honestly, I'll have lots of new found respect for you if you do so:

Honestly now, why did JT pull out of Cambridge?

What is the story there?

Shaun Ryder said...

@Uncle Marvo:

Smiley doesn't have a fucking nose! Why do people insist on giving Smiley a fucking nose? It just shows an ignorance of late-80s acid house culture that I find unforgivable!


Old Holborn said...

" OH, please answer me honestly, I'll have lots of new found respect for you if you do so:

Honestly now, why did JT pull out of Cambridge?

What is the story there?2

You convinced them John. All on your own. Well, you and Iain Dale. and Guido. And Obama.

You standing? All it takes is a donate button on your blog. And about 16 hours a day's work. And some bollocks. And the guts to put your money where your mouth is.

Thought not.

Ron Broxted said...

Walking down Botanic bold as brass, with her new enamorata. I'm so over her. Now to Hackney and the white heat of nullification. As Labour are less and less the party of working class oinks like me and the Tories and Liberals never were it is to the Independents that one must look for any sort of guidance. 650 new voices may sing sweeter than the present lot. Therefore the Ron Broxted blog is supporting Suzanne Moore in her brave attempt to wrest control of Hackney and boldly go where few have gone before, Stoke Newington.
Finally, I have been thinking about what has gone on along the south coast. Can Sussex police tell us why is such a pink and openly gay town like Brighton cottagers like me still have to cottage with great caution? Answers on a postcard please to R. Broxted, Esq, Northern Ireland.

Old Holborn said...

Henry, I told you not to post here. You have your own blog, do it there.

I could just delete your post but we don't do that here.

Do it again Rohan, and I'll tell 160,000 visitors a month to this blog who you are.

Your call. I have been more than patient.

Happy voter said...

There's only one Old Holborn, representing and spawning many other old holborns. No need for corporate backing. Trade on your strengths, independence and balls on display for the electors assessment.

Anonymous said...

Now let's have some proper swearing again, pussyfooting is for whimps.

Anonymous said...

Put the fucking boot in, OH - have a real go at the nulab scum and wind up the media.
Also - i hope you monster the muesli-munching green and challenge any BNP cunt to a square go outside.
Sounds like fun - best of luck mate.

Uncle Marvo said...

@Shaun Ryder:

My smiley has a nose. And a dick.


Anonymous said...

"I could just delete your post but we don't do that here."


"Comment deleted

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

3 April 2010 12:07"

Rav0n said...

Wots going on....?

Anonymous said...


You're still backed by them it seems.

James Higham said...

Handsome looking chap. said...

Henri, Duke of Rohan
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
(Redirected from Henri, duc de Rohan)

Henri, duc de Rohan (1579-1638).
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His father was René II, viscount of Rohan (1550–1586), and head of one of the oldest and most distinguished families in France, which was connected with many of the reigning houses of Europe. He was educated by his mother, who was a woman of exceptional learning and force of character. Henri was by birth the second son, but when his elder brother René died young he became the heir of the name. He appeared at court and in the army at the age of sixteen, and was a special favourite with Henry IV, after whom, failing the House of Condé, he might be said to be the natural chief of the French Protestants. Having served till the Peace of Vervins, he travelled for a considerable time over Europe, including England and Scotland, in the first of which countries he received the not unique honour of being called by Elizabeth her knight, while in the second he was godfather at Charles I's christening.

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At Venice he wrote his Memoirs; at Padua, Le Parfait Capitaine.

Anonymous said...

Jury Team was a wet fish, they disappeared completely after having a really good euro campaign (let's face it 70 odd thousand votes nationwide isn't bad for a first go!).

No idea why they didn't build on their initial success.

Kit said...

I'm confused.

According to the Jury Team website they still think Old Holborn is their candidate for Cambridge.

What's going on?

Dr Rohen Kapur said...

I am going to say this just once and here and this is the last time I ever leave a comment

If you insist upon thinking that I am Ron Broxted I will see you in the High Court Dont forget Obnoxio knows exactly who you are and where you live. I will subpoena him to give the information to the court Do not libel me again or you will regret it as will Susanne Nundy ex Lord Provosts department


I will not ask again. The next time I find crap about my on your blog will be the day I walk down to the strand and ask for writ against you.

Dr Rohen Kapur.

BELM! said...

And sue them for what you fat fucking spastic? Saying nasty things?

Also, pretending that 'subpoena' was a term still used in England and Wales, how are you going to find out who Obo is? Are you going to sue the whole internet?
Fucking hell, you must be thick as mince.

And you're not going to be a 'Dr' for much longer, fuckrod.

Dr Rohen Kapur said...

So Will I really care once I am an MP I'll poll more votes than OH Im sure of it. In fact I'll make sure of it. Just watch me!

As for being a doctor I couldn't care less. The whole medical system is riddled with corruption Its a breath of fresh air to be outside it.

Besides which I can always sue Susanne Nundy quite easily She at least has an address and a name.

Im not going to sue them for libel though there are plenty of other laws that they have broken too.

Now stop being so shirty and calm down and rationally think about this.

I certainly love the publicity you are all generating Works in my favour.

Uncle Marvo said...

Dear Dokta

Perhaps if you're in the mood for writ-slinging, you'd like to send me one too?

You can't even construct an English sentence.



PS who's Ron?

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