Thursday, 8 April 2010

A note for your diarys

Bloggers’ Bash 2010
A plague on all their houses?

Paul StainesGuido Fawkes' blog
Tim Worstall It is all obvious or trivial except…
Perry de

29th April 2010
6.30pm to 8.30pm
Plentiful beers & lagers will be served
23 Great Smith Street, London, SW1P 3BL


J Demetriou said...

Oh, God, no. Paul "Wank" Staines, the ultimate twisted Tory cunt, plus hangers on, talking bollocks and bigging themselves up.

I'd love to see how he, they, and you, would be any different to the mainstream politicians were you to crawl into positions of power.

Utter self serving hypocrites.

Old Holborn said...

I could run a donate button to raise the bus fare down from Bradford for you if you like. Then you could say that to his face

Demented, from Boring and Demented.con said...

I'm fucking awesome. You cunts.

Uncle Marvo said...

6.30 to 8.30?

Not really enough time to get ratted, is it?

I shall be there though, barring any medical emergencies. Last train home is at 22.30. Anyone starting early, and if so, where?

I assume this event will be well-attended by memebers of Her Majesty's Armed Forces as well as half of the Met?

Boring, from Demented and Boring.con said...

Yes, Demented. You are indeed awesome. I love you.

Blind leading the blind said...

"Speakers:Paul Staines – Guido Fawkes' blog"

Think i'll give it a miss, Stains is a censoring state propagandist.

We have enough control freeks and propagandists, no need to add an one extra one to our social circles, thank you.

Uncle Marvo said...

I wasn't going there to listen to anyone, I was hoping for some beer with the other lads (and lasses perchance).

I take it we'll be allowed to smoke in there?

Billy Banter said...

I'm going for the banter

Bradford Job Centre Advisor said...

J Demetriou, 8 April 2010 15:24

I'd love to know when your going to stop claiming benefits and get a job you self serving parasite cunt.

Brush your teeth as well before you come down for your next appointment.

Bristol Dave said...

Diaries, surely?


I'd consider it if I was closer. Seems a bit of a trek for a drinking sesh on a schoolnight.

Anonymous said...

The first note for your "diarys" should be that the plural of diary is diaries !

Balls' Education, obviously !

Uncle Marvo said...


"Seems a bit of a trek for a drinking sesh on a schoolnight"

That's what first attracted me to it.

Ampers said...

I shall be there.

I lust love rubbing shoulders with MI5, the CIA and the new version of the KGB - I'm sure they'll all be there.

Question is, will OH be there without his mask, Wouldn't be surprised if he is, and then after the event the bastard will tell us he was there and we'd have missed ousting him


Yes OH, I did put an "s" in :-)

Will guido be censoring the event? said...

Are BNP supporters welcome, or patriots in general, or has Stains banned them from his event or does he stand at the door and insist on placing a gag over their mouths and a bag over their heads?

Mind make sure those gags are on tight as some of those patriots can out debate inarticulate pea brains like Stains. Which is one of the main reasons why they are banned from his blog.

Or are all patriots (many of whom make up a considerable chunk of you readership and contributions) thugs and simply not welcome OH?

Communist purpose said...

Guido doing his state intel gathering again?

Wonder how big his file is on you now OH?

Billy Banter said...

On second thoughts I will only go if thick as thieves turns up.

Demetrius said...

Tempting, tempting, but what's on at St. John's? Should I wear my ASI tie?

Polecat said...

You goin' Holbs?

Guido is state - the final proof? said...

Guido is state? he thinks we can leave the votes over night with `officials`.

Even though we have seen evidence time and time again of election fraud.

yardarm said...

OH, in case you`re thinking of recycling that photo for the next Caption Comp. I`ll get my shout in first.

Mr. Richard Timney relaxes on the taxpayers largesse.

J Demetriou said...

Christ on a bike, you people really are more insane than I am.

I thought that vaguely impossible.

Wow. I'm sort of impressed.

Holborn - I'd say it to both your fucking faces mate, don't disbelieve that either.

The Dingbat Ball said...

Sounds like a right wankfest. A new political class jostles for position on the ladder.

Guido is a police state anti democracy propagandist said...

Guido propagandises for the fascist EUSSR NWO Torys, deletes posts that expose Dave as NWO (Obama Hitler youth, Rudd Hitler youth and Gordon's Hitler youth all anouced some time back, and now mouthed by Dave to show his EUSSR NWO masters that he will be a good puppet for them and create the same Hitler youth the other puppets have aggreed to - compulsery by the way

You want too hang out with this phony Libertarian, police state propagandist?

Anonymous said...

"You want too hang out with this phony Libertarian, police state propagandist?"

OK, where do you hang out? We'll come and talk to you instead!

Anonymous said...

Ampers - think ginger haired four eyed cunt from Braintree. No, not Simon Heffer. Similar but not quite so fat. Just as pompous and annoying though.

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