Thursday, 22 April 2010

Nick Hillman, Conservative, Cambridge

Not another career politician looking for a safe seat at all.


J Demetriou said...

Stupid post.

So you're rather would be Tory candidates state that they would like to maintain directorships of companies and other little special side interests then?

They can't fucking win.

You'd have pilloried him whatever he disclosed. You pillock.

Old Holborn said...

Like I've done with all the other candidates you mean?

By the way, I'm hearing rumours you may have multiple personalities and multiple blogs on the internet, care to comment?

J Demetriou said...

Yeah, I'll comment. I don't have any other personalities or personas online or other political or other related blogs.

Who told you that gibberish?

You didn't answer my question of the other day.

Did you do I.T. work in the GDR or West Germany?

J Demetriou said...

And while you're at it, answer the question in my first response here.

The Tory candidate declares no other interest etc as the copy letter highlights.

So why is this a bad thing? What would be a better answer or state of affairs?

Why does this mean he is a career politician per se?

E said...

When did you turn into such a boring twat? This is exactly the kind of stupid bullshit you would expect from a LibLabCon drone.

I think this blog has been sold and some unimaginative toerag now owns it. Care to comment?

Kevin Boatang said...

Nice slur attempt.

Mister Holborn,c are to comment on your best mate Guthrum's comment that:

"Jury Team looking to break the mould of politics ! More of the same Authoritarian rubbish without the benefit of policies more like. "


J Demetriou said...

lol, come on big shot Holby who quivered like a dainty leaf on BBC Radio Cambridge the other day.

Care to comment on questions asked of you, an official election candidate?

Or are questions only reserved for big boy politicians to whom you secretly aspire?

Old Holborn said...

Do you like being ruled by career politicians?

I don't. The people of Cambridge will decide whether they like it or not. Not you

Or are you trying to tell the people of Cambridge what to do?

Very Libertarian of you.

J Demetriou said...

Your logic is beyond remedial and defunct. I don't want to believe you are a first rate imbecile with no intelligence, but the facts just keep getting in the way.

OK, let's start again remedial child brains.

Firstly, I've not indicated anywhere that I have a preference for being ruled by career politicians, neither have I at any stage told or indicated Cambridge people to vote a certain way or anything of the sort.

I have asked you a number of valid questions, which you have pointedly ignored. That you draw the conclusions you have shows you are either a totally moronic tool or deliberately obtuse and mischievous.

So, you can either address my valid questions and points, or continue to get up on your deranged little high horse flying about the place like you know who is bad who is good what is right and what is wrong.

How old are you? What does your wife make of your behaviour? Is she seriously impressed with you?

I think you have a personality disorder mate. You refuse to countenance the suggestion that there might be something the matter with you and your antics.

It's everyone else's fault and any questions that come your way is a sign of establishment sycophancy.

Old Holborn said...

"you are either a totally moronic tool or deliberately obtuse and mischievous"

Now you're getting it.

Anonymous said...

Erm.. isn`t the point that this is just another politician climbing the not so greasy pole of political party "employment" whilst at the same time clinging to a patina of negative virtue!? It`s either that or "employment" as a union rep or even worse, some creepy traitorous lawyer. Fabians, multiculturalists, and corporate/banking spittle lickers all of them.

Kevin Boatang said...

Extra Extra Old Holborn formerly known as Old Bastard admits to being a moronic tool.

So how does it feel that your bestest buddy thinks that your party is "Authoritarian rubbish without the benefit of policies more like"?

I mean that must sting a bit surely? Pal and comrade saying that about you? Is your lip curling in that mask? Can I see a hint of quivering? Are we about to witness the classic snot/crying/breathing combo dribbling out of the mask?

Also, that looks like a scan to me of a rival candidate. I take it you've registered the cost of that election expense.

WIDE AWAKE said...

Dear J DEMETRIOU: - As anonymous states above, THE POINT is that his experience of REAL WORK is at Tory HQ. So he knows all about trying to run a business (be it a farm or a fishing boat or a small manufacturing firm, etc) then?? NOT!!! You stupid f*cking troll.

Old Holborn said...

1. Kevin, he published it on his website, it isn't a scan

2. I'm not with the Jury Team

Let me know if I'm going too fast for you, eh?

J Demetriou said...

You're not with them becaaaaause....

after all that trumpeting about how you were a JT man and JT this and JT that and how great are JT and they've given you this chance and blah blah

They dropped you like a shit in a doo-doo bag. Didn't they?


Old Holborn said...

Er...they are not fielding any candidates. They withdrew.

Come on mate, you're supposed to be "aware"

Kevin Boatang said...

Would you care to point to where they have withdrawn, because nothing on their site or their blog says they have.

Dick the Prick said...

Ooh, got some trolls - how very interesting! Are these 2 knob-jockeys lovers? It's got to be Demetriou who's the bitch, has to be. Like a mini version of Ed & Yvette - how sweet.

Kevin Boatang said...

Yup, trolls. That's right.

Your mum does know you're on the internet doesn't she? Shouldn't you be having your milk while she fucks her last punter before the night shift?


Kevin Boatang said...

Come on Holby, let's be having the statement from Paul Judge on the issue. You really don't like questions do you, democracy is so fucking awkward isn't it.

Also, that poster. Copyrighted image isn't it?

J Demetriou said...

AAAAAAAHAHAHAHA!! These fucking losers ain't got shit on the quality comebacks we produce.

Jesus Sweet Christ on a lil old Trike, it's like shooting fish in a well stocked barrel.

Come on Mr Democracy, answer the fucking questions you fat quivering ape.

Anonymous said...

@ Kevin and Demetriou

You poor slobs

Kevin Boatang said...

OH, Okay - find me any statement from them that says they have withdrawn.

You bandy this about as fact yet you are yet to back it up with anything at all.

Indy? You are aware you are still on their site as a candidate along with all the others aren't you?

And once again the stats. That really is all you think about isn't it. Because this post is just full on Nobel winning stuff isn't it.

And you are fat you fat cunt.

J Demetriou said...

OK, bored now.

Please answer me this, on the third time of asking

Did you work in I.T. in the 1980s in the GDR?

Yes or No?

Dick the Prick said...

Hee hee hee - just wandered over to see their top blog that i've never heard of and to say it's sparsely populated is perhaps an insult to Chris Paul.

However, I particularly liked this vignette

'People need to seriously wake up and realise that not only are we the real deal, the top Dons of political blogging, but we are actual Gods of Writing'.

Now, not wanting to get all literary and stuff but that's insulting to mental fuckers who scrawl with shite on the walls of the lunatic bin. These sad fucks are comparing themselves with Stanislav, Ms Racoon and various other bloggers who really are bloody geniuses.

Fucking hellski

WV: nosallys - well, goes without saying for these girls.

J Demetriou said...

P.s. why is Holby denying the fat thing the fat fucker?

Lose some weight, Pork Belly.

Anonymous said...

Damn these multiple choice questions.

Anonymous said...

"J Demetriou said...

Yeah, I'll comment. I don't have any other personalities or personas online or other political or other related blogs."

Are you a politician, or, does that answer mean you do have other blogs but they may not be 'related' (whatever that means)?

A simple Yes or No to "Do you have any other blogs?"

Old Holborn said...

Kev, Bubble

I've been on the internet since the first release of Compuserve. Do you really think I haven't met people like you before?

You cannot insult me. To insult me, you need my permission and alas, like so many drunken tramps at Waterloo before you, you do not have it.

I never worked in the GDR.

You'll need a while to digest that, I should imagine

If you want a statement from the Jury Team, you go and get one. It isn't my job to keep you informed (although I do my best)

J Demetriou said...

So what's this about you having spent time in Eastern Germany then?

Did you spend time there and under what capacity?

Forget Jury Team mate, everyone else has.

Nice to see you have a strong fan club, Holby. Nice and strong. All rallying round to protect you.

All tag-eff-ah-naaaahh!


Old Holborn said...

I toured East Germany in a band once, great fun and I also won quite a few Rallyes there once the wall came down (I lived near Frankfurt for 12 years)

Off you go now.

J Demetriou said...

I think the word you're groping for is "rallies" not "rallyes".

Sounds interesting though.

Speak German at all?

Did the Stasi follow you while you tortured the locals with whatever you played that passed for 'music'?

Old Holborn said...

Ermm, the German word for "rallies" is "Rallyes"

I'm fluent

My Thoughts UK said...

I want an MP who has actually had some life experience, eg Norman Tebbit, an RAF pilot. He had some life experience before he became an MP.

How many current MPs have had a life outside the political spectrum?

Most of the Conservative, Labour and Lib Dem MPs all go along with what the party whips tell them to do. Once they have been voted in they mostly ignore the voters.

They vote for new legislations, even if that legislation hurts their own MPs constituents, because they have been told to do so.

Wouldn't it be good if we had free thinking MPs in Parliment?

If I lived in Cambridge I would be voting for Old Holborn, because we need more free thinking people, who have had experience in life before they become MPs.

At the moment it looks like the current lot are born raised and retire in politics with no real life experience

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