Thursday, 15 April 2010

Nervous Gordon?


Ampers said...


Pity, but I suspect some computer manipulation somewhere :-)


Oldrightie said...

He might well be blown away tonight! What's with the 40 spin doctors accreditation?

fascist britain said...

That is crap OH, the full length version without editing is funnier and more disturbing.

Notice at the end Labour discuss banning BNP supporting teachers from their jobs, just as Dave recomended just the other day.

Political oppression is alive and well, dont see them having a witch hunt for communists, traitors, religious loons or terrorists though!

This is fascist britain

microdave said...

Oh dear, he's not quite so full of shit now, is he?

Catflap said...

I do love that clip but as FB said the full version is more bizzare.
The fucking permanent grin Brown has adopted since the election was called is proper weird.
The cunt has never had less to smile about yet there it is.
The Sociopathic Cunt.

Foxy Knoxy said...

The problem with all these attacks on Gordon Brown is they may just result in the election of Cameron.

Will he be any better?

Surely the only strategy is to attack the two main parties simultaneously and undermine their support.

I think that's the best way of doing away with the two party system, which ought to be the main objective for getting a more representative parliament.

Ron Broxted said...

There is nothing funny in having a slack arse and excess wind. Take me for example.

Anonymous said...

Off topic here, OH.

In your election campaign you might want to investigate/highlight what is going on in our names under the "PUBWATCH" scheme.

I`d never heard of it until a couple of days ago - in a nutshell you can be banned from every licensed premises on the say-so of just about anyone working in a bar without recourse to lawyers, jury or magistrate.

I googled the national organization and was unsurprised to find their board is packed with polis and pubco bigwigs.

On the matter of your Cambridge campaign it may be worthwhile contacting this poor cunt:

He seems to be a local with a particlar grievance.

Best of luck with the campaign,

Anonymous said...

Ron. D. G. Haslam of Downham Market, asked to leave the Met over child porn images.

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