Friday, 2 April 2010

Look what I just got.....

"7 ft tall 5 ft wide V for Vendetta Guy Fawkes mask promotional item that has been used as a garden ornament after being used as a film promotional item by the Warner Bros film studio.

Made from fibre glass on metal framework with 10 ft mounting pole - this item is 3 dimensional."

It's going to Cambridge for my election campaign....

£45 on Ebay. Thanks to those who donated, it'll be a major feature in Cambridge for the next 6 weeks. I promise.


Fausty said...

Style, Holby. You have it in spades. Best of luck.

Feel free to post your promotions on my blog.

Although I support UKIP, I regard you as a first class candidate.

Oleuanna said...

You old narcissistic tart!

subrosa said...

Wow OH, you won't be getting any dogs peeing on that!

As Fausty says I'll be happy to publish any of your electoral material. Might waken up the Scottish side of things!

i think you're getting a bit too obvious darling said...


Anonymous said...

The moped seller will be proper jealous and will have another hissy fit.

big head said...

words fail me

Anonymous said...


the crockery said...

exquisite bonsai garden

Dick Puddlecote said...

That's class! :-)

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

You'll be able to hide behind it when they throw eggs.

Anonymous said...

I always thought you had a big head OH but surely this is going a tad too far?

Just joking, love your posts and am certain you will give me lots of lulz in your campaign.

Keep up the good work, if only the other 64,999,999 of us would follow your lead we'd be in a far better place.

English Defence League said...

Nice and good luck the EDL lads in Dudley tomorrow (sat 3rd)

Mr Rob said...

Ah, I see some of your new friends have dropped by - how sweet.

This might be of interest to anyone wondering what the people who run OH's party the Jury Team are really like. It’s a series of screencaps of an exchange on the Jury Team Facebook page. Click on each one, and use the “all sizes” tab to enlarge.

The Jury Team

Personally speaking I wouldn’t want these guys anywhere near power, any more than I want to keep the present bunch of shit we have ruling us, but each to their own....

Old Holborn said...

Mr Rob (and your other names)

Let's be honest. You don't want anyone near power unless it's you.

And you ain't standing

so much for democracy eh?

Ampers said...

Are you trying to tell us you need one that size now ;-)


Mr Rob said...

Old Holborn (and the other name you use on Facebook, presumably OH was not permitted, just like Mr Rob wasn't).

Let's be honest. You haven't got a clue who I am, so you haven't got a clue what I want, but you pop in a quick smear anyway.

I am not standing. I don't want to be anywhere near power thanks.

"so much for democracy eh?" sounds like you think you have made some sort of coherent argument of which that is the conclusion. It was in fact a far weaker reply than I had expected from you. Smear and groundless assertion - you'd fit in very well if you were elected.

I used to have some sort of respect for you, even though you joined a bunch of shits, I thought it might have been due to ignorance. But no, like attracts like.

The other great names of the blogging world who declare their support for you demean themselves.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

Ooooooooooooh...'ark at her.

Old Holborn said...

But you do want Power Mr Rob.

If you know who I am, you could have sent me an Email. Instead, you chose to post where thousands will read it.

I'm putting my "power" to the test. I'm a gobby shite so let's see if my internet rankings actually match the real world.

I'm going to put my money where my mouth is. I'm going to invest 6 weeks of my life to see if what I say can really change anything. If I fail, I can happily smile knowing I tried, and you can be free to deride my efforts whilst living under a system you did nothing to change. If I succeed, I'll fight with every ounce of my being to overturn 26,000 new laws, 4,000 new criminal offences.

You, on the other hand, have yet to even start a blog.

Go on, it's easy. Get started.

Dazed And Confused said...

@Mr Rob

Here's a wild stab in the dark then.

Your a close friend of Steve Shark A point that your make yourself in the comments section of a B&D posting:

And I quote:

"SteveShark, B&D and I became very well acquainted with the Jury Party's new friends the English Democrats Party last year, without at first really wanting to. Steve and I have kept up the observations and dialogue with their members and opponents, and I guarantee you that our impression of that party, backed by solid evidence, is quite different from what might be".

Should I fish further?

Mr Rob said...

I have no idea who you are. When Obo publicised that information I did not look - if you had wanted people to know you would have told them.

You are not the only candidate standing for the Jury Team. What about other people's right to know what they are really like? Or aren't you so keen on spreading that sort of information now?

You make assumptions for which you have no basis. I have no wish to start a blog, my ego is nowhere near the size of yours.

Replacing one load of dishonest, evasive control fraks with another lot is not my idea of progress.

Over to the next member of your fan club to make a deep remark.

Mr Rob said...

@ Dazed and Confused

Go ahead, Sherlock.

Old Holborn said...

"Over to the next member of your fan club to make a deep remark.

and then you do..


Mr Rob said...

Just being courteous to your detective friend.

He should ask David Lane the Communications Director of your friends the English Democrats Party - he apparently knows who I am and has "something interesting" on me.

The threat of exposing a poster's real indentity is usually resorted to at some point by certain didn't like it much yourself when Obo did it to you though, did you?

Old Holborn said...

I have no interest in who you are.

Whatever tin foil hat stuff you have with EDP is your business, not mine.

Now ask the person who looks after you for a nice warm cup of horlicks.

At OH, we care for our windowlickers

Dazed And Confused said...

@Mr Rob:

O.K. Then

Mr Rob said...

@Dazed and Confused

Yes? Are you going to list all the blogs and forums I have ever commented on?

I am not allowed heated liquids.

You are the candidate for a party who have an electoral agreement with the EDP. You have made it your business.

Fausty said...

Mr Rob, the Jury Team is a 'party' of independents.

I doubt anything you say will dent Holby's chances - you might as well b*gger off - and take your prejudices with you.

Those of us who have come to know his causes, know that Holby's a good 'un.

Go and play, there's a good boy.

Old Holborn said...

I have no agreement with anyone

I receive not one penny from any political party and I dance to no one's tune.

Got it yet, fruitcake?

Mr Rob said...

@ Fausty

You're behind the times old lad.

The Jury Team is now a party with its own manifesto, policies and political alliances.

Mr Rob said...

@ Old Holborn

Then why aren't you standing as an independent, as opposed to a Jury Team candidate?

Anonymous said...

I read your blog every day - (or most days really) - good luck in the election - I wish you were down in the west country cos the idiots I meet in the pub here scare the shit out of me with their ridiculous political views. Good luck in the election OH (if the idiot in No 10 lets us have one!)

Fausty said...

@ Dr Rob. Less of the "old lad", more of the young bitch. OK?

And you're wrong.

caesars wife said...

I think the return of Gary Elsby of stoke is amusing, having not being selected to stand for Labour in stoke (courtesy of Tristran Hunt), having drunk from the challaice of bitter revenge , he is to stand as an Independent .
When staunch Labour socialists like Gary or not sure about the Labour party anymore ,you wonder.

see the light Gary Labour have been lying to us all for years !

stevie said...

good luck mate

Anna Raccoon said...

7' tall, 5' wide?
Eh, Lad,it's not size what impresses me, it's what you do with it... you're not going to just wave it around are you?
- and you did keep the receipt didn't you?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

@Mr Rob and the other English Democrat-hating obsessives.

Been watching you nip nip nip away at the Jury Team site with your slagging and your abuse. Unlike some other political sites, the Jury Team haven't disabled comments or implemented pre-mod so your crayoning gets to stand.

And all your shit appears to be rooted in hatred of the English Democrats.

Well have you considered this you smartarsed cunt - if Jury Team have an agreement not to stand against them or the Christians, then it works both ways. By standing in Cambridge with Jury Team, OH has made sure the Eng Dems & Christians can't. Every Jury Team candidate has silenced the Eng Dems. They've done far more to stop the spread of the Eng Dems than you and your snide abuse ever has or ever will.

Carry on with the ego trip though - I can see you're loving it when the adults notice you.

The Penguin said...

Looks like you've got some of them running scared already, Mr H.

I'm looking forward to the MSM reportage of the Cambridge election!!

The Penguin.

Anonymous said...

Look what I just got.....
A new big toy!

Eurotrash said...

"Mr Rob said...
@ Old Holborn

Then why aren't you standing as an independent, as opposed to a Jury Team candidate?

3 April 2010 00:02"

Because the Independent Network wouldn't touch him with a space-shuttle robotic arm from orbit.

Mr Rob said...


Young Bitch

Looks like a list of policies (sometimes known as a manifesto) to me. Well-reasoned argument though - "And you're wrong" - deep.

Yes, I notice he didn't answer that question. Strange...

Yeah, that will be why the EDP arranged the Alliance For Democracy, to provide an obstacle for themselves.
You are depressingly stupid.

Anonymous said...

@Mr Rob

How many English Democrat candidates in Cambridge?

Mr Rob said...


You are making the assumption that they would have wanted to, or been able to put up a candidate there.

There are currently about 104 EDP PPCs. Your argument does not work.

Oh, I just read your previous post again, and I seem to have failed to reciprocate, sorry about that.

You are a depressingly stupid twat.

Frances44 said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
extest said...

"Comment deleted
This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

3 April 2010 12:07"

Oh joy.

Btw, submitted your Nomination Form yet ?

Mr Rob said...

@ Anonymous

"Been watching you nip nip nip away at the Jury Team site with your slagging and your abuse. Unlike some other political sites, the Jury Team haven't disabled comments or implemented pre-mod so your crayoning gets to stand."

Actually Old Holborn's new best friends have just banned me and deleted all my comments.

Urchin said...

"Actually Old Holborn's new best friends have just banned me and deleted all my comments."

We have always been at war with Eurasia.

J Demetriou said...

Fighting a losing battle against a bunch of obfuscating, obtuse, intellectually weak, dogmatic cunts again are we Mr Rob?

My my, doesn't it seem so long since you and I last engaged in such battles on the web. Last June if my memory serves me correctly.

Slightly different bunch, same story though, isn't it.

Fuck Holby, fuck his fans, fuck his allies and fuck the lot of the arrogant self-serving cunts.

Glosman said...

I suspect has a few deeply entrenched supporters, mainly the "I wanna be part of anything" team.
But I also suspect he's lost a good deal of support from many who used to come here for the anarchy ~ which now seems to be somewhat sterile. A bit like the Jury Team.

Anonymous said...

Told you so.

Oleuanna said...

Now that was an enjoyable read....

@Mr Rob you should reconsider your blog amnesty.

Anonymous said...

So, has your candidacy gone though, OH? The Beeb doesn't list you in their Cambridge candidates, as of 11:55 6th April:

Candidates so far announced include:

• Cambridge: Conservative: Nick Hillman; Labour: Daniel Zeicher; Lib Dem: Julian Huppert; Green: Tony Juniper; Trade Unionist and Socialist coalition: Martin Booth; UK Independence Party: Peter Burkinshaw

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