Monday, 12 April 2010

Late Night Fun


Anonymous said...

I hate that "A future fair for all". It sounds communist (and probably is too knowing "New" Labour)

OH Voter said...

Predictably, this advert is designed to appeal to the fearful among the Electorate.

"Let us go forward with Gordon to embrace 'His vision' of economic recovery, or else venture out into the wilderness of pain, uncertainty and introspection for 20 years as economic prudence demands."

What a cunt.

caesars wife said...

I just kept thinking petrol would be too expensive under labour and you would have walk everywhere .
All it needed was him opening the flap on a home made polythene shelter , carrying a brace of rabbits and pushing a pram full of what he ferreted out the bins and I thought yeah labours future .

Its interesting that Dave has actually listened to what a lot of people are saying namely the disgust and cynicism over how parliament has managed to blow everyone moneys while troughing and telling lies .It is a sobering thought that our wealth or ability to make/keep wealth has been ruined , theres poverty building , nicely concealed after 13 yrs of Labour , but its there and ecnomic activity is confined .Andrew Niel has some form with his earlier reporting of the underclass , but this new input tonight of generational degredation , is damming on Labour , but also on those who have gone along with labours version of Parliament .That is why I hope he makes the case that some people are wanting goverment to change somthing and not necessarily form action groups first , the enabler aspect runs the risk of not connecting with the need for some people to see that , he has somthing for them and that there vote means his goverment doing somthing and wont just go on holiday when we all have an I gizzmo , we have been badley let down perhaps defrauded is a better word , too frothy will not respect the mess people are facing in what to think about all of this .
I hope for an era of clean goverment with people doing the job they should , and not on the make or take , a lot of people are going to entrust there vote , dont waste it for them on by offering hands that wont do the work that needs to be done , remotely.
Cleggs one trick pony is not quite right as paxo drew out , perhaps clegg is not telling the truth about how many poor there now are , and i with inflation his removal of people out of tax could be very long term further hindering debt repayment.

CW cheerleders get back to conservative home - this an EUSSR fascist free zone said...

"caesars wife said...

Go Blue labour, go go go undemocratic EUSSR police state blue Labour, go NWO climate tax hoax ra ra ra! Consservative PC Short lists baaa baaa baaa!

Get a grip CW this isn't Guido's blog for the criminally stupid and desparado cheerleaders of the fascist state.

Trust me, Dave is going to hand your butt over to the EUSSR.

Jabbah the Hut said...

You still have an advert for Jury Team pay pal subscriptions OH. Are you an independent ?
Tories on telly now launching their manifesto. They could have organised the crowd better. Scary people in the background.

Anonymous said...

Daily Telegraph Debate 2010 - "The Smoking Ban should be repealed" (in their "What issue do you think is important ?"poll). Only 20 votes so far (and 7 against, and it's festering on the 3rd page.) Show the troughing pigs that it isn't a non-issue just because they never mention it. It's a very real issue and it isn't going away. Bastards.

Anonymous said...

Sorry - it's actually under "If you could change one issue what would it be?" section.

Catflap said...

The trouble is there are so many issues to change.
The economy is of course front square and centre in most peoples minds but Europe is a massive issue.
Bigger than all the others in fact because a lot of the other issues are related to Europe almost directly.
I would prefer to live a more austere life with a lower standard of living in a free country
with my fellow free countrymen, than sell my country,my freedom and my soul for a fucking plasma telly and a Cappacino.

Anonymous said...

According to the Jury Team, your still their man in Camb....

caesars wife said...

The EU situation for the conservatives has a number of developements , we can still have some comfort in that we didnt give up our currency .

If there is a case of adjusting and quietly letting the better off out thinking, die in the absence of light that will not be appreciated , but there is a bit of national ecnomic problem and any legislation cannot be made until the new parliament .

As for the manifesto , clegg must have thought he had got a headline with his powerstaion jibe, but when you think about it , he was unable to rebutt it , with unprovable positions .I note he failed to attack the Labour manfesto simialry , which may be big cahonies but small brain syndrome. are they different or just keep repeating that they are hoping that people will believe it ,like the marketing operation i see them as .

The right may be being forced to have a knap due in part to the TV debates , which could lead to more gentle view of things ,cant really avoid the tactics being played out as the parties position themselves .

CW will wait and see

CW = Eurofascist apologist said...

"caesars wife said...
The EU situation for the conservatives has a number of developements"


Give up the bollocks love you are clearly very ignorant or insane, it was Tory Heath who took us in on a lie, Thatcher and Major made it worse, Dave said from the offset we would have NO referendum and we should stay in the Fascist undemocratic EU, and Dave who has backed all the spy police state measures proposed by the EU! He also backs political oppression, left wing terrorists, racism, war, war criminals and fiddling his expenses!

Did you know the EU has the power to shut political parties down and recently bragged about it!

Do you walk around with your eyes closed? either way you are a dangerous propagandist for the unmandated, tax drainging fascist police state backing Tories.

Now seeing as your opening statement was so clearly deluded blue rinse bolocks I can't be bothered with the rest of whatever shite you write.

I can only asume you are Moronic and ignorant, a Tory offical or a braindead Eurofascist!

or all three!

Ron Broxted said...

Vote Labour and get fitted up in Derry.

What are the odds of the 14 cottagers like myself being found guilty before trial? On 4th May Henry Rohan and thirteen other defendants face trail for damaging sanitary fittings in a well known cottage in Derry. Is this a crime or just accidental damage? If it is then surely the war in Afghanistan is too. 8pm on Wednesday 14th (that is tomorrow) sees a Pink protest and organised mince around Cathedral Square, Belfast. What are the odds of me getting photographed by Special Branch in my Dorothy outfit? Will they have more success than stopping the "micro" group with "no" support who bombed them recently? Resisting an unjust war is not a crime. Still, with no jury and the right to silence abolished, with over a million innocent DNA samples, not including mine of course, and the end of taking a diabolical liberty in Britain it all looks grimmer than my sisters page three photo shoot., as Hans Anderson said, "It's a funny old world Colin. P.C Rohan you can use the taser now on my one remaining testicle.........Oooh matron! Free Tibet.

Anonymous said...

yes very Stalinist totalitarian soviet style imagery.....


caesars wife said...

19:38 CW is eurofascist appologist

I take it you dont know about clause 50 of the Lisbon treaty !

havent you noticed labour hasnt mentioned its EU hypocracy , because its costing it votes .

I still believe in better off out , as it will behave like a monster the more it tries to make all econmies the same.

I might settle for a pared down version (but not two tier) , collaboration on boarders and police , but I would still rather see my own countires parliament the highest level of accountability in our country ,and some of our long worked ideas of society stand .

sell out ? No not at all , just waiting for the socialist myths/lies to dissappear off the electoral map of the UK

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