Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Labour's achievements over 13 years - open thread

Right, I want a list of all the humongous cock ups, outrages, embarrassments and downright thievery Labour have committed over the past 13 years.

Off you go


Mitch said...

Hope you've got a big hard drive.

Ecclestons money, selling gold, being gay.

Dazed And Confused said...

Well for a start, here are Ten decent ones stolen from somebody else I may add.

Anonymous said...

Lisbon Treaty sell-out

Captain Ranty said...

Smoking ban
Bird Flu
One new "crime" per day
ID cards
4.2 million CCTV cameras
Section 44 of the Terrorism Act
Ed Balls
Alan Johnson
Michael Fucking Martin
Post Office closures
Liam Bastard Donaldson
Harriet Twatting Harman

I could go on, literally, all day.

Did I mention europe?


wv-lunate. Absofuckinglutely.

watcher said...

Increasing the terrorist risk within our own society to engineer opressive control mechanisms. Enabling Act and the like.

Stop Common Purpose said...

With the general election campaign underway, here are some ideas for questions to ask candidates about Common Purpose.

Anonymous said...

Letting in too many darkies

Number 7 said...

Establishment of the Department to Eradicate Farming and Rural Activities (DEFRA)

Dazed And Confused said...

How about This from today? The fucking nerve of the man is beyond parody.

Quiet_Man said...

Assymetric devolution, leaving the English disenfranchised and ruled by a Scottish cabal that do not have to answer to their constituents anything that they do to us as it's often devolved to the Scottish parliament.

The Use of Britain or Our Country or This Country when referring to England alone giving the impression they are talking about the UK.

Lord Lindley said...

Harriet Harman.
Positive discrimination.
Public Sector pretend job's.
Dole queue fiddled figures.
Dame Mandelson. (Fraudster)
Ed Balls (Communist)
Labour spending everything & more.
Lisbon Treaty sell-out.
Referendum lies.

Anonymous said...

The deliberate and wanton destruction of our nation and its submission to the Islamic Republic of Eurabia.

For that alone I want to see some heads on some fucking pikes !

The utter fucking, Zanu-Labour, Dhimmi, Feminazi, nation-wrecking, mostly skawtish bunch of absolute CUNTS !!!

Catflap said...

The pumping of personal and public debt to keep their rotten shitty arses in power while they deconstruct Britain from the inside.
Fucking traitors.

Dazed And Confused said...

David Kelly
Political Correctness
Third Way/Fabian Politics
Manipulation of the BBC to the point of Nausea
The oustrocisation of smokers
Tax, Tax,Tax,Tax,Tax,Tax.Tax
The arrest of Damian Green
Fox hunting.....Tally ho the Trots...
A hatred of Christianity - "New Labour don't do God"
Jacqui Smith, a beacon of shite, even amongst the most corrupt regime in British Political history.

Uncle Marvo said...

Reinstating Mandelweasel.

Being stupid enough not to see when Blair did a runner that the shit was going to hit the fan.

Saying "no return to boom and bust".

Oh dear God. That my fellow humans can be capable pof voting for any of them again fills me with a despair that you can only being to imagine.

I'll be back with more...

w/v : smell

Maturecheese said...

Europe (EU)
Public Service waste
Bankers (Banking Industry in General)
Political Correctness
Denigration of Christian Values
Police (run by Fuckwits)
EHRC (shut it down)
Most of the 646 MP's
Climate Change

Uncle Marvo said...

Back already.

The spending of zillions on "IT" systems when they are completely and utterly unqualified to do anything to do with IT, an so are most of their "preferred" suppliers (aka BT).

And then Jack Straw blaming the IT industry saying that they try to "pull the wool" (can't find the exact quote, was a few years ago).

Murder. Oh, sorry, someone already said Iraq.

Mrs Dale's gaping puss said...

What are the 39 steps, eh cunt, eh?

Watch them mutter and stumble over that fucker.

Gotcha ya fucker.

End of!!

APL said...

Banning hand gun ownership.

Coincidently, gun associated crime figures 'explode'.

Captain Haddock said...

'kinell .. where does one start ?

It would be far easier to list the things which they have actually got right ..

Zilch, Nada, Nothing .. there you go, job done ..

APL said...

Declassifying Canabis
Reclassifying Canabis

It could be the other way around, they have dithered so many times.

Oldrightie said...

May I be personal here? The bastards STOLE £150,000 of my retirement savings between 1997 and now. Had they not done so their tax from my savings would still be in existence.

Twisted Root said...

Making us so angry that we think we can change anything by voting for someone else (except OH of course).

Uncle Marvo said...



Ten times that. I do not forgive them.

w/v: guted.

Captain Ranty said...

For every yin there is a yang.

We must be seen to be acting fairly:


Anyone fucking stupid enough to vote for the SnotGobbler can rush to his defence at Ranty Barracks.


Catosays said...

All of the above...plus they've pissed me off and that is unforgivable.

Wanker watch said...

Ask them why these cops are so fucking thick and useless and a total waste of space.


.243 Win said...

Foot and Mouth (twice)
DNA Database
RFID-chipped bins
42 days....
Trial without jury
4,300 new offences created since 1997

Anonymous said...


bofl said...

£2 trillion of debt.

8 million unemployed.

1m+ shuffling bits of paper for the govt.(yes that creates -not/mandy)

children brainwashed.

corrupt mps/lords/police/judges...

election boundary rigging...ie the tories have to win 6% more votes to equal labour (the champions of equality).

vote rigging!

hiding of the true figures.

ie unemployment/deficits/govt. spending......(strip out govt. spending like painting arrows on the roads and we have been in recession for 7 YEARS)!

lying to parliament.used to be an offence!

the fsa.......gordons idea apparently........did fuck all to prevent the collapse of the banking system............which was helped on its way by gordon wrecking lloyds......£billions down the shitter to buy more votes in edinburgh,newcastle,bradford.......

millions of illegals.
millions of immigrants.......for what?

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Abolition of trial by jury

Abolition of public inquests when it suits.

Reorganising the jurisdiction of coroners, and giving that jurisdiction to local authorities, who have in turn slowed down the process of inquests, thus slowing down the time it takes to arrange a funeral.

Harriet Harman

David Kelly

Sold the gold

Robbed pensioners

Made manifestos meaningless

Introduced Best Value - beuraucracy gone mad.

Tax, tax and more tax.

Proliferation of CCTV

Prescott - yuk

Mandelscum - disgraced how many times?

Microchips on dustbins

Giving carte blanche to skoolkidz to fuck up teachers' careers.

The Milliband twats

A couple of dodgy wars, one of which is illegal

Alistair Campbell

Godgy dossiers

Gays - more rights than straights


Phoney Blair and the Slot-Gobbed one

Smoking ban

CRB checks to go to a kid's assembly

PCSOs - plastic plod, useless

Giving almost every bastard the right to enter my home

Smoking ban



Five Bellies Smith

Snooper's charter

Quangos - NICE, no cancer drugs today I'm afraid, try Scotland, they've got loads.

Tuition fees

Fuck this, there's only so much time in life...............

Willie said...

The slow destruction of our ability to defend ourselves must be high up the list. I am truly amazed at the resilience of our Armed Forces given a Government that could have retained a Services only hospital and which has been let off the hook by an amazing charity to give a family's centre to the joint service rehabilitation centre.
Anybody who has given to Help for Heroes knows the fantastic work it does; but should not have to.
Note the contracts (unfunded) that have been let recently? (Carriers, Chinooks, new Frigates, FRES). A more cynical vote grab you could not make up.
Oh and then make it difficult for servicemen to vote.
The services deserve a reckoning with this government which has blood on its hands, mostly on our side and including Dr Kelly.

Triffid said...

I'll add two other nice little pieces of legislation -

The Serious Organised Crime and Prevention Act - Jack Straw banning spontaneous peaceful protest.

Extreme Pornography or Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008 - our very own thought crime!

Red Bladder said...

The price of beer is astronomical.
Petrol price hike.
Corruption is now a Government sport
Fiddling - cash and kiddy
Scottish mafia rule
Hoon, Hain, Hewitt, Blair .... endless list
MANDELSON should have faced a UK court not a return

Marchamont Needham said...

London 2012
House Price Bubble
Cool Brittania
Light Touch Regulation of the banking sector
Expansion of public sector
Pension Theft
Failing to tackle the public sector pension fund deficit
Diplock Courts
Inquests not needed when inconvenient
Just too many to list.....

henry said...

The question, when do I stop:

anti-catholic/pro-muslim agenda
more paperwork for business
over burdoned inland revnue paperwork
hegemony of part time jobs over full time employment
a bigger population
less jobs in the private sector
higher council tax
higher taxation
robbing the pension funds then asking people to save more
workplace discrimination in preference for minorities and women
a politicised BBC, police force, health service and council - now known as a DUMA
green taxation
sleaze and corruption
a dead scientist
a badly equipped army with more wars than any other government in history
additional rights to Scotland
a bigger government
the word 'rascism' makes mccarthy's witch hunts look like childsplay.
Human rights over common sense and the animal kingdom at large

The rights of miniority needs over the masses.
death of British Industry
radical trade unions in the public sector.
Giving more rights to criminals than victims.
They gave us mad cows.
They gave us a global pandemic.
Refuse workers have more powers that the police.
A hike in fuel duty.
An energy crisis with no backup plan.
The death of common sense.
An import based economy.
A weak pound.
A redefined inflationary statistic that fails to see the real cost of living.
Higher prices, stagnant or falling wages.
Nationalised banks.
Smoking ban
Gay rights - we can now go to jail for using the wrong word.
More DEBT and DEFICITS (there is a difference)
Celebrities and freeview
The rise of single people to the detriment of the family.

Social services really know how to do their job dont they ...
Doctors and Nurses that cannot speak english.
More translation services for the public sector.
A library of translated documents that have precedence over the original english flavour.
Data security - another ebay giveaway.

A tax system that makes the masses completly dependant on the state.

A population that has no other option but to vote labour to stay afloat in these hard times to come.

Mass consumerism.

I could go on but I will end with a broken youth and EUROPE - need i say more.

This will be the most important election ever, if Labour get back in ... we really can switch the lights off.

It will be over in 2012.

Anonymous said...

There will be loads of histories written about this labour government summing up how they literally rolled back civilisation itself. What else can you call the loss of democracy, rule of law, privacy, and national sovereignty that we have seen over the last 13 years

Oh, and not forgetting the carrying out of a willful program of population replacement and displacement against native Brits, war mongering and murdering Dr David Kelly.

Anonymous said...

I just hope I live long enough to see some of them swinging on the end of a noose one day.

bofl said...


Dazed And Confused said...

Jack the twat Straw's statement: - "The English as a race aren't worth saving". - but apparently worth fleecing for taxes.

henry said...

Did i forget:

Labour ended booma bust.
They gave the best chancellor ever.
They killed financial services and nationalised them.
They gave us a more bubbles.
They delivered a bigger population than we can handle.

They renamed us all British citizens - a country that does not exists outside of policital definition.

They gave us a dream of retuning back to the 1980s, we may not like it, but things did work.

They divided the United Kingdom into groups of people with special interests.

They killed community and replaced it with a transient population.

They brought shame to our culture, re-wrote our history and made us embarrased to be english, welsh or scottish.

They gave us two of the most productive prime ministers' wives that we have ever had.

They killed the high street.

They killed the political process with preferred parliamentary candidates and gave us the lowest general election turn-outs ever.

They spent our money and gave nothing in return.

They killed all hope and our revolutionary spirit.

They gave us a blog rebellion to keep the fight alive.

Anonymous said...

Good post Henry.

It has been one jaw-dropping piece of news from these evil bastards after another, sometimes on a daily basis.

Who remembers this? CCTV in school classrooms and toilets -


Dick Puddlecote said...

Top spot, Henry: "They divided the United Kingdom into groups of people with special interests."

Labour's MO, divide and conquer. Using the people as a weapon to drive their dictatorial agenda.

4,000 new laws, almost all of which designed to restrict freedom and deny personal choice.

In an ideal world they wouldn't be in power again for a generation or more. If only there was an opposition who didn't believe in the same approach.

Bastards, one and all.

xxxrated said...

The Digital Economy Bill and how it will murder the music industry altogether, pardon me for self-promotion but this is why I believe this:


May you lay waste to the bastards in Cambridge this May 6th good sir....

Ampers said...

You can scratch all these.

The only crime Labour MPs have committed is breathing.


Anonymous said...

1.Post democratic (Marxist, totalitarian) society.

2. Absolute abandonment of habeas corpus and any pretence that you have protection under common law.

3. Engineering the biggest financial crisis in our nation's history on behalf of the international banking cartels.

They have bankrupted the people. We just don't realize how bad things really are yet.

lilith said...

Lets not forget bent Attorney Generals...

Biffo said...

Where to begin?
Probably lots of duplicates from other commenters here, but this is my personal list;

Snot Gobbler ruining Britain either through his deliberate malevolence or his complete incompetance - I don't really care which, but I'd like him to hang for either

Snot Gobbler lying about an EU Referendum & then slithering in late to sign the Lisbon Treaty.

Snot Gobbler bringing Mandelscum into govt via the back door as he knew no-one would ever vote for the crooked cunt (I look forward to his third 'resignation' for inpropriety)

Snot Gobbler causing the deaths of our soldiers by depriving them of funds required for suitable clothing, arms & transport - then lying about it through his back teeth at Chillcott

Turning peaceful, tolerant 'live & let live' England into a Police State - replete with thick, stupid, bullying thugs like Sgt. Smelly & 'his reputation'

politicisation of the police who now defend the guilty & abuse the innocent

Allowing PCs & PCSO's to remove their identifying numbers when they fancy a dust up with the public

allowing PCs & PCSOs who are pig ignorant of the law out onto the street to administer it

allowing the promotion of Cressida Dick & her sidekicks instead of dismissing them in disgrace (Officer in charge of the murder of Jean Charles De Menezes)

The 'Liberation' of Iraq - how many dead Iraqui civilians by now?

Blair's deliberate lies about 45 minutes & WMDs (CUNT!)

The murder of Dr David Kelly

Having any dealings with ACPO (rather than telling them to FRO)


ID cards & the NIR database, also the children's database Contactpoint or whatever it's called

the destruction of the NHS & allowing the setup of 'the Spine' - yet another snooping database

Equalities - Harridan's Equalities Bill

Trevor Phillips & the CHER

the inclusion of 'ethnicity' on every damn govt or quasi-govt form

Making Local Authorities provide their paperwork in God knows how many different languages & dialects instead of forcing the bastards to learn English before they can put a foot on our soil

providing translators at taxpayers' expense - see above

allowing uncontrolled immigration of millions of people who are not here to seek work but to leech off the Benefits System in a way that is impossible for deserving British people who have fallen on hard times

Calling numerous 'amnesties' on failed asylum seekers because the Borders Agency is too damn incompetant & too damn lazy to do the job it's paid for

Allowing the setting up & funding of 'Black...' where the setting up of a White equivalent would generate cries of 'racism'

Allowing the setting up of local Sharia Courts - there is a British law system, that should be the only one recognised in Britain

paying benefits for multiple households where a man has > 1 wife (polygamy is illegal for the ordinary white British man or woman)

Harridan getting away with her driving offence while using a mobile

Doing away with the right to a jury trial when it suits them

Gagging orders on inquest results - again, when it suits them

Using the BBC, which is meant to be an impartial media company, as a political tool to boost the Labour Party, while forcing us to pay for it

Speed cameras, ANPR, CCTV & all the other shit which fails to stop crime but is misused as surveillance tools by a corrupt & failing govt

MPs & Lord's expense

All the failed IT projects

Dear God, I'm just getting my second wind here but my fingers are tired so I'll let this be all for the moment

Mr Armageddon said...

Where can I start?

Hundreds of thousands of non jobs in the public sector
Hundreds of new laws for more non jobs pen pushing
Dr Kelly Murdered
Cover up’s
Holiday Tax
Green Flight tax
More Fuel Tax
Higher Car Tax
More tax on Alcohol
More tax on Tobacco
More National Insurance
More Stamp Duty
Higher Business Tax
Hundreds of thousands of migrant workers
Vat on Stamps coming soon.
Phone line tax coming soon.
Kids in Debt when leaving uni
No real jobs apart from non jobs
Free Health Care for immigrants
Stupid health and safety laws
Smoking ban
Fox hunting
Shit police with no powers
Shit education
Buy to Let
Boom to Bust
Borrow today and pay tomorrow
Free education for dumb wit immigrants
No housing for the British Public.
And my Fuc@ing High Blood Pressure,

Just a few from my list !!!!!!!

henry said...

Thanks people for the appreciation :-)

After all, it was this Labour government that taught me everything I know:

How to dispise government.
How to hold all policy officers without the respect they deserve.
That 'terrorist' is a word to describe anyone who questions the neo-fascist socialist agenda.
To treat nationhood as just another job.
To dispise all public sector workers for their lack of ambition and desire to rob the private sector blind.
To not trust bankers and financiers.
To want the return of Arthur Scargill.
To find that honour is a commodity you find on the John Lewis price-list.
To know the value of the pound in your pocket.
To dislike the Union Jack and see the all inclusive word 'British' as something to hide.
To cherish common sense, a sense of englishness and wish that it would return with a vengence.
To know that we are all individuals as long as we think the same, want the same and say the same thing.
To know that society is not a collection of individuals, but a series of batteries connected in a web of Labour greed, avarice, corruption and spin.

Orwell wrote 1984, Labour built 1984.

To remember everything we have lost and know (sadly) that the future generation will never find it let alone take part in it.

Labour's biggest crime was allowing the electorate to vote for them - after that lie it was buisiness as usual.

Some people call me angry, but i prefer the word 'disappointed' and ready to start throwing stones - bring on Chuck Palahniuk's 'Fight Club'. I've had enough of seeing 'Avatar' through the eyes of 'Trainspotting'.

We need more than a change or government. We need a revolution based on those principals that made England great ... Dust off the old Magna Carter, face up to our problems and say 'no more'.

Sometimes I only wished that the banks had not been bailed out ... at least we all have a standing chance to make a difference.

Remember, it was a greater England that made a Great Britain.

Living close to Cambridge (but not in the voting area) i really hope the Old Holbourn the very best success.

I would vote for him.

Keep going Biffo - people need to be told :-)

Anonymous said...

The total manipulation of crime statistics.
Over 9 million crimes now go unreported each year. Many million of other crimes now are taken out of statistics. This list is endless.

Anonymous said...

gay adoptions! how sick can you get? Flogging gold at boot sale prices. promotion of islam.Throwing open the borders to hostiles and scroungers. Robbing our pensions.
Probably the worst of all is stealing people's dreams of a secure future for themselves and their families.
And still 30% want more of this shite,and most of the rest will vote for BluLab or the faggot Lib Dems. They must be total fuckwits.

Anonymous said...

5000 pieces of new legislation since they took office, several of which are huge infringements on rights, civil liberties, freedoms and free speech, freedom of movement etc . All to go in one Great Repeal Bill. Start again with a fresh, unlaboured statute book.

Colonel Blimp. said...

Making people so illiterate that they don't know that an apostrophe in plural nouns is NOT necessary!

Volatile Barry said...

The cunts have overtaken Procter and Gamble as the UK's biggest spenders on advertising. Over £1 billion in the last 5 years. Nauseating shite coming out of every radio and TV 24/7 plus the garbage they put in newspapers and all those fucking leaflets and booklets that keep coming through the door. Visited a hospital / dentist etc lately? Tables full of garbage leaflets everywhere telling you to eat 5 pieces of fruit and other such nannying bullshit.

Make a big fucking pyre out of the lot of it and chuck the cunts who dreamed it up on top.

king chillout said...

Funding and supporting the UAF in their attacks on British democracy.

Executioner's blade sharpener said...

Anybody mention Lord Speedfreak of Motorway texting yet?

And Barrow Ness Udder of Banglapalace Road?

Spiv Lords touting for cash to change legislation?

Peerages for cash?

Anonymous said...

Fake Charities;
The bastardisation of science (Climate Change; Anti-tobacco lobby);
However many thousands of new laws they've introduced;
Untramelled immigration;
The Smoking Ban (a part of their wider "divide and conquer" strategy for "reshaping Britain");
A quarter of the planet's CCTV cameras watching us;
Two illegal wars;
Making it acceptable to lie in manifestoes;
Making it acceptable to lie to Parliament;
Wrecking the economy (again);
Politicising the BBC so what was once a national asset just has to be privatised to cut out the rot;
Neutering the Police with PC red tape whilst telling them to avoid crime prevention but to instead focus on driving o0ffences;
Politicising the Police so they are now little more than Brown shirts;
Too much power in the hands of crazed Local Councils - (banning smokers from adopting; banning smoking and drinking in parks.... whilst normal people are fined for bin crimes);
The establishment of Political Correctness as New Labour's Rightthink;
Selling gold at record low prices and stealing our pensions;
David Kelly;
The promotion of the Climate Change swindle and healthist nonsense;
Selling us out to the EU, once and for all.

And so, so many more.....

Any one of these is treachery. Hang them. Hang them all.

Anonymous said...

Soo many constant reminders of who is in charge and "looking after" us, be it Speed cameras, Windmills, CCTV, Adverts on billboards & internet (which they are also watching you on for your "safety"). ID cards and the need to carry it are an extension of this which most people assumed had been defeated after so many people complained and data lost.
But they just go ahead with it quietly, at the same time sticking all children on a DB, but leaving off the crimnals in jail.

Dioclese said...

I am grateful to Gordon Brown. Yes, honestly.

If it hadn't been for him screwing IT contractors with swingeing underhand tax measures I would still be working. As it is, I retired because working wasn't worth the fucking bother!

First he tried to screw us by reinterpreting a hundred year old tax rule. When that failed, he had another go with a ten year old one. Then when that failed he brought in IR35.

In the end, he realised that his attempts to change the law retrospectively (against all established principals) wouldn't work, so he changed the law in his budget.

I don't like people putting up taxes but I will respect them and go along with it if they look me in the eye and tell me. But this was just bloudy simple minded under the table devious nonsense.

When you think about it, if he had been straightforward in the first place, he would have got the money in a lot sooner. What an idiot!

Then - just to cap it all off - his bloudy government had the cheek to ask me to go and work on the new Revenue computer system at Lytham.

For Christ's sake, let's get this twit out this time or I will be slashing my wrists!....

Uncle Marvo said...


Why not save time and slash his?

Dick the Prick said...

Quite a few 'maybes' then to pop in the canvassing box. Move along, nothing to see.....

You may like this. Steph Booth (Cherie's stepmum is standing in the Calder Valley and it seems that even the unions don't like her (nip onto the forum part) - oh, the humanity of it.


WV: wooter - what a lovely word

british insurgent said...

Many thanks to all who have remided us so succinctly why New Labour like Old Labour need to be permanently consigned to the political dustbin of history.

SFor me one of the most outragious acts of the New Labour regime was to remove Elgar from the £20 note.

Spiteful, anti English racism from Herr Brown & his Stasi.

Oh, & they grounded Concorde.

Anonymous said...

Teaching homosexuality to 5 year olds

Softening laws on Pornography

Walk in Abortion clinics

Closing Churches

Closing pubs by the thousands

Knife Crime

Gang Rape


Anonymous said...

Wiping England Off The Map

Fidothedog said...

Thanks Labour for turning the once pleasant pastime of taking a few photos, turned into your being stopped and searched and questioned like a terrorist.

Oh and if you dare to photograph a child, even your own your classed as a pedo.

PT Barnum said...

After the election - the right to open your mail on mere suspicion (no warrant, no reasonable grounds) to "prevent tobacco smuggling".

muddly said...

First PM in history to be questioned by police under caution.

By-passing/ignoring established competition law for their mates.

Another first PM seen riding his rocking horse into the sunset. Good effin riddance to them all.

wv for this is "muddly" so that will do nicely for my nom de guerre on this occasion. Go get 'em OH and let me know if you need another pitchfork polisher

muddly said...

First PM to be questioned by police "under caution",

By passing/ignoring established competition law for their mates.

Another first PM seen riding his rocking horse off into the sunset. Go get 'em OH and let me know if you need another pitchfork polisher.

WV for this is "muddly" - which is good so I shall use it as my nom de guerre on this occasion

Anonymous said...

All the civil libery issues here:
Civil liberties: what to ask every candidate

Download this postcard-sized list of 10 questions and quiz prospective MPs to establish their commitment to civil liberties

Anonymous said...

The cover up of the MURDER of David Kelly.

almighty said...

cover up of the murder of dr david kelly by the CIA on behalf of the british government!

Anonymous said...

Buying ridiculous amounts of swine flu vaccinations because we were all going to die otherwise...oh and how much tamiflu???

WV - bards...just add "ast" between the b and the a, and I think that is a start

Anonymous said...


Wayne and Waynetta said...

The Bastards sent our Giro's to our old address.

adrian said...

Yea but apart from all that, things haven't been so bad.
Look at the things you do have,
The Osbournes on TV, Jeremy Kyle, Road wars, Street wars, Big Brother.

X Factor.

And we let you know what's really going on in the World ..

Not the Six Oclock News

russell said...



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