Sunday, 11 April 2010

Labour Manifesto 2005

Ignore manifestos. They are just lies.

“manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation”. Gordon Brown, February 2008.


Stop Common Purpose said...

The Labour Party Manifesto 2005 contains a deliberate lie as regards the smoking ban.

They said:

"We recognise that many people want smoke-free environments and need regulation to help them get this. We therefore intend to shift the balance significantly in their favour. We will legislate to ensure that all enclosed public places and workplaces other than licensed premises will be smoke-free. The legislation will ensure that all restaurants will be smoke-free; all pubs and bars preparing and serving food will be smoke-free; and other pubs and bars will be free to choose whether to allow smoking or to be smoke-free. In membership clubs the members will be free to choose whether to allow smoking or to be smoke-free. However, whatever the general status, to protect employees, smoking in the bar area will be prohibited everywhere.".

But what we got was a TOTAL BAN!


john in cheshire said...

As I've said before, socialists lie. that's what they do.
Socalists lie.
they steal
they spend other people's money
and they abuse power.
that's what they do. they are genetically programmed to do this.

Anonymous said...

Well spotted.."Stop common purpose"
Re The "partial" smoking ban.
If anyone wants a copy of the Labour 2005 manifesto I got one of
amazon for 1p. I carry it around with me looking for socialist
degenerates and spotty bolshies.
Page 60 is worth copying and sending to PPCs

Lying scum,stuff em

The Sorter

Nick2 said...

Maybe we should start demanding specific commitments and time-frames from political parties.

Any Public Limited Company in difficulties publishes monthly, quarterly or semi-annual trading updates to shareholders. The CEO has to say how strategy has changed to remedy the situation & the Financial Director has to set out the detailed financial position over the next 2 years or so.

I would like a party to set out its commitments year by year for the next term. Let Parliament pass votes of confidence each year based on what has been done.

Obviously OH & his readers are unlikely to be able to effect this - but unless we start to demand more accountable & better performing government then we surely won't get it.

sike said...


well well well...

caesars wife (its nearly out of the shed but we dont have enough money to finish it and will have to rob everyone for our largesse and vanity) said...

mmm a timely reminder OH on the fact that it didnt all start in America , it started with Imelda in 1997 , good laugh from 2008 all the same , enjoyed that .

Other fun has been on labours new vid on the bleak road home under the ruins stewardship, you might almost expect labour to churn out some amnesia propoganda in the hope that people will forget they have created the biggest bust in UK . Drawing a line under the debt is a little ludricus as the ruin is still creating it , and indeed the lonely road back may yet take us to death valley if infaltion gets hold . Hes going to make foreigners speak english and stop all the fat cattery thats gone on which he blessed CW knows the smell of arrogant bluff of the convicted , should we free him , well only if you think none of his party have been telling lies since 1997.

Other comments on Cleggs river of blood speech have been amusing
Mr 45govt :Cleggover is one the singualry useless peices of oppertunist ordure extant .
vote Limpdumb get Brwonstain

Bionic raspeberry : Clegg is slow of the mark an idiot looking for a village

Catflap said...

Brown the cursed bastard obviously made that last prediction for 2010.
For fucks sake don't let the cunt near the next Labour manifesto document.
Who knows what he might predict/curse for 2015.

Ng said...

So what binding pledges are you going to offer, and if any, how will you meet them, Mr. Old Holborn ?

Captain Haddock said...

NO Manifestos or their pledges from ANY Party have ever been worth anything more than arse-paper ..

Simon said...

Old Holborn, stop being so cruel to the poor sods

As I've put over at my place, they should be congratulated for being honest -

Until 2005 we were the fourth biggest economy and the economy stopped growing

It makes for refreshing reading


Shug Niggurath said...

Here's an idea OH; have other bloggers and yourself send emails to the labour candidates for their own area along the lines of:

Dear xxx,

The Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, said in Februrary 2008 that

“manifesto pledges are not subject to legitimate expectation”

Do you agree with this statement, and could you explain to me what guarantees your party are offering that your manifesto pledges have any actual meaning?



Could be a laugh especially if you CC'd in all their opponents.

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