Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Labour Fail in Scotland

I notice that Joe used to work at Ravenscraig.

Ravenscraig closed in 1992, 18 years ago. I'll assume he's been sitting on his arse drinking Buckfast since Labour came to power.

Vote Labour and enjoy 18 years of watching the Jeremy Kyle show in your own front room.


no longer anonymous said...

Apologies for going O/T but have you heard back from the council regarding your refusal to pay certain sums in your bouncil tax bill?

The Young Oligarch said...

If Mr. Cartoon guy worked at Ravenscraig , why doesn't he have a Motherwell accent instead of this vaguely Edinburgh middle-class NuLabour one ?

Billy Blofeld said...

Ha! Ha!

Whilst I'm laughing, the shitty thing is you have nailed the truth on the head.

Someone please just nuke the fucking Labour Party and get them off our backs once and for all......

Anonymous said...

A middle class West Coaster (who also happened to be an industrial worker at a steel plant) is married to a shrill working class harridan who sounds like she comes from Pollock....

I have no comment on the content of that video; I'm just overcome by the sheer Win that is the casting decisions.

Anonymous said...

There is no Labour party, you have a NWO dictatorship led boy ONE of there clowns every five years and now their clown gets ruled buy a group of their clowns tin Europe.

Let me repete for those that don't get it -


it is a shame, a media driven shame, 99% of what Labour have done would have also been done by the Tories, using a different spin.

simple as that.

All the while you play Labour of the Tories you play their game - it is panto driven by the NWO media.

The media manipulated you to vote Labour and now they are manipulating you to vote Tory, but note one main thing - the media are skipping all the KEY policies!

why is that? because they are NWO policies - same as the parties.

Anonymous said...

If the media were honest the media would say all the parties are the same and the only alternatives are UKIP and the BNP, with UKIP being not a lot different.

Now why don't they tell you this?

Anonymous said...

Isn't it a bit sad that they re-dub the same video with scottish accents not only treating voters like kids with stupid opinions but like fools too.

Dazed And Confused said...

I see that both the ratings and comments sections for this vid have been disabled on you tube by the allegedly democratic Scottish Labour party. Socialist s only seem to believe in the very term democracy when everybody, everywhere agrees with their bile.

RantinRab said...

Scottish Labour suck Gangster cock. Fact.

'Corrupt' doesn't even touch on it.

Hamish said...

It's not just the accents that are different in the Scottish version.
The content has been doctored to reflect the fact that Scotland has moved ahead of England on some devolved issues.
The changes make a nonsense of some of the humour, like the granny throwing away her stick and rushing off. And the reply by the budding Einstein to "What am I thinking now?".

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