Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Iraq is more democratic than the UK

Just wondering what system of democracy we are imposing on Iraq and Afghanistan? First past the post?

Of course not.

Elections for the Iraqi National Assembly will be conducted according to a closed list proportional representation system with the entire country considered as a single electoral district . The system will elect representatives to 275 seats with a goal of having 25% female representation .


corthr said...

You know this would never work here - the parasites would never allow their number to be reduced by at least half.

Guthrum said...

We can't have that here- might mean representative democracy

Peter said...

No new democracy chooses 1st past the post. Not even London or Scotland

Pinched this topic to highlight on my own site! Ta ;o)

Anonymous said...

Ed Balls on Youtube.

Comments enabled.

Get stuck in!

td90uk said...

"The biblical story says that God decided to flood the Earth after seeing how corrupt it was." Melting ice caps have anything to do with this?

Gallimaufry said...

What do they eat in Iraq that turns it that colour?

Anonymous said...

"Iraq is more democratic than the UK"

Neither is truly democratic, the state media will control the people to elect the offshore corporate puppets.

The media tell you who you can vote for and anyone outside this group gets bumped off or blackmailed/bribed by the elites international secret sevices.

That is modern democracy or rather global corporatocracy.

You can take that to your NWO bank, that ownes you through debt!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Ed Balls on Youtube.

Comments enabled.

Get stuck in!

27 April 2010 14:32

But could it be a communist China 100 flowers trap?

Give them time!

ceasars wife said...

Yeah but do you get plastic explosive vest wearers with PR ?

I once had that Mandy in the back of my.........cab said...

She's been up Mandy's arse again; the liberated whore thinks just because she can vote in Iraq she can go around literally poking our beloved Labour Cabinet.

I suggest she should go and see the doctor love if I were you, you should know a bit more about Mandy's odd lifestyle.

OldSlaughter said...

"Iraq is more democratic than the UK"

But Old Holborn, you constantly whine about the Iraq war. I wonder if would you rather they were not more democratic than us and returned to a Baathist dictatorship with no fly zones?

Seems odd to denegrate a policy non-stop and then hold up its results as virtues. But perhaps that's just me.

Kit said...

The 'closed list' system of PR means that MPs are selected by Parties, not by voters.

That is completely fucked up and totally anti democratic.

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