Tuesday, 20 April 2010

I smell a flying rat...

I've just listened to Pravda tell us all that UK airspace is closed under 20,000 feet and a no fly zone exists over Germany and Holland.

Yet as I type this, I have just watched an Easyjet plane leave Luton, a private jet owned by Porsche land at Southampton from Bratislava, a Privately owned (!) 737 leave Luton for the States and a BA flight from Calgery, Canada is headed for Heathrow.

Interesting. Why are we being lied to?

Watch for yourselves here

UPDATE: I've just realised. Gordon will not open UK airspace until AFTER he has personally welcomed home a family from Swindon, rescued by the Navy.


RantinRab said...

The site seems to be having some technical difficulties.

What a coincidence.

Anonymous said...

BBC News also said that there were some BA planes which had set of with the intention of landing when the airport was due to open, and that although the airspace is closed then they might let them in anyway.
Not sure bout the others tho... maybe test flights or private ones go lower or something?!

Anonymous said...

It'll be the three large alien spaceships hovering over Scandinavia that arrived last week. There is no ash.

The authorities don't want us to know they exist until after the election. Or possibly just before, so that they can cancel it 'in the National Interest'.

microdave said...

I'm watching 5 BA flights from the States, all inbound to Heathrow, which are now flying round in circles. The Easyjet is heading back to Luton - presumably a test flight. I guess there are some fairly choice words being exchanged over R/T at the moment....

Mrs Rigby said...

The site's working now, and there are at least two flights aiming for Heathrow from Canada and several Cargolux flights inbound too. A lot of traffic over north east Europe, but very little over France, Spain, Portugal and UK - which makes a mockery of the apparent direction of the ash cloud.

Heard and saw several small planes in the air locally this afternoon.

Anonymous said...

Well it definitely looks like most of these flights inbound from the states are being rejected entry into UK airspace and are circling around a lot before heading for Ireland. The only internal jet flight looked like a test one by Easyjet, and the other UK internal planes are small propeller ones. Sorry, but I don't agree that there's anything suspicious to see here.

Jill said...

The site's just crashing from rubbernecking traffic! You can also look at http://www.radarvirtuel.com. Agree with the last commenter.

Old Holborn said...

not suspicious, incompetence.

If Amsterdam is open, Heathrow should be.

I suspect one man at the Met Office has told NATS to keep it all closed.

Meanwhile, hundreds of thousands wait.

Anonymous said...

There is no ash cloud. It's just Iceland taking the piss.

Test flights couldn't find it. Sattelites apparently can't track it. Clear blue skies for days here.

Have you seen it?

Ron Broxted said...

I really believe that alien spacecraft are hovering above us waiting to take over and enslave us. Voices in my head have confirmed this.

microdave said...

Looks like at least 2 of the BA flights are going into Shannon, another now seems to be heading for France.

I don't agree that there's nothing suspicious going on - I've been watching both sites for 4 days, and there have been plenty of regular commercial flights to & from Germany and Holland, plus several other operators over flying the UK. Yet virtually everything here has been grounded. We were also told that even helicopters were not flying, yet Bristows have been running out to the rigs from Aberdeen.
This almost seems like another case of Britain being f***ed about by bureaucracy, whilst the rest of Europe do what they like....

Pavlov's Cat said...

Saw three heading due south over London at approx 1.45pm BST

They looked to be at cruising height so +20,000 maybe? Sky clear enough to see the contrails and the crescent moon (but no ash)

But no idea where they came from, Scotland?

DS 501 Danny Lawrence said...

Mr & Mrs Haslam of Norfolk say "We are furious. Abroad is full of darkies". O'H WTF? Rohen Kapur is not your troll. Why did you accuse him?

microdave said...

Just turned Pravda on, and someone from the CAA has announced that all UK airports will be open from 10pm tonight.

I bet the thousand or so people now in SW Ireland are pleased about that!

One of the BA flights is going into Paris.

Don't Give Up The Day Job said...

@Ron Broxted:

Why have you superimposed the face of Louis Walsh, over a similar picture to that of your old McEgan moniker?

Did the voices instruct you to do that as well?

Barman said...

BAW84 appears to be having a good go at it!

Anna Raccoon said...

Fascinating site - as Mrs Rigby said, watching planes coming in from US and turning in circles round the Isle of Man - refusing to let BA flights land? - two warships sitting idle in the channel? COBRA meeting just to send 6 civil servants down to Dover for the night?
Civil Contingencies Act?
Cancelled election anyone?
This is spooky - even I am giving in to conspiracy theories now!

Onan the Rotarian said...

Hats off to the Icelandic people. First they declared themselves bankrupt... Then they set their island on fire.... Anyone else smell the mother of all insurance frauds?

Stormfront White Aryan said...

Don't give up the day job. Ron is a bit of a cunt. You are a full scale one!

Anonymous said...

All GB airports to reopen from 10PM Tuesday!

Friday Night Smoke said...

I can visually confirm the first flight over the mainland, BAW84, circling over Birmingham (headed for Heathrow).
Ordered to circle, or giving the passengers something nice to see?

sugaze said...

AFAIK if you are carrying paying passengers you have to fly in NATS controlled airspace. NATS interpreted the volcanic ash advisories as a reason to close the airspace hence no commercial passenger flights in and out of UK.

Lufthansa seem to have kept going. Reportedly by flying visual flight rules rather than instrument flight rules to get through UK airspace. This basically means only flying during the day and having to avoid clouds.

I would put it down to incompetence myself. The best equipped UK operated flying laboratory for measuring atmospheric stuff is currently on the ground undergoing maintenance. Brown's 100 coaches that don't exist. The Navy boats that were not for members of the general public but to pick up troops and FCO approved people until Commander Geoff Whittle said 'all aboard'.

The aeroplanes doing circuits *may* be burning fuel to make them light enough to land safely. Given the lack of air traffic they aren't being stacked in an orderly fashion. They will have not wanted to take any chances getting across the Atlantic only to have to make a major diversion so will likely have been fueled as much as they could fit in. That could leave them too heavy to land safely at this end so they need to use up the excess.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

"another case of Britain being f***ed about by bureaucracy, whilst the rest of Europe do what they like...."

Situation abnormal as usual.

The EU Transport commissioner was NOT best pleased yesterday over The Met Office's iiidiot intransigence and towering PR led self regard over their (broke) computer models and "we know best" about flight safety - didn't see/hear that on AlBeeB.

It's as clear as the sky that heads should roll here. Unfortunately don't get your tricolor hats and knitting out just yet... The Ministry of Truth is busy finessing a save face strategy.

A one eyed snot gobbling porridge wog with his media entourage lost on Swindon estate being upstaged by angry punters deplaning at Heathrow - ooh.... yes please.

I do have to add that this isn't dust - try flying in Africa , Australia, The Middle East etc... if you want dust....

Absolutely bloody woeful.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

It's quite amusing watching the media management going on as The Met Office's fingers are prised off the door frame by the airlines and our European neighbours.

Now then , let's get them into this Warbal Glomists "I love me" and cart them off to the old school tie funny farm.

Gobstopper said...

When will Ron Broxted stand for Parliament? A nation holds it's breath.

g1lgam3sh said...

" Gobstopper said...

When will Ron Broxted stand for Parliament? A nation holds it's breath.

20 April 2010 22:16"

It's nose surely?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

Warbal Glomist = I love me Jacket

tut.. missed an =

Ron is already an MP ...

Anonymous said...

Which Ron are you talking about? The one obsessed with cottaging or the crazee commie?

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

I thought they were one and the same.

There is precedent you must know that?

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear friends ,you should know
by now ,health and safety overides
all other factors,I should know,
my 3 local pubs have been shut
down because of concerns for the
health of the staff.They're now
regulars at the Job Centre Inn.

Stranded in Limbo

Rightwinggit said...

Lufthansa and KLM have been overflying all afternoon on their way to the states.

Alt; 3000 to 3500 ft.

Gobshite said...

So how did BA know that they could land at 10pm and nobody else did?

And who gets on these planes? The people who booked that flight, or the ones that have been waiting for days?

More fun from the Prime Mentalist.

Especially if that other big fucking Volcano erupts. It will destroy our slim hopes for a normal summer.

I'm blaming the one-eyed twat for that too.

Hopalong Heffron said...

Big fucking difference between a failed special constable and a dude who was accepted for Cambridge.

Anonymous said...

The aliens appear to have left.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...


CAA Board

13 members

9 of whom have no obvious aviation expertise

The Chairperson come from the Food Standards Agency

The Chief Executive comes from the Railways

A couple of bankers....

Now, I wonder how they came to go along with the Met Office?

Any flies on the wall must have dropped off laughing.

Old school tie, jobs for the boys merry go round gravy train - noooo not a bit of it.

Disappointed not to find Charlie Whelan as a non-exec though - had high hopes there.

Dr Rohen Kapur said...

All this can be solved with Vitamin D.


caesars wife said...

Dont forget Willie Walsh is a pilot as well as CE of BA , so you think he might know a thing or two . The ash is useually acidic , but then there is the type of ash , the gaseous pummice type (which cloggs and coast everything lifted/falls on the thermal event) and the fine sand/glass type which sustains longer . The ban was based on a computer model from the met office , when they sent test planes up they found patches , which then brought about the question of particle concentration and navigating around the worst bits . Its a reasonably simple Kgs/M3 problem and where it has an unknown risk . Being as the atmosphere always has dust in it , not useually a panic is there !.

So is it another contrived scare story ? hard to say the EU put the block on and flexed its power , although individual countries air space is left to them . Uk air space is now open and as on NN paxo pulled apart the ruins "rescue" as being empty , but manage to miss the logistics of how other modes of transport , such as special trains , would have been far more effective and faster , perhaps even saving the insurance market some money on the EU rules that air carriers of EU citizens have to pay the bill for not flying people home .

The ruin certainly seemed more sure it was blanket rather than patchey and some aircraft (prop driven) dont need the altitude for fuel efficiency , so they could have kept going to france and spain taking up the slack .

COBRA could well be re named COBBLERS after this , they should have run some hub flights or run a detection/sampling series of aircraft to see if the computer model sttacked up.

of course one crash due to ash engine failure would send the questioners into regret , but losing £15mn a day because a computer model was wrong and the ruin doing politics isnt that clever either .

Interesting that if the dust stays high up and keeps going it should lower global temperatures , stock up on beans then before winter !

Bill Sticker said...

21:34 UK Time. NATS Notification; Flight restrictions lifted.

caesars wife said...

As Clegg describes the ruin as "desperate" , the ruin claims to want to formulate a left wing coalition to keep the Tories out .
Cw was a bit puzzled by Cleggs election vid , walking alone through bits of paper smacked a bit of some sort of post appocolyptic event , but equally a tumble weed could have been implied , certainly not as zippy as Camerons . The cuts to different landscapes shows a rev up for national outreach , but it wasnt so much unique , more unmemorable and fake hard man , repleat with overcoat and swagger .
I kept thinking of flash harry from the BW st trinians , er know where there any votes on offer cheap like!.

The only reason the ruin would call for a lefty front is if the Labour party were on there way to a unprescidented battering .

as Ian dale pointed out the next debate will be on satellite channels so viewing figs wont be as high , The ruin got a first real taste of the public mood on radio 1 , and hes tanking because the spin doesnt work and makes people angry , who he has treated like fools .

The SNP seemed bigger than what they say , but I have never worked out why more scots havent sussed they are socialists disguised as nationalists , or for that matter realised that the ruins 10yr debt legacy and euro being flawed we could really could with a low cost union instead of costly and experimental balkanisation .

One of Cw favourite comments from today from manfrag : " for all they have done for the working class I dont know why labour dont just rename themselves the Judas party " .

Night all !

Anonymous said...


I've flown many times in the Middle East through "pea souper" sand / dust storms and in West Africa's (note:I get all the best jobs) Harmattan.

I find it really difficult to believe that there's no procedures and / or rule of thumb on dust / ash apart from it's common or garden self preservation not to fly into an immediate dense - opaque plume as BA did in the dark and - surprisingly KLM did it in daylight....

Got to love the KLM radio messages after being asked by the controller if they could see the ash plume - as in "watch it!":

"It’s just a little browner than the normal cloud".....

"it’s smoky in the cockpit at the moment" .....

"we’re in a black cloud".....

"we have flame out all engines"

Lord Adonut was trying on NN during his mild Paxo stuffing to make it all out as "terra incognita" - surely a boob by a boob?

Anonymous said...

"COBRA could well be re named COBBLERS after this"

COBRA sounds really dangerous and important but in reality stands for:


Not quite so important now eh?

The Penguin said...

Good of Willie Walsh to force the issue and make the "authorities" look like the complete numpties they are. Now there'll be rich pickings for m'learned friends as the airlines and other businesses adversely affected sue the wankers in the CAA, Met Office, and NATS.

The Penguin

Biffo said...

I agree with Anna Raccoon's comments - but then when this all started I queried it on Facebook - it all seemed just a bit convenient that entrance/exit from the UK should be almost completely closed down. Just heard Gordon getting a slating over his handling of the situation 'too little, too late' on the news both from the Torys & from the newscasters - NOT his finest hour.

Gordon the Fence Post Tortoise said...

A small Paxo stuffing


Do I hear the sound of gutting knives on steel?

sugaze said...


Brown shouldn't get slated for 'too little, too late' he should be slated for being unable to stand back from the issue. A COBRA meeting looks to me like a gross over reaction. Brown likes his COBRA meetings because it gets in the papers and makes him look like a leader. He is dumbing down emergency procedures for political gain. Brown shouldn't have been handling anything but he cannot stop himself promising the moon on a stick knowing he will fail to deliver. I despair at how everyone turns to the State for answers all the time.

We have a regulatory minefield for everything these days, stuffed with people who rubber stamp bad regulations. Like the financial compensation regulations that were thrown out the window when dark clouds gathered we have had airborne dust guidelines interpreted as diktats that said 'any dust is too much dust' and only after a week of chaos some bint squeaks 'Some dust is okay and airlines must fly test flights first'. FFS if the CAA were any good they would have written the procedures like that in the first place!

Brian, follower of Deornoth said...

How's the Navy going to get anyone to Swindon? The Thames and Severn Canal closed years ago.

bofl said...

the reason gordon does everything slowly is because he has no balls!!

hiding behind a comittee then gives him an excuse if things go wrong.....

if things are ok then he claims to have saved the world!!!!!

i used to work for a foriegn bank years ago....always having meetings....same principle..if something went wrong then no individual took the blame!!!!!

if anyone has ever been to a college then you will know that this is what 'lecturers' like gb do........talk,talk and more talk....this is the whole MO for gordon.

Neil Platypus said...

COBRA Cabinet Office Briefing Resources A.

Stephen Paulger said...


"Lufthansa and KLM have been overflying all afternoon on their way to the states.

Alt; 3000 to 3500 ft."

Christ! lets hope they don't hit any mountains.

Dr Rohen Kapur said...

I would just like to say that at 23.48 both my computers were switched off and I was asleep.

Someone is using my name without my permission.

Could you kindly delete the comment @23.48

I didn't make it. I have a cast iron alibi My brother was here at that time so he knows the computer was turned off.

microdave said...

@ sugaze - I agree that they were undoubtedly fully fueled before departure, but they would normally be below maximum landing weight within 2 hours flight at most. So after 6-10 hours flight the holding orbits we all witnessed were just that, whilst some (no doubt) heated debate was going on in the corridors of power.....

I saw the first diversion into Shannon taking off again shortly after the all clear announcement.

Dr Rohen Kapur said...

On second thoughts, leave it up there.


Vitamin D is the answer.

Dr Rohen Kapur said...

This is getting tedious Who ever is spouting off as me better desist because you are just giving me more publicity for free Im sure that was your intention but I think if you really want to discredit me you should post when Im not out posting flyers and postcards through a whole street in Muswell Hill. I have cast iron alibi I was with a friend in N10 when you posted Remove the 1st and 3rd post or at least check the IP address of them.

Anyway I have resolved not to visit here again unless I find out the IP addresses and track you down.

I know someone who can do that to a few streets

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