Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Hustings in Cambridge tonight

Daniel Zeichner (Lab PPC, Cambridge)

I'll be at the Friends Meeting House,12 Jesus Lane, Cambridge, CB5 8BA with a surly bunch of rabble rousers and my fellow Cambridge Candidates arguing about Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine. Should be good. Feel free to join me. 7.30pm


Uncle Marvo said...

Will we be allowed to smoke?

Follow the money said...

ask them if they enjoy killing women and children while making this country less safe?

killing their women and children then importing what is left here which will do nothing but increase the terror threat which was almost non existant before they invaded.

Why we have asylum seekers - some who have been terrorists, who are young able men sitting here with there feet up when our boys are there dying?

Ask then if they will be signing up to fight if they believe in it?

ask them if we can afford this war(invasion) when the country is broke and essential services are going to be cut, do they think the war is worthy of our sick children and elederly losing care and treatments, just to make a fortune for there military complex buddies whos boards they will later sit on - it is a form of money laundering, same as third world `aid`.

ask them that if we are there to bring `democracy` ask them why they are doing all they can to remove hard won democracy and freedoms in the UK through the EUSSR.

TAKE SOME PICS OF THE CHILDREN THEY HAVE MURDERED ON BIG BILLBOADS - that should get their attention and show them for what they are.



certain to get coverage

FTAC Watch said...


Ask about the FTAC and watch them clam up like it doesn't exist.

Anonymous said...

So OH do you have the guts to do what follow the money suggested and bring home the reality of war, or are you a conformist waste of space?

Could you not do it for all the innocent people who have died and suffered at the hands of these filthy party drones?

Anonymous said...

Good luck tonight OH - hope it goes well & that you give 'em hell.

Bill said...

I will be projecting 281 onto my neighbour's house, as usual, tonight.

I wish I could also project a different and accurate figure from the other side.

Un-winnable wars. Such a good investment.

Anonymous said...

Jusus Lane... about sums it up!

Anonymous said...

should read JESUS la...

Alan said...

Personally, I'd distribute copies of that photograph of Daniel Zeichner and ask him to explain himself.

caesars wife said...

good luck OH and try not to swear .or utter the V tv broadcast moment from the film.

Anonymous said...

I doubt they'll hear much of the squeaky voice from behind that mask.

Frugal Dougal said...

I thought you did quite well - you were the only candidate not advocating getting rid of our defences and opening the immigration doors even wider than they are at present.

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