Friday, 23 April 2010

How not to Canvass

The good people of Bracknell ignoring Tory hopeful Philip Lee. Not surprising considering their last Tory Mp was Andrew Mackay, a notorious thief.

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Biffo said...

Andrew Mackey? Isn't he Mr Kirkbride another of the troughing ilk? It'll be interesting to see the voting results from there, will even staunch Torys vote for another Party beause they've been ripped off? You're up & at 'em early today OH.

Peter Shields said...

To be honest, I think reaction would be the same with any political party. People just aren't interested.

And what an abject lack of imagination & creativity there is from them all in their canvassing.

I've nicked some of your ideas, but I'm also travelling around with my 3 Manaquin Party Leaders and giving a bit of football target practice ... can you knock their heads off from the penalty spot. You need to engage people before they'll listen to you. Knock their heads off at the ballot box too.

Anonymous said...

when I was canvassing for the BNP the response I got was infinately better!

oiky voter said...

Didn't Iain Dale go for that constituency?

I wish he'd won now.

Good fun to see him wasting his fat ass in a boring Bracknell shopping centre.

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