Friday, 16 April 2010

Guess who turned up in Cambridge?

I have no problem with Eddie Izzard supporting Labour. I still find him funny from when I first saw him, about 10 years ago. Doing the stuff he did 10 years ago.

What Labour haven't realised is that the people who like Eddie Izzard are not C2DE voters. And they are now over 40, homeowners, business owners and have children they would rather not see stabbed by their fellow, newly integrated students in a sink estate comprehensive.

(Eddie himself was privately educated at St Beades Boarding School in er...Upper Dicker, Sussex, before becoming a multi millionaire and moving to America)

Which is why only ten girls showed up.

From the Cambridge Tab. The only source of REAL news in Cambridge (you owe me now...)


RantinRab said...

I have never found him funny. And I laugh at anything.

Except Ricky Gervais, who is a talentless cunt.

RantinRab said...

Oh and I hate that Russell Brand prick too.

Scrobs... said...


A man after my own heart!

Totally agree that these 'famous' for being 'famous' prats have an elevated sense of their own importance.

Normal citizens just look away embarrassed...

Sorry OH, Cambridge was a city too far today, I'll keep trying though!

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

I saw his Labour ad tonight. I've never liked him and I never will. I wonder what he's getting back in return?

I wonder if he'll stick around until tomorrow?

Ampers said...

The man's a little retarded, just watched the Labour party political broadcast with him, and it was so obviously stupid, it won't attract anyone to his party.

But I have to admit, I did find his "Death Star Canteen" so funny.

And he proves he has got stamina with his run around the UK. He'll need that if he's supporting Labour, poor simple fool that he is.

Anonymous said...

How far could Brown run? I bet he could not do a 10 yard dash in a new suit.
Izzard is a moron, much like Gordon

RantinRab said...

And Rob Brydon. He is also an unfunny cunt.

Joe Public said...

RR do Russell & Jo share genes?

john in cheshire said...

Russel Brand, Jonathan Ross, Billy Bragg, Eddie Izzzzard. Part of the BBC love-in. No talent, lots of ego. I can't stand looking at any of them; ugly to a man, or whatever they are.

hangemall said...

1. Is it my imagination or is everyone saying "fair" all of a sudden? Is "fair" the new "action?"

2. I've been trying not to listen to him too closely but has Gordon mentioned more than once recently that NOT raising some tax (NI?) would be taking money out of the economy?

Surely taxing us and spending the money on themselves and civil servants' taxis and one-legged single parent ethnic bicycling lesbian focus groups is taking money out of the economy.

If Gordon didn't take the money off us we could save it in banks or spend it to keep manufacturers going.

That's keeping money in the economy.

Rant 3. Every budget-time people (and politicians of all colours) talk about the Chancellor "giving back" to some group or other.

Has anybody ever realised that you can only give back what you have already taken? The assumption is that the state automatically owns what I earn and then most graciously gives me some sort of allowance.

I will consider voting for any party that says "not take" instead of "give back."

Rants over.

king chillout said...

I was enjoying a lovely glass of wine...and then someone mentioned Billy Bragg.

I honestly and truly would kick that cunt to death if I ever saw him.

As a lowly factory drone, I have had to stomach Bragg "speaking" for the working class all my working life. Yet during that life I have never ever met anyone who could stand the self-righteous wanker !

Dazed And Confused said...

Lest we forget the fat, politically correct, completely unfunny Jo Brand who's made an overall career of being part of the Socialist establishment.

caesars wife said...

I am not sure who paid for eddies video , but despite his ability to parody certain traits and phobias as being ridiculus , why on earth did he lower his intellectual position by comparing today to "thatcher" being as some 20yrs have elapsed . I mean to just describes Labours time in goverment as "imperect" is bit shy of the taxes everyone will be paying to repay the imelda/ruin debt bill , let alone the perilous way of life that many will endure before the economy becomes free to actually begin to shift money about again .

eddie is an actor I see no reason to think he should miss a bafta for the labour video , for surely it is one the best pieces of acting on a fictional story I have come across for some time .

muloua said...

I suppose it kind of helps explain why for instance Franco's fascists murdered poets and playwrites. A mass grave in the Blue Peter garden would be a fitting final resting place for so many I could think of. But keep your paws off Konnie. She might be a Labour lovie with a naff estuary accent, but she can cover me in sticky backed plastic til the cows come home.

Summer_Breeze said...

Lennie Henry is another unfunny lovie.

The thing is with these so called celebs backing the labour party is that, it makes no difference what mess this country ends up in, they can afford to upsticks and emigrate, or continue living here without it affecting their day to day life too drastically. Whilest the rest of us are left rotting in the corner with no way to escape the diabolical mess we are in.
Celebs party political broadcasts, should be followed by a warning that states how much money they have in the bank and that they can afford to vote labour but the rest of us can't.

Anonymous said...

How stupid is the general population??? I got facebook friends who think he's great and even better after that!!!!! and loved the broadcast and think Clegg would make a great teacher!!!!! Cameron is - to quote """"" slime / lies / slime / waffle /slime""" - I don't like the man - but I think that's an anti conservative for the sake of it opinion!!!! What the fuck is happening with young? If they're political, they believe Labour - if they're not they hate the Cons. I think the country's fucked and the young people still don't realise it - scary huh?!!!!!!!

`comedy` left wing propagandists attack on our culture said...

Eddie lizard is an over rated, left wing propagandist, have you noticed how the BBC etc always have these left wing communist subversives pushed to the fore.

Box tickers, to ensure the state message of hate for the country and PC propaganda gets out.

almost everyone you see on TV in a `comedy` prpaganda role today is UAF, Searchlight, socialist workers party, subversive.

Yes even some you would not expect.

I would say 80% of them are ultra left subversives, doing the job of the marxist state.

white working class comedians get shoved to one side for the middleclass plastic lefty brigade

I could give you a list but it would be easier to give you a list of those who are not left wing subversives.

still nice to see OH starstruck sucking up to someone supporting a war and EUSSR police state.

sort your priorities out OH, or you will soon find your blob deserted as your ego inflates.

E said...

Apparently, you wrote, in the 'Cambridge Tab' comments, this:

"Right you lot, I'm in the market square tomorrow, up to complete and utter shite mischief. Be there. "

You mention the 'Tab' here and add:

"you owe me now...".

So, you use someone else to generate publicity for yourself and then try to charge them for it in some way. Sound familiar?

You're as bad as the fuckers you complain about.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who is left wing, is without a shadow of a doubt, an unmitigated, brain dead, fucking idiot.

Trouble is, there's a lot of them about.

Just get this shower of shit government out. I don't care who replaces them. Hitler, Pol Pot, Joe Stalin.

Any of that lot would be a stroll in the park after Bliar, the Gorgon and the rest of the idiots.

Anonymous said...

Well OH, if Eddie Izzard is being sent to Cambridge by Labour it means you must be doing something right! Best of luck today.

pathetic OH said...

Put some big banners up in front off him with the children HIS party murdered and WATCH HIM RUN!


but then OH is a gutless womble too busy getting his autograph while waiting in vain for someone to ask for his!

F*ck those Iraqi children eh OH!

Anonymous said...

Who'se Chubby Brown endorsing? That'd get the C2DE votes out ... actually it wouldn't. "Put an X here if you want free fags 'n booze" ... who'll be the first to register that as a political party?

Ron Broxted said...

I simply *adore* Lenny Henry. He's sooo butch. Mwah ! Mwah !

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Who'se Chubby Brown endorsing? That'd get the C2DE votes out ... actually it wouldn't. "Put an X here if you want free fags 'n booze" ... who'll be the first to register that as a political party?

17 April 2010 10:15

I'd rather vote for a free fags and boose party lead by Chubby than the war criminal party, EUSSR police state party?

At least the taxes to pay for it would be making some people happy!

Rather than murdering them!

Anonymous said...

Hope UKIP win this seat, OH is rather pointless.

Plus it would piss left wing degenerate Lizard off.

killemallletgodsortemout said...

My wife is not at all interested in politics. She listens to me ranting, sighs, and raises her eyebrows in exasperation.

She has just thrown out every video and tape of Eddie Izzard that we had in the house - quite a collection, built up by the kids.

Billy Bragg, Jo Brand, Mark Steele, Lenny Henry (who just lost 30-stone of unfunny fat) - all unfunny, left-wing cunts.

Good luck, OH!

Anonymous said...

Eddie Izzard did that appalling Mongrel Nation thing where he sucked NWO cock with such ferocity as to blister the foreskin.

Do try to avoid it, if at all possible.

assegai mike said...

As Izzard becomes more middle-aged, he is morphing into Derek Jacobi.

Anonymous said...

I think you mean quentin crisp!

Ron Broxted said...

I have always been a great fan of Tommy Trinder Bernard Manning and Jim Davidson along with Michael Barrymore. Indeed when I lived in Essex I was fortunate enough to get to meet Michael at one of his late night swim party's. I was not a very good swimmer, but with his gentle encouragement and several stiff drinks, the thought of a good length soon became a very pleasurable experience. The rest is now history, and sadly the lovely Michael has been pilloried unfairly by the filthy gutter press.

Ron Broxted said...

Good news I have had plenty of positive feedback for the BNP today whilst out leafleting and meeting the public. Nick Clegg the serial shagger may have the ladies vote, but I'm sure should Nick Griffin be given an opportunity to tell the electorate the true facts about the effects of uncontrolled immigration the tables will turn. My view is that the BNP will register more votes in the forthcoming election than at any time in their previous history. Go Nick Go......bonus, he is quite a hunk also.......Oooh matron!

Ray St.Clair said...

Is Ron Broxted gay or just Camp?

Anonymous said...

@I think you mean quentin crisp!

No, Quentin Crisp was a thoroughly decent bloke whereas Izzard - and what kind of a fucking name is that, anyway? - is a ghastly, fuckpig NWO troll who, in any sane world, would've been stoned to death long ago for crimes against not being full of shit.

The cunt.

Lizard makes race hate programs? said...

`Mongrel nation` sounds like some extreme anti British race hate false propaganda.

wonder if the shit would go to Pakistan and do mongrel nation?

Anonymous said...

@`Mongrel nation` sounds like some extreme anti British race hate false propaganda.

Yup, pretty much. It was more lame/shit than sinister but still a hopeless waste of time from someone who, as is the fashion, wouldn't live for one second with the less, er, glamorous, consequences of all he proclaims. The whole theme of the series was roughly "the pound sign's derived from the Latin 'libra', hence it's fine, great, even, for any old boot-scaping to move in next door, only not next door to me, obviously, next door to poor people".

@wonder if the shit would go to Pakistan and do mongrel nation?

Oh, my, that is to the point =)

No, he wouldn't, the cheeky bastard, and more's the pity. Chop him up good, they would. Not exactly sure why we don't.

bbc labour luvvies show said...

Newsnight Review on a Friday night at 11pm. Labour luvvies slagging off the Tories for 45 minutes. If cast iron gets in I hope he shuts the fuckers down and gives us all our £145 back.

Anonymous said...

Izzard "ran" a lot of marathons in 51 days and would have made London under his targetted 5hrs 30 mins target if he did not have to wait 20 minutes for his camera crew to turn up. Normal athletes could not run 40+ marathons in a year so maybe Izzard ran Mars bars?

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