Tuesday, 27 April 2010

The Great Untouchables

The bigbad3 will be blethering on about crime today with Labour desperately spinning that the world is a safer place now that the Police can kill people and get away with it and that black gun and knife crime throughout London doesn't exist, rampaging hoards of Kurds stabbing Turks to control the drug turfs is merely "cultural differences" and Albanian gangsters kidnapping 14 year old girls to put in their brothels is just a blip in this otherwise green and pleasant land.

We've had 6 Home Secretaries under Labour and none of them has done anything other than spit in the faces of millions of law abiding and harmless citizens. They have stripped the innocent of any rights in the vague hope of catching a rogue bad 'un in their huge trawler nets. Meanwhile, swathes of our cities are no go areas, owning a pistol is de rigeur for anyone under 25 in most of multicultural London and our feral youth continues to kick to death anyone who dares complain when they piss up against their car.

I see it every day. The gobby shaved and tattooed apes wandering around, clutching a can of Stella sneering at everyone and everything, the gangs of schoolchildren now travelling with a fat friendly police constable on the trains or buses to stop them from stabbing each other, the bars on council flat windows and doors to keep the neighbours, high on crack, out of your living room, the blood splattered pavements on a Sunday morning after Dazza took exception to the colour of the shoes some poor passerby was wearing and rammed a pint glass into his face.

I see the "bwoys" in their uninsured and untaxed Saxos smoking spliffs and spitting at pedestrians, I hear the abuse of teenagers at anyone who is not in their peer group and I see the kick offs when whatever they are demanding is not immediately available at no cost. I see the happy slapping, the menacing scowls, the "can't touch me" howls of delight when finally someone has the balls to call them to account.

And I see the one finger salutes when after a lengthy catalogue of warnings, arrests, unpaid fines, cautions, social workers, asbos, reports and curfews, they finally, as a very, very last resort, get sent to play PS2's and smoke fags watching the telly for three months at her Majesty's Pleasure.

Whilst dealing with the Great Ignored, perhaps it is time to deal with the Great Untouchables. Let's see how punchy you want to be when you've been picking up litter by the A14 in winter for three months.

A member of the Politburo reassuring the anxious public by going for a walk yesterday

An ordinary citizen defending his property, yesterday


Catflap said...

£75 fine that slag got for punching me in the face outside my grandkids school.
£60 fine for driving above a speed limit which has probably been set to low in the first place.
Also with increased insurance premiums a speeding ticket is the gift that keeps taking.
I would post the names and phone number of this slag cunt her wanker husband and the rest of that shit family here but that is not fair to OH.
let them find out themselves how unprotected by the law they are as a victim.
"Mmm Mr xxxxx sorry but that is not evidence,have you kept a log?"

"Sorry mrs xxxxx but that is a civil matter"

I count myself lucky there was a conviction at all for fucks sake.

Henry Crun said...

Pic 2: The bloke on the right is in for a good pasting. If you are going to lay into someone with a stick, pipe etc., best not to wield it one-handed or swing as if trying to knock the other bloke's head over mid-wicket.

Joshua Plastic said...

Put them on a chain gang. There is no crime in the United States.

marksany said...

They are created, carefully crafted. The conditions to nurture and grow them have been established right under our noses by an elite intent on control.
1) a minimum wage set at a level above the value that uneducated young men can create for a company -check
2) an education system created not to equip youth with skills that are in demand but to make them feel gooey about themselves -check
3) a benefit system that pays more than an uneducated young man can earn through his labour - check
4) a welfare state that looks after pramface mothers without any need for a man to be involved in the child's upbringing- check
5) the war on drugs, designed to crminalise the young men, to make them even more unemployable, to make crime the only method they have to increase standard of living-check
6) unions rendering traditional employment impossible to compete with foreign firms causing the closure of factories that used to employ unskilled young men- check
7)open immigration for the skilled and semi skilled, blocking the path of improvement for those left with aspirations to gain skills and allow companies to employ skilled people rather than train them-check
8) a housing and planning system designed to concentrate the young poor in ghettos where their destructive lifestyles feed off each other-check
Thus they were created and now we reap the shitstorm sown.

Anonymous said...

Way and bollox ye!

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