Monday, 12 April 2010


Greece, yesterday

I do find it funny that British taxpayers are going to be forced to give Greece £650 Million as part of a huge bailout package.

Note: Greeks retire and enjoy a full State pension (the best in Europe, 95% of earnings) at 61. British taxpayers have the worst pension in Europe (30% of earnings) and retire at er..65 (and looking to extend)

Get back to work now, break over, the Greek Socialist Govt needs your money.


Uncle Marvo said...

Is this nice pension thing any part of the reason why they're in the shit?

Just asking.

Ampers said...

Thanks OK, now up on my blog, needs more exposure! Although my blog is rather wide (read in 94 countries last time I looked)

But there are ex-pats everywhere.

Personally I think people should be responsible for their own pensions. This is not necessarily a Libertarian reasoning.

The young think, and they really do think this, that the government looks after them from cradel to grave, so why should they bother, they want their money to have fun now.

And when they retire they find their government pension pitifully low.

Now if the government stopped pensions in stages, so that new people coming onto the labour market knew there wasn't going to be one, they would have no alternative but to consider this seriously.

If the government undertook to pay the premiums for when people were unemployed it would still have massive savings as it is paying "premiums" one way or another, for everybody, at present.


Anonymous said...

Surely some mistake Gordon says we won't help -

Ampers said...

Hmmmm... Are you saying you believe a British politician at election time?

The EU has decreed it. Gordon Brown says No way.

Ergo, on May 7th a cheque will be on its way.

Ampers (who knows about these things) :-)

Captain Haddock said...

Fucking International Socialist bastards .. don't you just love 'em ?

If the "Bubbles" are going down the crapper .. what the fuck does it have to do with Britain ???

Typical ZaNuLieBore .. good at wasting Taxpayer's money .. CUNTS !!!

dogma chasing its own tail said...

Captain Haddock said...
Fucking International Socialist bastards .. don't you just love 'em ?

If the "Bubbles" are going down the crapper .. what the fuck does it have to do with Britain ???

Typical ZaNuLieBore .. good at wasting Taxpayer's money .. CUNTS !!!

12 April 2010 10:56

You are a moron, like many of the other simplistic morons posting on this blog, Dave will also be handing over your cash to the EUSSR police state.

He will continue the asset stripping of the country and handing over the last non profit parts of goverment to his NWO corporate pals who will then strip us all bare with no accountability.

But its private enterprise the muppets will screem in joy - until they get the bill!

Notice the key word here, NOT socialism, not capitalism, but accountability.

wake up you simplistic dogmatic twats.

sixtypoundsaweekcleaner said...

wv: patio

Hmm...something I'd like to bury our politicians under.

Get Smart said...

When things first started to go pear shaped for Greece we were told that as Britain is not in the Euro zone we would not have to fund any bail out.
What has changed is this McDoom giving taxpayers money away again.

Chalcedon said...

No wonder they have no money paying out such lavish pensions. We shouldn't give them a bean. We are not in the bloody Eurozone.

Captain Haddock said...

dogma licking its own bollocks ...

Thank you for your in-depth explanation .. which as it happens was completely unnecessary ..

If you re-read my post, you'll notice that at no time did I mention Cameron .. That he would do the self, same thing is a racing certainty .. if he thought he'd get something out of it ..

But, as Labour i.e. the Socialist Party happen to be in power it is they who will responsible for handing OUR money to an ailing FOREIGN COUNTRY ..

As for being a moron .. take a long, hard look in the mirror pal ...

J Demetriou said...

Lovely anti Greek racism here in this thread, lovely stuff. Cheers, well done.

Old Holborn said...

"Anti Greek racism"

Have you been at the Ouzo again?

Captain Haddock said...

J.Demetriou ..

Where's the alleged "racism" then ?

OK, so I referred to the Greeks as "Bubbles" .. I also call Welsh people "Taff" .. and refer to folk from Newcastle as "Geordies" .. and Liverpudlians as "Scousers" ..

I have nothing against the Greek people, in fact one of the best teachers my daughter ever had (her Senior School Maths teacher) was Greek & Charles was one of the nicest men I've ever met ..

His brother also happened to own & run a superb Restaurant in Ealing Broadway ..

My objection is purely based on the fact that money from the UK, which could be better used to improve the lives of our own citizens .. is instead being diverted to another country ..

To me, that is just plain wrong .. If Greece is in a financial mess, it isn't our responsibility to sort it out by throwing money at the problem ..

If that makes me a "racist" .. Here's Ten Pence .. go ring someone who gives a flying fuck ..

Because, I don't ..

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