Thursday, 29 April 2010

Grease is the word

Situation 1.

Greece, crippled by its own Governments spending and a welfare state that allows pensions of 95% of last earnings and a retirement age of 61 runs out of other peoples money. No money to pay the wages of the huge public sector, no more money to bribe the electorate with, begs Germany to pay its bills for it as it is now "part of the Eurozone" and can rely on others to cover its debts. Germans, who work hard and retire at 67 say "fuck off, pay your own bills"

Result = Greeks Riot. Athens in flames

Situation 2

Angela Merkel, facing elections in Germany on May 9th, is told by the unelected and unaccountable EU commission to spend 8 BILLION Euros of German taxpayers money bailing out "lazy" Greeks so that the Eurozone remains intact.

Result = Germans riot, Berlin in flames, German Govt falls at election, anti EU parties elected.

Situation 3

Germans tell Greeks to fuck off, Greece withdraws from the Eurozone, devalues the Drachma, slashes public spending and elects a sensible government.

Result = Greeks riot, Athens in flames. Eurozone falls apart, Spain and Portugal do the same. Brussels in flames

Interesting times.


BTS said...

Sort of a win-win-win situation then really..

Gobshite said...

Option 2 reminds me of what happened after the Treaty of Versailles.

Somewhere in Germany, a frustrated artist is putting his paint brushes away, and pulling out his typewriter.

Ampers said...

A lovely fairy story.

I wish to God it comes true.


wv: anglai :-)

Old Holborn said...

Trust me on this one Ampers, one of the above will happen

Which one is open to debate, my money is on option 2

The Penguin said...

I hope Frau Merkel tells the Greeks to fuck the fuck off, and the resulting chaos reduces the EUSSR to a simple trading block....

The Penguin

Dave said...

The sooner the better. Bring it on.

itszone said...

Scenario 4: Greece tells the banks to fuck off and stop leeching off their state. Greek army arrests the bankers, seizes their assets. Greeks tell the EU to piss off, start printing their own money at zero interest and begin the long road out of a debt based economy thus once again rescuing civilisation from the scrap heap.

JD said...

As long as it spells the end of the eu, great. JD.

Anonymous said...

I have never set foot in any of the PIIGS countries. Never overextended my borrowings, never has any debt that I couldn't pay and I don't work for a bank.So can anyone tell me why I will have to suffer finaically for mistakes made by others? Or are we "all in this together"

Fausty said...

Frau Merkel is abandoning her climate change bill - for now. The pressure is on. Let's keep it that way!

Anonymous said...

This is what happens when people habitually brush problems under the carpet, and opt to take the short-term, easy life, cop-out.

Take for example, the teacher from Mansfield that bottled it all up for decades, was seen by his pupils as a "soft-touch", one of them swore at him, and he is now in the dock for attempted murder.

That's the future, unless the media (specifically, the BBC) and the politicians stop forcing us to bottle it all up, the whole of society will eventually 'snap'.

History is littered with examples of people en masse 'snapping'. (e.g. ex-Yugoslavia, Rwanda). Little bits of paper (the law), are ultimately subservient to Human DNA code.

Don't vote Lib/Lab/Lab con if you want real, authentic change.

Screen shots OH ? I use 'Save As', to retain evidence of events.
I reluctantly advise using
Internet Explorer's "Web Archive, single file [mht]", because it puts the whole web page into a single compressed file, if you use the "complete" option, Windows will save all files separately, including any files that some dumb internet dork has named with more than 255 characters. This will then violate Windows file allocation system, causing random reboots and other big probs. You probably know all this anyway OH, but I thought it might help .

Anonymous said...

I have hoped and prayed for a long, long time something like one or more of the scenarios outlined will one day happen, sooner than later.

It reminds me of Tower of Babel, when someone decides to consolidate power into a single source under their exclusive unaccountable control and then the tower falls down, sending everyone scattered to all ends of the earth to live in balanced harmony with one another, not forced into slavery under a single earthly government.

In more recent history, the 1930's come to mind, the last major time someone tried to amalgamate everyone under a single one-world ruling class, but back then took a long bloody war to set things right because people waited too long to fight back and among the elite in certain erstwhile free nations they were all too happy to laud the dictators and sing their praises, the American left among them.

If any of the scenarios outlined play out this time and rule of nature outweighs manmade rules of no legitimate source, then they would be far less life-threatening than was WWII or other violent episodes in history when the fools' one-world domination plans fall apart.

Bring it on, I say, the sooner the better, any of the three, or all.

Kit said...

It looks like the Greek government and the Greek people are too corrupt, too wedded to living off other peoples money and doing no work.

Greece needs a Pinochet.

Ron Broxted said...

The Greeks could save millions each year by not breaking all their fucking china plates every time they get pissed and start mincing on the dance floor.
I suppose now if you get invited to a Greek wedding it will be acceptable to pin I.O.U's on the couple instead of hard cash?

Anonymous said...

History is littered with examples of people en masse 'snapping'." You could do worse but have a look whats happening here in Thailand. People are fed up with the old way of the military backed governments over the years, the military here have their own TV station and bank. The police have been called by the UN an organised crime gang and how true that is. The country is run by a few very wealthy families mostly of Chinese stock who won't give up their power and people want change. From what I see civil war can;t be ruled out especially when the king who had been in hospital since last September dies. In the English language there is only one word for you here there are loads depending on your status. May you live in interesting times. I am.

Anonymous said...

. . here there are loads depending on your status. May you live in interesting times. I am.

Yes, I'm an English cunt, therefore, its automatically all my fault, yes ?

You dumb twat / cunt. (two !!).

Fuck off mate, its getting well shitty here as well, read OH's blog.

Don't blame me for what your Generals get upto, England is also ruled by a political junta, and they 're probably all, on first name terms.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm an English cunt, " You can say that again and a thick one how can you be so stupid with just the one head? Eho the fuck is blaming you you fucking moron? Jealous because someone has the balls to keave the shithole the UK fas becoeme> Now fuck off and die

Anonymous said...

So, some Tie cunt, has a rant about the state of his country, then immediately calls me a cunt, and then curses my future with the 'interesting times' jibe.

And you, think I'm out of order for retaliating ?

The reason this country has gone all shitty, is because of filthy little race-scabs like yourself.

Only too quick to leap up in a raging political correct fury, to defend your ethnic chum on the other side of the planet, attacking your own kith and kin with gusto ! Or are you eligible for a well overdue repatriation grant ?

Please find the balls to flee from this country, my brave little Race-Scab vermin cunt.

Anonymous said...

So, situation 1 then, near enough.

Anonymous said...

Tie cunt? Thai. Christ I am so fuking gl;as I don't have be near uneducated dole tapping cunts like you also you fucking moron I have worked all over the world unlike you benefit dependent shit. Made loads of money and still doing it money all over the place same as ypu tommorrow beer tocken day Monday I believe. Kill a doletapper a day now fuck off and die you pathetic jealous little cunt

Anonymous said...

Christ I am so fuking gl;as



What the fuck are you on about, you illiterate twat ?

Rich illiterate twat ?

Fuck off !

Irrelevant anyway, because,

You're still a filthy dirty little Race-Scab.

You got that dialed-in yet, RACE SCAB ?

Utter vermin, and you'll find I'v got about 6 billion Race-loyal people in agreement with me.

You'll find that its counties that go to war, not political parties.


Anonymous said...

Stop fighting amongst yourselves and start fighting them, unless, that is, you're state provocateurs.

Anonymous said...

Blimey, Greeks retire early!

What happened to equality? Oh forgot, no equality or democracy in Euroland.

Anonymous said...

Great stuff! I too would like to c a SENSIBLE government in Greece, with Germany also being MADE to PAY the cash it owes Greece from the WAR (remember that?). 300 fucking billion Euros of it. Fucking Crouts. And: DEUTSCHE BANK out of our countries, fuckers, Merkel and Akkerman wine&dine together every other day, why don't they piss off on out of Europe?? Was there ever an inquiry into how Rolls-Royce, that bastion of English manufacturing, landed in Crout hands??? NO!! OF COURSE THERE WASEN'T COZ SOME WHORES JUST TOOK THE MONEY!!!

Congrats to all for forgetting their history... LET'S REPEAT IT (and personally wouldn't mind another Dresden, actually it would be rather FUN).

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