Tuesday, 20 April 2010

The Grand Master Of The Empty Gesture

Jonah does it yet again - a headline grabbing stunt which has not been properly thought through and ends up causing more trouble than enough.

Seems like lots of angry and out-of-pocket folk will be returning to the UK just in time to vote in the general election.

Of course, if the cunt had properly funded the Royal Navy he'd have had a few more ships to send to the rescue.

The Penguin


Anonymous said...

If these mongs can spend 30 hours getting to Santander, surely they can just get a train to Calais?

I am Stan said...

Yo! bird,

What the fuck does the navy do anyway,apart from fuck all.....Oh yeah,interfere`s in other country`s affairs,sail`s around acting hard, until they get arrested by some Iranians or scared off by Somali pirates on a raft,and costing shit loads of wonga!....

Anonymous said...

Puzzles me why the Ark Royal has to sail all the way from bloody Scotland when Plymouth and Portsmouth navy bases are right on the channel and half a day's steaming from anywhere they are needed.

Anonymous said...

Serves them all right, if you ask me.
Funny how the BBC, bastion of "oh noes, planes = climate change = dead polar bears" is now all "oh noes, no planes = disaster". Fuck them all.

Fausty said...

We'll be paying for all the lawsuits by passengers and airlines, of course.

We always end up paying for their incompetence. Let the new bunch watch out, should the power of recall ever be implemented satisfactorily. (Doubtful).

Anonymous said...

Just wait till Katla pops it's cork.
Then we may see how they truly fuck up a real disaster.
Looks like it will ...
Tinned food may be a good stockpile.


The Penguin said...

Some Iranian Religious Nutter claims it's all down to women showing too much ankle. In Monaco, maybe, but fucking Iceland?

The Penguin

banned said...

Wait for half the cabinet to appear in Portsmouth to greet the weary but grateful passengers, what a photo-opportunity for them.

gobshite said...

"In the past, all three known eruptions of Eyjafjallajökull triggered subsequent Katla eruptions"


Lord T said...

Is that picture of Gordo photoshopped or something. It is actually making me feel a teeny bit scared.

It should be kept away from the children at least. Is your blog age restricted?

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