Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Get outside, now. I say so. I AM the law.

As many readers will know, I am for the choice of Landlords to have smoking or non smoking pubs along with smoking or non smoking restaurants. Seems only fair, considering they are private businesses and will live or die accordingly.

So here are the names of the 453 MPs who didn't bother to ask you what you wanted but simply decided that you have to stand out in the rain, in January, in Aberdeen, outside an empty pub , at 10pm if you want a cigarette.

Vote wisely. Salt, fried food and organic lentils are next. And they won't bother asking you if you would rather have a choice. You don't count. Just them

I'll be offering prizes for those who can find an MP who smokes who voted to deny other smokers a free choice. Without asking them of course.



Anonymous said...

Aberdeen? No MP passed any legislation that impacted smoking in Aberdeen pubs... Perhaps you're overlooking the Scottish Parliament.

rosscoe_peco said...

Nick Clegg.


thespecialone said...

I am an anti-smoker and detest everything about it. I have never smoked past experimenting when I was about 14 and was physically sick.
However, I just cannot understand how you can ban something that is LEGAL in public places. It is just madness. If I went into a pub knowing I would likely come into contact with cigarette smoke, then that is my decision. I can understand having no-smoking areas near food but for fuck sake people dont go into pubs for their health do they?

Anonymous said...

to thespecialone:

thank you.

and, amen.

Anonymous said...

By party, the count of un-mandated Total Ban, Civil Liberty mangling, Personal Freedom-trampling Discrimination-mongers is

Scottish MPs 85%*

SHAME on every single one of you.
It sickens me to think what the heroes who fought and died for our freedom from such fascist oppression must think of you.

(* = Abusing the West Lothian loophole)

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