Saturday, 3 April 2010

Feel safe?

You know it and I know it. If it isn't nailed down, it's gone and if they really want it, there is nothing you can do to stop them from taking it, by force.

This is what happens when the State assumes the responsibility for the individual. This is what happens when Government decides your life for you. You are not to blame and lessons will be learned.

Da Yoof runs the schools according to their own agendas. Agendas imposed by meddling politicians, desperate to interfere, to socially adjust, to manipulate. The Police are now so politicised that they have ceased to function in the prevention of crime and are just pen pushers fiddling the stats to report back to their political masters for a pat on the back. Our prison service is overloaded with career criminals and violent nut jobs who should be in Mental hospitals. Hundreds of thousands are under curfews or ASBO's or cautions.

We have allowed our politicians to create a generation of feral monsters in return for a few years at the Westminster trough and a gold plated pension. Meanwhile, swathes of Britain are no go areas. Drunken shouting and fighting in the street are the norm. Averted glances and hurrying by are the order of the day. We are living in fear of our own citizens who at the slightest provocation or misinterpreted comment will put you in hospital or a graveyard.

And no one stops them. An army of lawyers uses YOUR money to defend them and see them back on the streets.

Stay safe out there, people. It's dangerous. Politicians made it that way. and it's going to get much, much worse.

"Can't fookin' touch us, soft lads"

Gang rape link

and another

London gangs


Anonymous said...

Its only through JESUS we can really feel safe!

Ampers said...

Are you referring to the middle class perpetual student whose father was an architect?

Been an exposure on Jesus in the newspapers today.

He wasn't the son of God, but probably existed.


John R said...

Well said...but do I see a single wanna-be-trougher committing to fix any of this, or even to start talking about fixing it?

Not one. None of the three would-be head arseholes even discusses anything that might fix this. Big Society - my arse.

Big fucking stick and a bigger fucking jail...that's what I want to see them implement. They can start by getting some of the 646 behind bars as well.

Atheist Ranter said...

Well Anonymous 13:22: if that's the case then get the fucker down here to sort the place out because someone's got to and it aint the politicians!

You're right about money grabbing lawyers defending both sides in an effort to get rich. "my client" this and "my client" fucking that. Scum like that are indefensible and should be locked away until they 'see the light'. Possibly fucking Jesus can help? But we want him here in person and not a voice in the head of some drugged up twat holding a knife in your bedroom at 3 in the morning.

The only way forward is to take the law into your own hands, beat the shit out of burglars and drag their remains out of your neighbourhood and dump them in a ditch - just be forensically careful while you're at it because the people who are supposed to be defending you will find you an easy target, blame you and lock you up!

Jesus can help... For fuck's sake I need a lie down.

Anonymous said...

Very true I saw this coming when the Afghan hijackers were given houses and money then allowed to bring their families to the UK.
My view its all too late now if you can leave, I did in 2005 I have never regretted it.
Here in South East Asia we still have the death penalty for murder and drug dealing.

concrete pump said...

Are you sure that group of 'yoot' are northern?
"Can't fookin' touch us, soft lads"

They look like they're from the Britwell, Slough.

caesars wife said...

had it last night OH 2am 3 lads having space cadet argument outside my house , they didnt knock next doors fence down this time .Scares me potless what happening , you cant even be sure if there are not on somthing else other than cheap booze .

"its costing more to fill up and run the quattro "

Catflap said...

My recent dealings with a phsyco bitch has taught me that the onus is on you as the victim to dot every I and cross every T
otherwise the cops aint interested.
She is up for two common assaults and criminal damage for smashing a lads car up with him in it.
She also assaulted a pizza delivery bloke which hasn't even been acted on or the drunk guy she stole off in a pub carpark.
I predict she will get a fine and community service,possibly an ASBO.
My assault was the first in this list of chaos and I warned the copper she was fucking dangerous.
Lucky for him she hasn't killed anyone yet.
Now I know the police have set the bar so low I will in future. Fucking tear any cunt who comes near me or my family a new fucking arsehole.

microdave said...

Not entirely surprising, but a bit worrying that we are worse than South Africa, and amazingly, Austria...

Bungle said...

And yet they tell us to our face that things are getting better arse.

my new blog is here :

just in case anyone can be bothered to have a look.

Killer said...

Isn't it surprising that where first...(sarcasm)

Anonymous said...

CP please, no more enrichment

Anonymous said...

er why are they all white?

Yoof Hewligan.... said...

I thought you were smarter than this old holborn. Buying into the media frenzy against young people?

As a young person from a working class background it pisses me off that the minority of marginalised youth are taken as an all encompassing image of all young people.

Surely you realise statistics can be doctored and messed about with.

(look at the source, there is a point to try and prove here.)

Old Holborn said...

I agree. Let's meet up and discuss.

Say, 11.30pm outside Kentucky Fried Chicken, Brixton. Bring your laptop and iPhone so that we can live blog it.

Sir Charles Bagshite-smythe said...

Dont blame d'yuff

The Yoof of Today said...

@1705. Statistics are manipulated... but in the other direction. Visit some police blogs - the rank and file hate having to do it, but the oxygen thieves who pull the strings insist. For starters, how about a bit of Nightjack?

I'm curious about this post though. Is OH becoming a social conservative? What's his solution to the chavs?

And also, what happened to the post at 1207 on the thread about the huge V for Vendetta mask? "Removed by a blog administrator"? Censorship, OH?

concrete pump said...

Anonymous @ 16:29.

Sorry, i forgot the comments section of this blog was for profound political discussion.

Do carry on.

Old Holborn said...


1. I know Nightjack, don't teach me to suck eggs
2. I blame the state for removing all responsibility from parents and teachers.
3. The poster asked me to remove the post as he'd put something very sensitive about himself in it. As he hadnb't logged in via blogger, he couldn't remove it himself.

bofl said...

i wonder how many of those crimes were comitted by foriegners?

there is an open door policy for eastern europeans and fuck knows who else.......norf london has turkish gang warfare.......

devout muslims stealing and raping oop north.......just am estimated 1 million illegals........

the shit starts at the TOP!!!!!!

the mps and lords should be made an example of......fat chance when they and the police are in bed together.......

Yoof of Today said...

Fair enough then. And.. comment about Nightjack was directed at 1705, not yourself.

mungle said...

Great post, Worse than South Africa FFS. They just can't be arsed to do anything about it. The easy option is to just nod in agreement with some outspoken criminal lobby group or yoof workers and repeat the speil to rounds of applause on question time. Then bugger off to collect some more expenses.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
er why are they all white?

3 April 2010 16:32

because OH is a racist but wont admit it to himself.

late to the party said...

The BNP have already covered it.

Liblabcon cunts said...

This country's a fuckin scumbags paradise.

We're breedin the fuckers on welfare and if it's not that, we're importing them from fuckin Albania or Somalia or some other shithole.

These cunts contribute absolutely nothing all their lives. They just take, take, take. They're net subtractors from life.

And then you'll be lucky if one of them doesn't knife you in the back or rob you or set their fuckin pitbull on you and tear you to pieces.

The whole thing's some sort of mad sick joke!!

More violent than fuckin South Africa. That takes some fuckin doing!

Dick the Prick said...

And these are the official stats - fucking hellski

Rebel Saint said...

Imagine how much worse it would be if we didn't have all that CCTV and the DNA database as a deterrent!!!

caveat emptor said...

in a nutshell, i have identified someone 'round the corner from my house who is hijacking my computer and recanning my posts for rss consumption. the intercepton methods being employed are profoundly illegal. i advise any consumers of this product to cancel their subscriptions immediately - as this matter is now the subject of legal proceedings and the ongoing investigation could result in prosecutions. the goods of which you are in receipt are hot.


spark up

the skanky spunk siphoner said...


no comment

yours sincerely

a solicitor acting on behalf of jocelyn jee esien and company

blogoptical said...

miss esien

what is your position on the resale of of illegally obtained erotic recordings?

undercover update said...


an associate of jocelyn esien is apparently now trying to date one of my housemates in order to gain access to the premises and remove the illegal surveillance equipment.

spark up

blogoptical said...


miss esien

can you confirm that this surveillance scandal potentially involves a number of highly influential black comedians and politicians? are rumours of david lammy's involvement true? who is the mysterious madam x who is reported to be based somewhere in tottenham?

message space said...


no comment

catherine tate said...


am i bovvered?

constantine said...


fucking white bastard

sandra said...


it's all very interesting actually

stepney pseu said...


no worries, i've already bunged the judge

the middle class progressives and the result said...

What you are witnessing is a by product of the NWO.

Destruction of industry, destruction of education, trash TV, zero morals, mass immigration, outsourced jobs, indoctrinated self hate, womens slavery and hatred of men and the natural sceme of things sold as womens lib, racist hatred aimed at whites to disenfranchise them - it is racial abuse of the highest order and very deliberate.

these people are the real victims, the middle class who propagandised these wonk policies while never having to suffer them have so far got of relitively scott free compared to this lot, but don't worry the NWO have plans for the middleclasses.

still carry on blaming all your woes on the people you abused and continue to abuse!

british bulldog said...


the new whippet order?

that's a canine conspiracy, right?

i always suspected it - the fucking bitches are taking over our patch

ninicompup said...


just whippets?

i think you'll find quite a few over-porked over-pampered podgy pooches in there too.

portwatch said...


fuck me there's gonna be a nasty pile-up at the heathrow departure-gate if all these fat-arsed fugitives try to emigrate at once.

Anonymous said...

Looks like Stan and his lefty imaginary friends have decided to spam the blog.

the loading bay said...


of course, the notorious east-london crayfish sisters could make a break for it via dover - though seeing as some of them have butts to match the size of their egos, chartering a cross-channel ferry for solo use could attract unwanted attention. and then there's the logistical problems associated with co-ordinating delivery of a shipping-container full of rice 'n peas 'n chicken legs to snack on during the voyage - still, let's look on the bright side...if the vessel and cargo sinks or runs aground half-way, we could use it as a bridge-support for a new fixed euro-link...perhaps we could get jo brand to do the honours for the other supporting-column. it would be a real multi-cultural showpiece for the establishment - and could be ready in time for the huge flush of mass immigration which is expected to coincide with the 2012 olympics. whoever said the locals wouldn't get any jobs out of it?

ninia benjamin said...


ooooh blimey what a flaps are getting hot now init

portholistick said...

and i bet she's stowed a fair few juggernauts in her time

chambers management said...

why the fuck does spark up's solicitor want to sue us?

Anonymous said...

Lots of silly comments, trying to mask the information.

obama - the witch messiah said...

what happened? i told that david cameron-lammy to silence those motherfucking british bloggers - not republish their anti-american crap for general consumption. fuck me, i paid lammy's girlfiends a goddamn fortune to sort this, but the greedy bitches just had to make a bit more on the side. shit. corruption eats the fucking soul man.

did she get permission to do covert filming in the pub, the restaurant and other private properties? said...

jocelyn esien shut up sexy spygirl? well what a surprise. i would never have guessed. fucking hope it cost her.

miss education said...

so basically david lammy's a latterday goebbels - the censor of intellectual property - property which must belong to the state and not to us common cunts. is that it?

adrian said...

You missed a Few OH, Ps, this is at least a couple of yrs out of date and wasn't complete even then.

Crime in the UK

Someone is at War with us, they have opened the gates letting the Barbarian Hordes in.

This is not incompetence, it is all by design. The British people need to work as ONE to solve this, divided we will fall because divided is how our enemy wants us.

adrian said...

Frankfurt Subversion

We need to work together, someone is at war with Britain, we must Unite.
Notice that when we try, someone always wants to divide us.

Deborah said...

Only the LORD can unite us all, otherwise we face many conflicts.

Comrade ACPO is alive said...

I absolutely abhor the dreadful rag but I think this article deserves posting:

George Orwell's "1984" is for real in Britain. Quite frankly I'd rather have even more crime than an ACPO state.

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