Sunday, 11 April 2010

Election Number 1

Wouldn't it be fun (and a great tribute to Malcolm McLaren) if Anarchy in the UK was number 1 in the charts on May 6th?

You know what to do. Here's the facebook group. Spread it far and wide and let them know their "future dream is a shopping scheme". It scared them witless last time around. Let's do it again.


Bourton on the Zambezi said...

OH, as a prospective parliamentary candidate would you be able to find out who is bringing all these Africans to live in Cirencester and the surrounding villages?

In the last few months there's hardly a village in the Cotswolds which hasn't got at least one African pushing a baby in a pushchair. Cirencester itself looks like the film set for Zulu.

It's like some bloody great bluebottle has come and laid it's eggs in a rotting great corpse and now they're all hatching out.

Is this what they call multi-culturalism? I thought they were only having that in places like London and Bradford?

Could you find out what's going on? Thank you.

Serial Shagger said...

Yes while it does seem a good idea the downside is the cunt Johnny Rotten might coin some money out of it the scumbag hypocrite.

Also laughing at the muslims showing their true colours and beating dhimmi and part time muslim Galloway up.

Thats the mild fate that awaits all the suck ups and liberals kotowing to them, as old Winston said; the appeaser feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.

Listen up sellouts the UAF aint going to save you, The moderate muslims aint going to save you and the British people who you've brought this shitstorm upon and tried to ethnically reduce their numbers in there own country for ideological and power seeking reasons will definitely not save you. Not even turning to the BNP will save your sellout asses now.

The end is nigh for you and you will reap what you sown and more when you are hunted down in the streets by various factions and groups wanting you dead or marched to your execution in a disused football stadium in the future.

Serial Shagger said...

You just got to love how the liberals unite everyone in hatred against them, a world where islamic nutters and neo nazi scum and various other wackos working hand in hand together rounding up and hanging liberals is the future they have brought upon themselves.

Dazed And Confused said...

I'm led to believe that the creature with the bleached blond hair, white boots, and leather skirt, dancing in the included video, is "Pauline", from the song "Bodies" fame.

There again it may well be mythology after all these Years.

Anonymous said...

the trouble is the parasite McClaren died of asbestosis is if they try to cremate him it will take 3 days on the other hand his parasite ex old lush Viv when its her turn it will take 3 days to put the fire out. His trophy girlfriend is called Young Kim when she is getting on will she be called Old Kim? Fashion guru my arse wanker ripped trousers at the knees I bet the ruling class were shitting themselves with that. What do you call a thousand dead dead fashion designers? An excellent, start fuck the lot of them.

Anonymous said...

I'll never forgive the twat for 'bringing hip hop to the UK'.

Stupid bastard.

As for the Sex Pistols. Fucking racket.

A bit like our host.

Anonymous said...

Always preferred this.

'Pistols are probably a better choice, though, 'brand recognition' and all that.

Anonymous said...

The great Rock n roll swindle....

Dazed And Confused said...

@Anon:12 April 2010 08:56

Are you Kerry McCarthy in disguise?

Anonymous said...

I'd still rather have Jilted John at no. 1 on election week, instead of the Pistols.

markey23 said...

to all those who think this is a puerile small minded petty gesture thats exactly the look we are going for thanks for the publicity old holborn now please join and invite all your friends

Anonymous said...

I've been thinking something similar, only have Dream's "Things can only get better", Labour's 97 campaign song, to dance to.

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