Thursday, 22 April 2010

Election cancelled?

Only if you live in the North Yorkshire constituency of Thirsk and Malton where voters will have to wait until May 27th before they get a chance to elect a new MP.

The UK Independence Party (UKIP) confirmed that their candidate John Boakes had died. Janet Waggott, acting returning officer for Ryedale District Council, said that meant the election in Thirsk and Malton must be stopped and re-run. Only UKIP will be allowed a new candidate.

The last time an election was stopped was following the death of Liberal Democrat candidate Jo Harrison in Staffordshire South, in the 2005 general election

On looking at the relevant section in the Electoral law hand-book - I found that if one particular candidate died, the election would have been cancelled for everyone.

Not Gordon Brown!

Step forward (and mind the gap, don't trip) John Bercow.
Should anything unfortunate befall Mr Bercow between now and May 6th - the entire election has to be cancelled.

3.90 If the (Acting) Returning Officer receives satisfactory proof before the result is
announced that a candidate who was the Speaker of the House of Commons
seeking re-election has died, then the election must be stopped immediately. If the
poll is under way or the count is being undertaken, that process stops. The election
is re-run.

I do hope he is wrapped up in cotton wool, I couldn't bear the thought of anything happening to him - at least not between now and May 6th.


Anonymous said...

It would be sad to see anything untoward happen to Mr Bercow, wouldn't it?

Anonymous said...

Cotton wool is good at absorbing flammable liquids...

Anonymous said...

Brown's only hope if he doesn't manage to claim it should be canceled due to people not able to fly back in time (I'm sure they'll be able to vote at the nearest embassy)

JB best be careful!

Odd that to see him (and brown) beaten, we have to protect them!
Americans would call that irony ('cos they can't define it)

Ampers said...

Open and shut case. If anyone kills Bercow, all the police need to question are the heads of the two parties who are trailing second and third at the time of the murder.


View from the Solent said...

He'd better not go anywhere near a wood then.

Michael Hewitt said...

Shanghai aka K McEgan,

I Blog on My Telegraph about: Pretending that I am a talented writer with a mega Hollywood film and book deal in the pipeline.

This profile has been suspended.

Which is hardly surprising as he is a deranged cunt, but you have to laugh. Fnrrr Fnrrr Fnrrr

Michael Hewitt said...

More examples from my Telegraph of K.McEgan/Ron Broxted/Begbie/ Cross dressing camp blogging style. What an utter cunt.

Sample of the fat wimps masterful writing style.

"My typewriter is dying. Just as I finished a letter to Hollywood (book and film deal). After 36 years of service that is not too bad."

Anonymous said...

A noticeable quiet night on the Torygraph. Tumbleweed blows through Luton, as far as Bedford town centre where Mrs Haslam prepares for the long night ahead servicing Angolan refugees. Meanwhile, her husband has his head wedged between Wladislaws legs...

Ron Broxted said...

Had another hard day knocking on doors and promoting the BNP. Feed back is looking very good for the party. Nick should be allowed to take part in the debates and let the people know how the BNP can sort this multicultural crap out.

caesars wife said...

imagine it , another 4 weeks additional campaigning , I think I might be swearing ny then !

just listening to how the entrails have fallen , made by the professional giblet inspectors and co ordinators .

Ron Broxted said...

Anyone other uphill gardeners find George Clooney a real turn on?...Ooh matron.

caesars wife said...

what bits I saw of the debate , i thought Cameron did the best , the opening bits on europe were ok and didnt hurt my eurosceptiscism too much , the camera caught the ruin intently looking on and hes morphed into Breshnev, but some his figures didnt quite work 50% of trade 750,000 jobs , which given todays news on Greece (underestimating the loan requirement) , could suggest that these jobs will come at higher tax take as the the euro costs and bail out look like being a little more chronic than we have been led to believe . That however may not be understood by the voter .
Daves rather maverick anger at the ruins leaflets and his reversion to it was nae me (i did not approve those leaflets) left mandelson in the firing line .But the lib dems want the tories to get all upset about the EU , even david arronovitch is pimping for clegg .

QT was good as ming deployed the same hedgemoney only this time he met with Anne Leslies barbs , and whoever that bloke was who gave a brief outline of money in yer pocket vs state burning it in propoganda festivals , threw a welcome grenade into the proceedings . Best news yet is Ed balls is on next week ,(moi worried about morley and outwood surely not) .

TW opening titles had me in stitches , but the end of the ruin is already being spoken of even in the hung parliament nightmare , but the belgium government has just collapsed , before the burqah vote (guess what it was the libs) so 5 years of hung parliament , you can just sense the socilaist band of brothers keeping on spending . PR is the price , but then imagine the next election , the country still in ruin , anything could happen an it might not be lib dem tubby custard either .

We are now at 62% of GDP in borrowings , nothing like it since ww2 , 2.5 mn unemployed , plus 6 million able to work but put in another catagory and PR will solve it ?? , foranyone who missed mandelson clone simon hughes on DP who was asked when he would give an EU in or out referendum , he said "we havent decided the timing" , so thats another wothless sound bite then .

Another 1000 job losses at eon call centre and a swansae food company have been announced , as home budgets tighten , the private sector will take more hits , as the longest bust in UK history becomes the ruins legacy future for all . Still on abrighter note Labour could be totally trashed and toxic as three way split wont favour them .

Any local hustings tonight could well have been incenderary .

Clive said...

I think you've drawn an erroneous conclusion.

You're quoting from page 40 of this Electoral Commission pamphlet (PDF, 520kB), which refers to this piece of legislation from 1983 (HTTP, 80kB).

It says the same thing about party candidates (rule 63 from that second source) as it does about the Speaker (rule 64).

If they forget to hide all the mirrors in Party HQ and the candidate catches sight of himself and dies of shock, that constituency will hold a bye-election so the party can field another candidate. They don't annul the results from all the other constituencies.

The Speaker is an MP who's chosen by the other MPs to sit in a different chair and shout "Order Order" instead of "Hear Hear". Inevitably, this means he's chosen from one of the main Parties, by means of the usual back-room deals. Come the next General Election, he'll stand once again as the party's chosen candidate.

I assume this is the difference between the terms "Election" and "General Election", but I'd have to flick through a few law books to verify this.

Clive said...

(HTTP, 80kB)

I mean HTML.

as it does about the Speaker (rule 64).

If only it was rule 34.

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